Couldn't put into words she is amazing | Reviewer: Keiran | 9/15/13

My mother tells me that when she was cleaning the house she would play The Beat Goes On and I Got you Babe and I would dance in the playpen. I was only six when the Sonny and Cher show debuted on television but i was hooked. A truly amazing actress her performance in Suspect very underrated. Great performances in Jimmy Dean , Mask, and Silkwood. She is beautiful and has a powerhouse voice which is very unique and also underrated. If you really want to understand the intensity don't listen to the mainstream hits really listen to her voice on Heart of Stone, the passion of I Found Someone and the heart in You Haven't Seen the Last of Me. I am truly bummed as i had scored an Audition for The Voice this summer and did make it to the audition in time. My wife just told me yesterday that Cher was going to mentor this season. Oh I forgot to add I have had the privilege to see her perform live three times and the shows were fantastic. Cher you keep doing what your doing you inspire more people than you'll ever know!!!

Cher is my molodol | Reviewer: pauline garcia | 5/15/13

She binemy molodol sens i was little and now im 12 years old and im in 4th grand and I love her becues my mom love her songs and that she paste away wine I was 9 or 10 years old and wine she die i still remeber the song she loved it was ''BELIVE'' and sens then I love hering her song sens then;)

cher is my idol | Reviewer: josie sannes | 2/25/13

i love cher so much the first time i heard her music i knew that she was my new favirote person in the whole universe. funny story how i got hooked on cher. i was watching land of the lost and they started singing do you believe in life after love so i thought that is was a cool song so i looked it up and ive been hooked ever since. i just hope that one day i will get to meet my idol and also not faint and die of the excitment of it!!!!!!!

*CHER ROCKS FOREVER AND TRUE* | Reviewer: Ylona Cavalier | 2/22/13

GOD BLESS YOU CHER!!! I saw you open the WORLD MUSIC THEATRE IN TINLEY PARK, IL. It was a KICK ASS SHOW!!! YOU SO ROCK!!!! I have so much respect for you! You KEEP ROCKIN ON. You wear what you want and it does not matter what people say about you. You will always be a genuine georgeous, fabulous, friend a wonderful mom and I want to be you when I grow up!!!! I commend you on all of your SUCH AWESOME OUTFITS!!! You still look HOT!!! Ylona Cavalier in Chicagoland

She is amazing | Reviewer: Elaine | 12/15/12

My girlfriend and I and our husbands just got done watching Burlesque and are now watching Cher's Farewell Tour. Wow...she is beautiful. I looked at my friend and told my husband...we are three years younger than Cher... In three years if we work real hard we will look just like her....I haven't heard him laugh that hard in years! go girl! The Beat Goes On........


I love Cher so much. When I first watched the movie Brulesque I was absolutly hooked. the song Welcome to Burlesque and You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me melts me. I almost cried. I love her deep contralto voice and amazed how she can hit falsetto F6. I love her music. I love singing so much so all I do is sing her songs. I have wrote a whole fact book on Cher all because of these amazing websites. The fact book is 86 pages. I am looking forward to seeing her concert. I would faint and cry if I met her. My favourite song of Cher's is strong enough. From the number 1 Cher fan, Sanae.

Amazing singer/actress/comedy | Reviewer: Pammy L. | 8/29/12

I remember cher when i was 10 yrs old. Her style was great, and she had a great voice, and was funny. I think she is amazing to have gone through all she did, and yet is still going strong.

Great lady | Reviewer: ED | 7/7/12

Cher and I are the same age and lived thru some turbulent times.One thing we havs in commen is overcoming great adversity yet still overcame them and still achieved personal and professinal success.Istill listen to her music and enjoy the movies she made.She should be an inspiration to generations after ours how sucess can be achieved no matter what our education or family background .

The most beautiful woman in the world | Reviewer: Cindy | 12/28/11

My twin sister and myself have adored her our whole life. She is so beautiful and so gracious I can't think of any star so multitalented and unique! My twin grad daughters are 7 and sing her old tunes constantly their favorites are gypsies tramps and thieves as well as dark lady and train of thought. I am proud of Chaz Bono for being himself and just as proud to say my favorite shining star is and always will be cheer!

The Best | Reviewer: Bill | 11/23/11

I got hooked on Cher watching the Sonny & Cher show with my Dad as a kid, Loved her then and still do, she is a great singer,actress and all around person.Never had the chance to see her in concert but could just imagine what it would be like. I sit and watch her videos and all i can say is WOW!!!!!!

All the best to Cher and thanks for the awesome entertainment bar none.

knew her and Bono well. | Reviewer: Ray Puente | 11/6/11

I met Cher when her producer Snuff Garrat. Ask her for an autograph, And she did she was kind enough to do it. I also met Mr. Bono. They were just people trying to make a living. I think down to earth.

i have listened to here my whole life and i am 16 years old | Reviewer: Carlie Ziegler | 8/31/11

I love listening to cher's music. I started listening to cher's songs when i was 5 years old and that is because my mom listened to it. When i heard my first cher song i was hooked on her music and i just love it. i was sad when i didnt get to go to her farwell concert, but i know it was great. I am and will always be a cher fan. She is one of my HEROS....

Cher forever | Reviewer: tamara husdson | 7/27/11

I have been a fan since i watched cher sing "you have not seen the last of me" and the song "welcome to Burlesque" cher, you really rocked that movie and i hope u keep singing 'cause you have an AWSOME!!!!!!!!! voice.

Cher is my friend. | Reviewer: Jan | 7/16/11

Cher came to Bossier City to do a concert. I was lucky to get a ticket to see her sing on stage. I had watched the Sonny and Cher Show. So I was very excited to see her on stage. It was awsome. I will always be grateful for my friend to ask me to see "Cher". Keep up the good work Cher. We all love you.

forever Cher! | Reviewer: gary | 5/12/11

Cher's voice and artistry have influenced my life at all levels. I sing and I really respect what she does with her voice and the way she delivers on stage. Ive never seen her live and thats mu ultimate dream!hope I can do it once she tours again after releasing her new dance album as she has confirmed she will. Once I do that, I could die happily. TE AMO CHER! you're truly an inpiration!!