concert | Reviewer: susan | 12/6/14

I have listened to Celtic Woman for years and finally had the opportunity to see them live. They are really talented and beautiful women who are just plain fun to watch.

Miss | Reviewer: Ntando | 8/4/14

Oh wow like Celtic woman. That one of my role model when It coming to music. I have a voice but lake of a personal trainer. Um still looking forward for my dream to come true because they still my inspiration. It a good work. Keep it up

Celtic Women are sent from heaven | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/12

I furst saw them on pbs and have always loved music. Being a singer myself I could only watch and listen in awe of these 4 beautiful women. By far the most talented women and singers Ive ever heard, and the fiddle player, words cant describe how incredible she is not to mention beautiful. Everytime I hear Celtic Woman I stop everything Im doing and just sit there in a trans, they are simply amazing! I hope to see them at EKU in April for the first time. God has truly blessed us with this group.

Just seen them in Buffalo,NY. Have been a fan for quite along time now! | Reviewer: Walter | 12/14/11

Máiréad the fiddler was, is, and always will be my favorite. She was ever so nice as to sign her name to her "raining up" solo album. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful gift with me and the rest of the world.

Angelic Woman | Reviewer: Keith Weatherman | 12/12/11

I truly believe Celtic Woman are the voices of heaven. Nothing could possibly be more beautiful, Their voices, their appearance, poise... they have it all, and we are all blessed by having them here on earth with us.

I love them | Reviewer: sally | 12/3/11

These people all look like my children. They are beautiful and it is brilliant presentation of all their talents. I am grateful for all their work, for all that goes into it and wish I could hug them all. Thank you

I'm Hooked | Reviewer: Lynn Amador- CA/USA | 10/10/11

Singing is my favorite pasttime. I sing songs of Anne Murray, Abba, Celine Dion. Dionne Warwick, Andy Williams, Englebert Humperdinck,John Denver, to name a few. Honestly, i have never heard of celtic WOman until I accidentaly bought a CD with "Danny Boy" (song which I have been trying to Memorize the lyrics). Since then I have been HOOKED on the the music of Celtic Woman. They are soooooooooooo good. Keep it up, Ladies!!!!

I have a question | Reviewer: Fred Marsh | 5/3/11

My wife and I are planning a second trip to Ireland and would like it to be when Celtic Woman is performing in Ireland with the entire orchestra and performers. I've searched and can't find any performances planned for Ireland. When will they be performing in their home??????

sorry that you left | Reviewer: t.w. wardrope | 4/28/11

I was never a big fan of Celtic music
until I heard Meav, Orla and Lisa sing on an
MPT special. I was hooked. But when I heard
that Meav and Orla left the group I kinda
got away from Celtic Woman music. I guess there
are no winners.

Brilliant World Performances! "The pride of Ireland." | Reviewer: John Wright | 4/6/11

I've spent over forty years in the music industry and instanly became a fan of this incredible group during their PBS days. Recently, I had the privilage of seeing them live
at the casino in Palm Springs, where they brought house down. they. The prductions are so brilliantly executed. A great acheivement of David Downes and his musical brilliance.

HUGE FAN!!! | Reviewer: pamela | 3/16/11

i saw on apt last night this incredible show! i was mesmerized and i couldnt turn it to another channel which is what i was doing when i stumbled upon the awesome performances of this truly magical team. i am a huge fan and just wanted to let you know that i am spreading the word about what you do. its like actually being in ireland and like your surrounded by angels and fairies, i luvd the experience. cant wait to buy copy of what i saw last night. Thank you for uplifting me!!!


Amazing | Reviewer: Kris Murray | 3/14/11

I went and saw Celtic Woman is Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada last year and they were so great that I bought 2 cd's. They are the best group that I have seen live. I wanna go and see them again they were that awesome. Chloe is the gorgeous one out of them all.