Reviews for The Fall (Kurt's Blues) Lyrics

Performed by Cher

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Assumptions | Reviewer: Saorla | 9/26/13

I am thoroughly disgusted that so many assume Kurt committed suicide when there is so much evidence to support at the very least a resonable doubt.
Regardless of her intentions, its 19.5 years after his death and I have difficulty imagining Cher would have the slightest clue what being Kurt Cobain was like except for the fame aspect perhaps.
I'm not saying I hate the song nor its seeming intent. I just don't accept its personal vibility regarding Cher or he co-authors. There are certainly some truths in it -'We'd wAlk nowhere in your shoes /Well the good news if there's any / Is you ever lived at all / but our country kills its heroes / We just raise them for the fall.'

Amazing | Reviewer: Kailabelle | 10/25/07

This song is absolutely amazing. It moved me beyond words. This is now one of my favorite songs! She definately captured the whole essence surrounding the event and what we all feel.

omg | Reviewer: amanda14 | 8/9/07

that song is amazing. it made me tear up. shes a genious and catches what was going on in everyones head that day. rip kurt. rip.

wow | Reviewer: loz | 6/18/06

i think the lyrics to this song are amaing .... kurt cobain is a legend!!

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