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Performed by Children Of Bodom

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genre | Reviewer: madeline | 2/14/09

cob is not death metal. death metal often does not have a melody. they are obviously black metal. doesnt matter what their lyrics say, its their style of music that makes the genre black or death metal. if you want to hear some real death metal, try listening to cannibal corpse or behemoth.

Genre? | Reviewer: n00b | 1/21/09

I would deffenitly say COB is a Melodic Death Metal band. Death Metal means the lyrics are much about death and war, which we can find in most of their lyrics, and its melodic because of their synth melodies

Genre | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/09

COB is DEFINITELY NOT Power Metal NOR a Black Metal Band!!! The proper genre qualification as someone mentioned is Melodic Death Metal. Yes it does have some power metal elements but it's NOT a power Metal Band. AS for Black Metal, Alexi's growls are closer to Black Metal than death metal... But that doesn't make COB a Black Metal band AT ALL!!!

Angels Do Kill | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/08

I would actually say that COB is more power metal. or in the case of the most recent album (blooddrunk) i think they are becoming more metalcore. but it seems definately apparent that COB has their own genre just like COF. But whatever it fucking rocks! One sort of gets tired of the uniformly typical sound of some bands. its great to have bands with their own genre.

Best song made by CoB | Reviewer: Ann Kristin | 3/25/08

Angels don't kill.... Ah, one of my favourite songs by CoB. I won't call myself a fan (I think people lay too much in it), but CoB is my favourite band ^^ ! Angels don't kill, along with the whole "Hate Crew Deathroll" album makes a perfect experience for me. And of course Tokyo Warhearts! ^^

hmm.. | Reviewer: kayla marie. | 1/29/08

You really think that COB is BLACK metal?... i don't quite think they are black metal. maybe death metal. but black metal is more satanic, i don't think COB is that satanic. I honestly think they are melodic death metal.. but that's my opinion.

wrong lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/07

It would be an awesome song if the lyrics were good but now theres alot of errors and for the people that think im lazy because im not correcting those well i just did it on another site and i dont feel like doing it again

Blah blah? | Reviewer: Pure evul | 11/19/07

Actually CoB dont play death metal, they play some kind of melodic black metal, although I would rather say that they play their own genre of music, like Cradle of Filth or something.

Anyway, the subject is that Angels Don't Kill is a great song, I love the whole 'emotional' theme of it combined with CoB's music

Solec, you were wrong | Reviewer: Manuel | 10/26/07

I just entered for curiosity. I just love the band, can't stop listening to it, eventhough I'm not into the genere, death is not what I would call music, but this band is something else. Anyway, I don't really like the lyrics and messages they spread with them.
That's just a matter of taste, but musically, they are outstanding.

Interesting | Reviewer: Solec | 10/23/07

Hmm...its interesting how the only reason people would be on this page is if they wanted Children of Bodem lyrics. so...if they want the lyrics, they must like the song. nobody will ever post a bad review on this page will they? whats the point in having a review page if everyone is going to say the same thing? anyway...i'm now gonna be just as sad as everyone.

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! know it off by and da band do it all the time as a warm up. Cheers guys.

CoB kicks ass | Reviewer: Allhailllama | 8/25/07

by far the coolest chords out of any Children of Bodom song to date, also the only "love(?)" song by them, and by far my favorite!

Hell Of A Good Song | Reviewer: riko O'Connor | 7/30/07

this is One Of The Strongest and most powerful song by Children Of Bodom! It Have The Best Lyrics And Melodi In It!! ONE MINUTE YOURE AN ANGEL FALLEN FROM GRAVE, NEXT THE FILST THAT I HATE is just the best line!

anyway Hope You Liked My Comment mathew ( riko ) O'Connor

best song in the world | Reviewer: cobadk | 7/29/07

its my favourite song by cob. best in the world. i hav pretty much learnt it all on guitar but my friend redSGshredder on youtube is the best. check him out. u wont regeret it

modob | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/07

it's a good song of this group, but the best for me is hate crew deathroll..

Children of bodom the best of the world

Tamatich reality | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/07

Once i saw a rappers goes like this... " i go to the candy shop. Il buy you a lolly pop " and he sais this 30 times in 3 minutes !!!?? Very creative ..has a complicated view on life :) .. What can i say about angels dont kill ? Genius :) Compare the two geners...and the mentality of the listeners ;))

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