:-: CHER IS AMAZING :-: | Reviewer: Ran | 11/14/07

She's the most beautiful woman in the whole entire universe ever ever!!! Her songs always make me feel better when I'm depressed!! I'm in love with Cher :)))))))))))))))))::)::::))))

CHER IS HOT wooo | Reviewer: jelyyyyyyyyyy | 10/22/07

me an dmy 2nd best friend rochelleee we share so manyn good times late night's schoool days talking about cher and listening to her music me and rochelel love her so much sh eis one person the brings us close together our fave songg is you can pwah by cher and sonny we lovee you cher xoxo jelly & rocheeeleee p.s your soo cooool xxx

CHER | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/07

Cher for me is my favorite singer because she has a meaning for every song she sings and I love that about her.

Cherlious | Reviewer: Rob | 9/22/07

Just read the reviews and the short bio above and I'm in total awe--love it all. Even Cher. I have all her albums, movies, and pictures-I'm a true Cher Diva fan. Keep them coming Cher.

The past is gone | Reviewer: Chuck Gardner | 6/29/07

I doubt Cher would remember that we talked once at McDonalds in Phoenix at Indian school & Central. The brief conversation left me with the impression she would succeed, I told her Sonny wouldn’t treat her right – I was right.

Come back CHERE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/07

It's been to long without you. Get yourself on a weekly tv show, or make an album. I want my kids to know & see the superstar you are.

cher the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/07

cher is the best singer ever!she is cool,nice and beautiful.but why she left us???

cher | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/14/07

why do you take pictures that look like you are naked?

She's a survivor | Reviewer: mike | 2/28/07

She was popular, made a few career mistakes, started over, and became even more popular. She's a legend who has "turned back time". She has surrounded herself with good people behind the scenes, who have only helped her advance her career. Rock on Cher!

I love Cher | Reviewer: Coco | 4/27/06

Cher is so great shes the best singer actress and human on the world shes perfect and an real beaty.

Cher forever!!!