full of surprises | Reviewer: cauline neville | 3/30/11

Celtic Thunder- I'm hooked. I have their DVD's and am hoping to see them in concert this year. ( Ontario, Canada)They just keep getting better. Their shows are pure joy , never dull and always full of surprises. The lads are very comfortable on stage and are really engaged with their audience. Their DVD Heritage will keep a grin on your face and your toes a tappin. I love listening to their accents when they talk and on the DVD "It's Entertainment" the lads are interviewed and you see them when they auditioned for Celtic Thunder. Also beautiful shots of Ireland.
They really do appeal to all ages and I hope they are around for a long time..I'm still young.. 64.
Phil Coulter has witten beautiful songs that touch the heart, so glad I got to hear them.

Must see them in concert!!! | Reviewer: Sarah Anderson | 3/20/11

My husband was flipping channels as he usualy does and suddenly I heard these voices..they were the most amazing voices I've ever heard.I'm gonna go buy any dvd and cd's that I can find.I would love to know if they ever do any concert's any where near Anderson South Carolina?Need to find out..would recommend thid group for anyone..any age group!!Loved them!!!

awwww what a group | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/10

Have their CDs, have watched their performances on PBS and now, happy to report, I have seen them in concert. What a group and a pleasure to watch and hear! Do they need a housemother?
I'm hoping they will come back to Detroit SOON. I find I miss them as if they were good friends. Thanks to all responsible for discovering them and having the wisdom and talent to take advantage of all they have to offer.

Incredible Music | Reviewer: Helen Daneke | 12/18/10

I first saw them on their tour of the United States in New York City, but had purchased their cd and dvd before that. Fastforward to "That's Entertainment", and you can see how much they have changed, and are more comfortable on the stage, and how they react to the audience. Their vocals are superb, and you can tell they all get along with each other. Happy to see Neil has joined them on several songs, and solos. He has double duty playing the guitar as well. I am happy to say I am 76 yrs. young and still enjoy good music. Keep singing, and I'll keep listening.


AMAZING!!! | Reviewer: Jean | 12/11/10

Celtic Thunder Christmas was the first time I saw this groop and I am so sorry I missed the others. It was sheer entertainment, the like I've never seen before.Each singer is unique and super talented, together they are amazing! Going to buy their dvd's and won't miss their next concert. Any chance they will be coming to Providence, RI?

Casino Rama Concert 09/24/10 | Reviewer: Don Idle | 9/26/10

This is the second time we have seen Celtic Thunder. The first time was their first visit to Rama. What an excellent concert.Damian has grown up with a beautiful mature voice. Kieth is just a pleasure to listen to. Enjoyed the variety of numbers in your concert. And the orchestra - superb!
Cannot wait until they return.

Amazing Sounds | Reviewer: Seen M | 5/22/10

Saw the fantastic five on St. Patrick's Day in local home shopping network. Was totally mesmerized with the group and individual singing ! Rushed out bought ALL their CDs and DVDs...true fans will not be disappointed add the substantial collection to your music library.
I have ritual now..watch one of their 3 DVD nightly. I know all their songs by hard. AND I am fortunate (karma is on my side) right after my Celtic Thunder-mania, found out they're having a pre-Thanksgiving tour in Florida !! And the seats are close to the stage,27th row !!
I love all of them but am bias towards Damien and Keith. If you want suggestion for DVD, I like the first two...."Celtic Thunder, The Show" and "Take Me Home"....all amazing singing !! Their "It's Entertainment" is very good but shortest running time. But their rendition "Don't Know What I'm Look For" is top notch ! Can't say enough about the group....can't anyone tell I'm a C.T. fanatic !!

Live performance | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/09

I just saw this group in concert on 11-03-09 and I have to say it was the best concert I've ever seen. Absolutely phenominal. Would definitely go again. If they are ever in your area, you must go see them. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Music for all age group | Reviewer: e.ingram | 10/4/09

I was blown away when I heard this group. I thought it was a goup, I did not ralize there were three dfferent soloist with wonderful voice and style. When I saw the dvd, it was like watching five different concerts in one. The video was simply amazing and the background was great. It is so different from your typical videos that we have in USA. There was no gyrating and naked performers. Simply beautiful,varied songs that gave you goosebumps. I enjoyed it so much that I also bought all the cds. I hope there will be more new albums in the future. I am grateful to the producer and Phil Coulter for creating such unique group!