Celtic Woman Members: | Reviewer: LeeAnn | 12/21/10

Can anyone tell me the first and last names of who is in Celtic Woman? Whether they are currently apart of the group, or once were. I love them so much and want to learn more. Especially about Hayley, Alex, and Chloe. Chloe is so beautiful! She is my absolute favorite!

Simply Fantastic! | Reviewer: Wilbur J. | 10/8/10

First saw the concert on PBS early this year & was mesmerized! Have played the DVD many times over..bought a couple of the CDs & keep playing them over & over..the songs are so inspiring & their performances so beautiful! The songs keep playing in my head.. can't get over it! We attended their live concert in May in Ontario,CA & have to admit it will be the highlight of the year if not the decade for me. Chloe, Lisa, Lynn, Alex, Mairead = you are my dream girls forever! I'm hoping this group stays together for a long long time. Alex, I know you are a fill-in originally but please be a permanent member... your happy, smiling face just enthralls me! Can't wait to see you all again... I hope you come to the Los Angeles area soon!!

Salt Lake City Utah concert May 22,2010 | Reviewer: Marlene Davis | 9/28/10

Your singing and fiddling have never been better. You put on a wonderful performance. My husband and I have been to all of your performances in SLC. You are better than ever. We loved your enthusiasm and enormous skill and talent. We hope you will be coming back soon. We are looking forward to seeing all of you again.

A fan forever, ghandi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/10

I've been entranced by Celtic Woman since first appearance on PBS. Bought all their CDs and DVDs. These wonderful singers lift my heart as no others have ever done. I wish ALL would rejoin the group now and then, but the core of Chloe, Lisa, Mairad are the best, except Maeve and Orla and Lynn and well, wonderful is simply wonderful. First time in 70 years I've ever been a FAN. I've seen 3 Red Rocks concerts..and hope there will be more.

amazing! | Reviewer: monty tronce | 9/3/10

happen to catch the celtic women on pbs,wow great talents.
i seldom listen to this genre,im into jazz fusion chick corea,gino vannelli,mike stern,so catching them on pbs, who would of thought! peace monty

AMAZING ! From Portland, Oregon | Reviewer: Mag's C | 8/26/10

Oh my goodness.This is the second time we've been to there concert.It's a night to remember all of my life.My husband surprized me for our 36 Anniversary with tickets to there Concert.The concert was so awesome. Chlo`e was at her Greastest and Lisa wow,there was a family there from Olympia Washington.the gentalmen next to me ash me if i had heared them and all i could was just listen and you'll make up your own mind. Well the two young gentalmen so enjoyed it and said there were very happy their parents brought them.We bought the Deluxe Experience Edition and i put my Heart on with my cross i wear. God Bless the Celtic Women and please come back.

Heavenly! | Reviewer: Brian | 8/3/10

When I first saw Celtic Woman on tv I was mesmerized. They looked gorgeous and sounded fantastic. I immediately rushed out and purchased 2 DVDs. If the original lead singers were still present including Hayley, I would buy more and even attend a concerts, however this is not going to happen so I have lost interest completely. Dave Kavanagh needs a brain transplant for letting this happen. I'm sure that I am not the only one in the world who has this opinion and for what it's worth I think Dave Kavanagh is an oxygen thief.

awe inspiring | Reviewer: Pauline | 7/1/10

celtic women are amazing.They take my breath away everytime i hear them sing.Their songs are beautiful, their voices are incredible .it is such a wonderful and joyous experience listening to their cd's and watching their dvd's. And i cannot wait to attend one of there concerts in october in Australia.they should be incredibly proud of what they have been able to achieve.And the pleasure they bring to others through their music. Amazing.

Missing | Reviewer: Debbie Green | 3/22/10

I was wondering what has happened to Chole and to Orla .The ones that have taken thier place is great but would like to see them back together again. The song that Lisa sings,You Raise Me Up is made for her. I would like to hear her sing it by herself again. They are wonderful and love them all.

Powerful Celtics Women | Reviewer: Mark Sampani | 11/9/09

... I saw Celtic in YouTube..and i found them amazing...i love thier music..every time i hear them it seems i was being lullaby and i never noticed my eyes fall its tears for joy....and everytime i was stressed from my work thier gentle voice of an angel makes me comforted and renewed!! thank you so much Celtics... you're Blessed!!!

Fantastic | Reviewer: Gifford Holt | 10/10/09

We saw THE CELTIC WOMEN at RED ROCKS OUTDOOR THEATER in Denver last July and I could't believe what I was hearing or seeing. Most powerful and touching music I think I have ever heard, they are CLASSIC. Even took a member of the rock group, BIG HEAD TODD and the MONSTERS with us and was he impressed. Bought all their DVDs and CDs and can't wait to see them again.

Modern Lorelei Sirens | Reviewer: Louis Ayala | 4/6/09

My wife and I saw this captivating and mesmerizing performance at the Amway Theater in Orlando, Florida April 4th, 2009. Incredible talents in both singers and musicians. I advise anyone to not miss a chance to see this production!