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Performed by Celine Dion

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Problem. | Reviewer: Darth drakon | 10/30/11

Ohk. Here's the thing. You wana sit down and listen to this song with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Thats a silly move, this is a song sung to him breaking up with her. Yes, beautiful song, AMAZING voice. But wrong song to be a romantic song. There are better celine and other singers songs for romantic evenings. Celine, i love you, always have since i was 9. Always will love you. Keep it up.

baby think twice | Reviewer: Ann O'Nymous | 11/14/07

this is one of the most beautiful songz of celine dion. i think her voice, the words and the music are wonderful. celine is the best

Think Twice | Reviewer: Jihad | 10/30/07

Just for lovers, close ur eyes, listen this song, feel it deeply, cz then u'll feel when u loose some one close.
Thx u Celine for this amazing songs in lyrics ,great holy voice.

------ About the song Think Twice performed by Celine Dion | Reviewer: *** | 8/29/07

Celine Dion the most popular singer in the world, She have a wonderful voice....All her songs have a scenic, I hope she could consequent 4ever...
With all my love...
The biggest fan of the million fans...

Think Twice | Reviewer: Gabbrielle | 6/7/07

Well Well what can i say about this song its a classic and is very popular and it really makes you think about the lyrics...i would just like to say that this song is TOP!!!!!!
love to celine for having a great strong voice!!!
love yooooooouuuuuu
<3Gabrielle Artik<3

:) / :( | Reviewer: anonoymous | 4/13/07

this song is amazing!
its so true!!! its a real heart felt song and i wish my partner would have "thought twice" before he ended it with me :(

d best ever | Reviewer: vivienne | 4/12/07

im in love with this song. have been ever since i first heard it. its my favourite.words cant express what it does to tells a story. celine ur my favourite and i love u

Fantastic! | Reviewer: roche | 11/5/06

Oh God, I really love this song!And the melody is truely great!Even my daughter loves it! I am one of the million fans of celine. I love all her songs most of the time I copy her voice, which made me feel so great!think Twice is one of my favorite song at this time.

gud song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/06

the song is a classic and celine dion needs 2 get back out there and make more i am a big fan of her and i support her well and i also sing her songs as i think there great.

the song RULE! | Reviewer: Heiðrun Leivsdóttir | 3/5/06


I'm a girl fron Faroe Islands. I am the biggest fan of Celine Dion. I just love her! <3<3 But this song. I love it. Good words, good music and ofcourse a GOOD voice!!!! <3<3<3<3

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