irish proud | Reviewer: sharon james-bautista | 9/12/14

It is so wonderful to listen to a talented and accomplished group of men that have so much pride in their homeland. Being part Irish, I can feel their pride. I certainly think the U.S. could use a musical group that is sings with pride about their homeland instead of complaining and using filthy language and references in what they call music. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK - YOU ARE ALL GREAT.

Found by accident | Reviewer: Julie in California | 2/19/14

I found them by accident on public television. I am so glad I did. Before this I never heard of the Celtic Thunder. They are the greatest singers. It brought tears to my eyes. That is when you know you are in it for the long haul. Bought Celtic Thunder t-shirts. I listen to them at lease once a day. Just absolutely love them.


My wife found them on line, and sent the link to me. Over the last few weeks, I have to replay the songs I can find on youtube. TAKE ME HOME-TAKE ME HOME, and IRELANDS CALL, get that part of me that is IRISH to come out and feel so PROUD. The group is well balance, smooth and very entertaining. Be looking for those DVD'S AND CD'S for sure.

Where and When | Reviewer: Linda | 8/12/12

Wonderful singers, musicians & entertainers. Discovered one of their shows on TV just by my husband and I are really hooked! Finding it a bit hard to get hold of all their CDs, but have 3 so far. What happened to Paul Byrom? would be interested to know.
Thanks Linda

Thanks | Reviewer: Carol | 7/6/12

We were blessed to have such talented and gracious people cross our paths from so far away.I'm sure this journey was sometimes very difficult for them,and only hope that they realize the joy they have brought to so many. In this not always so nice world,they have brought much happiness.THEIR FAMILY, Thanks so much

Heritage DVD | Reviewer: Ken W. | 4/14/12

If you can, locate and buy the DVD of the "Heritage" performance; done in NY, in 2011. Incredible performances in solo and duets. Really lets you appreciate each of them individually and as a group! Sad to hear that Damien has had the voice change and now he's a baritone! Oh the humanity!
Anyway, have almost worn-out my copy and finally converted it to MP4 format so I can keep it on the laptop and smart phone (perfect to spend the time while in a waiting room, somewhere!). Got to get them out here to the West Coast, maybe L.A. Worth every cent!

I live in rural Australia and confess I had never heard of Celtic Thunder until my lady friend bought tickets for their concert in Canberra last week. I must admit I was stunned by their talent and strength of their performance. Each of the men are talented musicians as well as beautifully accomplished singers. All the band was brilliant to a level I had not anticipated. What a wonderfully vibrant group of talented young people. Being an older person I immediately connected with George Donaldson as the oldest member of the group. Coming from a mining town myself his beautiful rendition of A Working Man brought tears to my eyes. I like this band very much and will definitely keep an eye out for what they do next.

THESE GUYS ARE THE THE BEST | Reviewer: cran, linda | 12/19/11


All my best to all the performers old and new.. | Reviewer: Bonnie Mathews.. | 9/8/11

Celtic Thunder has been a great joy this past year..I think they are the best!!!I know there is a big shuffle going on but trust everything is being worked out and the group will stay intact..I have all their dvds awaiting the arrival of Storm..Pauls rendition of REMEMBER ME is so special My husband of 61 years passed away last year so I relate to that song so well..Also Pauls rendition of AVE MARIA on the Christmas Album is the best I've heard..needless to say I wish all the group could have stayed together ,but I realize there comes a time to move on//Damien will be Irelande Justin Bieber!!!God Bless

celtic thunder | Reviewer: joan lally | 8/14/11

I came across celtic thunder by chance. I so enjoyed the show on PBS that I bought the dvd and now I am going to buy other dvd's. I enjoy all the singers especially george donaldson ,partially because that is my grandparents surname. It's sad one member is leaving the show because I really enjoyed his singing. But emmet cahill is great also.I look forward to your show in New York in Sept.God bless you all. J. Lally

Skilled Celtic Thunder singers | Reviewer: GeorgiaGal | 5/12/11

These 6 delightful Celtic singers (including Neil) are unusual in their skilled blending of different styles and individual superior presenations, dependent on their own particular love of song type; their experience and expertise are evident in their relaxed demeanor and practiced smiles and gestures. Will be glad when they reach Atlanta in October. Keith said he thought the Fox Theater is the most beautiful in the USA. Those who haven't seen it, be prepared for stars over your head, rain or shine.

Celtic Thunder Heritage | Reviewer: Precious P | 5/12/11

These 6 Irish singers (including) Neil, all have special talents that are both individually and collectively very intriguing and fascinating. Their finale, "All God's Critters have a place in the Choir," is a prime example of their incredible range of voices, from falsetto soprano to the surprising low bass of Damien.
Damien said his voice has changed "a little," but he didn't say in what way. I'd bet it's just as good, or better. His speaking voice is also unusually low.Ill be looking forward to seeing them in Atlanta in October. I do wish they'd give more interviews, or at least, just joking around backstage. They excel in their facial expressions and elegant bowing, just right from the neck, like the professionals they are.

accidental discovery. | Reviewer: mary in oregon 5-3-2011 | 5/7/11

saw that our p.b.c. was showing celtic thunder,I'm thinking river dancers'was I surprised to find this wonderful group of guys plus the great music too.I'm collecting it all. please keep it coming,can't get enough!!!!

celtic thunder ,Best music for me since Elvis!!! | Reviewer: mary bonn | 5/6/11

I am sending dvd's & CD'S to my family and we are all crazy about Celtic Thunder! I'm 71yr's old,but my daughters & they're daughters feel the same, my wish is for more dvd's. I was able to download the group shot photo for my computer wallpaper,now I can listen and see them at the same time.
Thank you Sharon,you have hit the

You're the best... | Reviewer: Vena Jenkins | 5/1/11

I think everything has been said. You're the best and we love you. Thanks Sharon Browne, Phil Coulter, Julia Knowles for the Celtic Thunder concerts, cd's, dvd's and Greet and Mingle and PBS for all of us to enjoy. Saw you in San Francisco last October at the Warfield and will see you again this October at the Taft in Cincinnati. I'm 87 years old but can still get around and love you more each time I see and hear your voices. You're the best....