My mtDNA is Dancing For JOY | Reviewer: GALILEE MILLS | 8/12/13

Thank you for your web site. CHER is a woman who has the VOICE to help so many women. She's MOTHER GODDESS CHER from now on, to me. Abuse is like a feather blowing in the breeze when I hear CHER sing this song, It's A Woman's World. The song writers were men! There are a few good men in the world. My husband being one of them. We let male dominate religion go, recently. It triggered trauma for me to be in church and sunday school.
A movement for the WOMEN is needed. Thank you.

Timely | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/13

Just the title Cher's song is a bit of a call for a movement. Across the world women are in trouble - from small pay to lack of healthcare, poor water, victims of wars- refugees. Mothers still trying to raise their children alone or in a family intact. Still mothers and grandma's sisters and aunts are even 3rd class citizens in some nations.- and let's never forget the sex trade and enslavement. Women are strong - I certainly am - I am sure this song is sowed into the soul of every woman who hears it.And fruit will bear. I think it's most timely. As a Christian, where Christ Himself was powerful in the women's lives; The Gospels tell us that. The letters to Paul and other disciples involve the women in importance. I hear from Christian ministers in Asia and Pakistan and Africa where bad things happen to women - and they are ashamed and freaked out and want to know what to do. I say along with your ministry - get a women's movement going. Appeal to your leaders to pass laws. Have a Woman's Day!! for Heaven's Sake. Thankful that a positive song for women has emerged as a beacon - it's filled with pain and being spun around - but this world does that! All women know this to some degree or all of degrees. Self Worth comes from Knowing God Loves You - and understands and is your defender. I believe this song is timely for rescue. God will use it - to lift up his daughters. P.S. Cher doesn't need extra dancers tho - unless there is stage fright or for moral support. She's good by herself. She's the one who is singing.

she's back!! | Reviewer: matthew | 11/27/12

Great,new track off Chers long awaited follow up to Living Proof. Yes, it's been 10 years since we have waited for a new album! Track is electro-pop great beat with a rousing chorus which will have you shouting and/or singing along over and over again. Welcome back Diva! You have been missed!