This song become my friend | Reviewer: Siti Addinnafiqoh | 11/11/13

I just wanna say that i love this song so much. it makes me happy when i should go somewhere and very far away from my familiy and everyone i love for a long time. I feel not alone when i heare it. Always miss your beautiful song "Celine Dion"

aarthi, wake up, the song took birth in the year 1976 | Reviewer: Anirban | 1/2/12

if you do not know the fact then do not make any comments on that topic, She sung the song even before you took birth I guess, you must say sorry here for your comment about one of the most beautiful vocal singer in the earth

Copy? | Reviewer: TimeWaster | 6/11/10

For all those who think Celine Dion copied from Parinda, please think matters through before exposing your ignorance to the whole world. Celine has done a cover version of the original song released in 1976.

The Parinda song was a copy. So for anyone accusing Celine Dion of lifting it from Parinda, remember there is more to the world than just what you know.

celine's best | Reviewer: gear | 4/8/10

hello, i am fan of her but i did not idolized her.i'm just proud of her because she is one of the best singer i ever heard in this generation....amazing voice,and in terms of vocal she is very nice and good....many filipino singers are really inspired co'z of her performance...... just stay humble...... goodluck in your next album///

aarthi's review on "when i need you " | Reviewer: aarthi | 10/13/09

i usually like celine dions songs but in this case i was pretty disappointed because the music of the song has been completely LIFTED.
The music has been copied from the 1989 Hindi movie "Parinda"'s song titled " Tumse Milke".
its astonishing to see that an artist like dion would lift music like that.....

- | Reviewer: aerith | 6/11/07

I really don't like Celine Dion at all but I just adore this song! It's so beautiful and I can totally relate to it...

kool-vevy's opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/07

I just love Celine, she's the favorites singer.

michelle's review on celine dion!!! | Reviewer: michelle pringle | 10/29/05

i think celine dion is ab fab! i am so upset though of celine not doing anymore music as i think she is the BEST! and would like for her to appear on telly again. i find myself singing along to all her songs. i never have them off! she is my IDOL! so for everyone out there who is wanting to go into the music industry then... listen to celine dion and sing along. i feel singing along to celine everyday has inspired me to sing more and really does train your voice if you feel you need so.

GO FOR IT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Pringle x x x