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Performed by Chris Brown

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Wanna meet this other chris brown | Reviewer: Florima welcpme | 7/8/12

I would really wanna know this other chris browm.and omlu dadate fare slinned gius thats.fovfobe sevem onches tall that jas hazel eyes or that has blue eyes or green eyes.l li
Like guys with tatoos and one that is in theor late twrentus anf lat tp late thrityites.

yo are the best and the cutest | Reviewer: amani | 1/11/08

chris this song is the best song that iv'e heard in ymhole enitre life and iseen you when you was on the tyra banks show , i think u is so fine and cute i widh i could see u but i just wan to say that i love you and yo songs

I Love Your Music!!!!!! | Reviewer: As'iagn' | 12/10/07

Hey Chris I just want to let yu kno that I Love your music...especially this song I feel its real. One day If i get the pleasure of meeting you thats one thing I would ask " is there some1 imparticular this song was about" I though I am a big fan of him like every1 else I still love his voice an the kind of a person he seems to be...And I hope to one day meet you...

I be the one the only Chris Brown wife | Reviewer: ashley | 12/5/07

I love ur musica and i love u to. some times i wish i can meet u one day so we can sing together that would be nice well i will be seeing u love ya

I love you!!! | Reviewer: nora | 4/7/07

the reason i have ms.brown as a email address is because i love you and i wont to marry you.i know it may seem a little to early for me to be sayen that but it is true you are the finest boy i ever seen in my whole life and i am not just sayen that cause you have money i wont you to be my honey i dont need money to satify me i need you and my life will be complet i shead tears writting this.real talk man you the only boy in my whole life that i ever loved and will die for cause my love for you is the realest thing iam and can be you are the one i love and it will stay that way for ever.

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