Candid | Reviewer: kymm | 3/25/11

I think people should focus on how THEY raised their children and stop being judges about other's parenting, including Cher's. Cher is an amazing woman who persevered through trials only she and those closest to her truly understand. I have been mesmerized by Cher for 4 decades and hope that continues. Whether or not she made mistakes along the way has nothing to do with her amazing and soulful talent. God bless you, Cher. I will always praise you!

Cher's Last Hoorah!!! | Reviewer: Greg | 1/22/11

I saw Cher perform for the first time at Caesars about 10 days ago. She is still amazing with voice, looks and energy. It is sad she will soon retire. Thank you Cher for the incredible performance. Best of luck with future endeavors.

My Hero! | Reviewer: Joyce Burnett | 12/15/10

I just recently saw Burlesque. I wanted more of Cher in the movie and more singing. The song at the end blew me away. She is a very versatile actress, singer and I've admired her for the last 45 years. She is a woman of strength and courage and no matter how many people put her down, she bounces back even better. She does her own thing despite the men in this world that try to discount that. Hurray for you! I will always admire you for who you are.

The Beat Goes On!

LOVE YOU CHER! | Reviewer: RAINEYGURL | 11/25/10

I have watched you for forever! I love your honesty, your ability to persevere and your genuine personality! No person has been a perfect parent, so I wish these other people would realize that they are throwing stones and living in glass houses. We all do the best we can with what we know at the time. You are an awesome singer, actress, and human being. Thanks for all the memories! I have always said to people: If Cher can do it, I can do it! And I have!

Family Reveiw | Reviewer: don L. | 11/12/10

Cher, an Icon is a good example of what determination and belief in yourself can do!! kudos to her for that. However, she is a very poor role model on how to raise a family. No wonder as a democrat I feel sometimes like I can not be called a Christian! thanks for the memories!!!

I LUV CHER! | Reviewer: Beth Devereaux | 11/10/10

Being born in the 1990's has great advantages, including listening to Cher on the radio as a young girl. I've always loved Cher, she's such an inspiring woman who has change the life of so many people in music. To "Strong Enough", to "Believe", Cher has a true talent in acting and singing that I've fallen in love with and always will. Keep up the awseome work Cher. I'm looking forward to seeing your new movie!

I am a fan of Chers, have been for 45 years | Reviewer: Dolly | 9/12/10

I remember when Sonny & Cher recorded under the names of Cleo & Cleopatra. I saw them on the Jerry Blavat tv show and knew they were going to be Superstars. Loved then both. But it always bothered me when Cher would deny her heritage, I guess because her Armenian father was NOT a part of her life. And the story of her being an American Indian was born. The Kardashians boast about being Armenian and they are beautiful too. I think Cher was wrong to deny her Armenian heritage and it was an insult to other Armenians. I hope she can forgive her father (now deceased) when she realizes that she probably wasnt a perfect parent to Chastity and Elijah.

Cher is a Survivor! | Reviewer: Gloria | 6/24/10

Cher allow your natural beauty to return as plastic surgery will only mar you. To age gracefully is to allow your inner self to be revealed on your exterior. I am 57 soon, no plastic surgery, and have been mistaken for a 32 year old. Find peace within.

A legend for all times, ...that's CHER'' ! | Reviewer: Colleen | 6/17/10

What can i say about ''CHER'',that anyone else hasn't said. well, first of all, i've been a hugh fan of herssince ''THE SONNY & CHER SHOW DAYS''.i've followed her career over the years,and i think she is truly an amazing artist. i love her music ,[and her sense of style]. and soo does my teenage daughter. SO, i just wanted to say, ''Thank You CHER'', for the most amazing ,and unforgetable journey you've taken us all [your fans] on w/ truely are a legend in it's self.take care and god blee.

Cher | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/09

Is amazing. Im 10 about 11 and I see what she dresses like but I love her music, she always says things that i'll need to learn about l8er in life through her music. It's inspiring, it's fun and it awesome. I dont CARE if anyone says shes bad, cuz shes not

to the woman who gives me meaning | Reviewer: laudia | 8/23/09

to the most beautiful woman in the world!!! you will always be my idol!!!! there is not enough time to say what you mean to me. give my dreams meaning and i hope that if i work hard enough that i will meet you before time passes by. with love...LAUIDA

Help me | Reviewer: caprice | 9/4/08

I desperately need a job. Getting a divorce & no college education. Very nurturing & attentive & loyal. I have always wanted to be a personal assistant to someone. If you know of anyone I am willing to relocate.

God Bless!

Cher is the best! | Reviewer: Anoush | 8/12/08

She is an icon, has a great voice, she has beautiful eyes and face, a fashion legend, television actress and a great movie star! I love her, besides she happends to be after my own nationality. She is a good human being and resilient like most Armenians!!! Great gal!!! I hope she lives a very very long life!!!

In Love | Reviewer: angel | 7/10/08

I am a gay man that has been in love with Cher all my life. I can't explain it. She rocked my life from the beginning. I've dreamed of meeting her, even if only for a minute. It's a silly thought though - cause what could I possibly say that wouldn't sound contrived? Just wanted the world to know how I feel.

Cher, the Queen | Reviewer: amadeo R. | 1/14/08

She is the best star I ever liked.Her eyes are so tremendosly magnificant that her staring is heart strikig.She has all the qualities of all the queens ever existed.She is a gift to me and my people.May you live longer. Cher.