great voice and the real Diva | Reviewer: denny renathan | 1/20/13

Celine , u're my inspiration for my life..
Your voice is so beautiful and make me "waww"
And your song is so touches..
Come from heart, and this song make me cry and proud of you Celine..
"Then you look at me" and "to love you more" ,,
That song I'm very very like it,,from Indonesia

very blessed song | Reviewer: Johnson bangalino | 12/23/11

I heard this song for the first time when I was in the junior high school n ever since that time I began to love it. "then you look at me" will always be in my heart n I do admire this song. i have a great desire to learn this song with celine.. for me you're so great n beautiful too. greeting from indonesia.... love you always n forever...

Then You Look At Me | Reviewer: Fitria | 5/7/11

i cry when i hear this song for the very first time.. celine's amazing voice is the cause why i cry.. she is an angel singing.. she is the best female singer all the time... nobody can take her place... if i just have one wish, i wish i could meet her n tell her that i love her songs... she sings with heart n her voice touches soul...

This is a great love song | Reviewer: Carol Mitchell | 12/31/10

Today I heard "Then You Look At Me" for the first time. It was sent to me by a dear friend as a New Year's greeting. Our bond survives because of the love of music. Celine Dion is a fabulous artist and her voice surpasses that of any other singer out there.

Then You Look At Me - Celine Dion | Reviewer: ida | 12/28/10

I'm a huge fan of Celine Dion, her songs is so beautiful and her voice to! I saw this movie for the first time yesterday and it made me cry, so beautiful movie! And when the movie was done this song came up, so beautiful! It made me cry more lol. Watch the movie "Bicentennial Man" and the movie about Celine Dion "Celine" (i think it was).

Marry Christmas and a happy new year, love from Norway! :)

Sad song,but loving it | Reviewer: Kenee | 12/7/10

Am the biggest fan of sci-fic movies...when i heard 'then you look at me' i felt in love with it,it realy reminds me of my ex bf,im hoping he'l cum bck to bt i gues dat is nt happng in millions tyms...anyway i love celine dion and her music

AMAZED | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/09

This song is amazing (all her songs are amazing) Its always been my dream to have a voice like hers which is not humanly possible but this song is amazing she knows how to sing a song even if its twinkle twinkle little star. :) :)

like the song....... | Reviewer: jayrah | 10/3/08

its so beautiful...this is the best!..its relating me.....celine dion is the best singer in the world...cause everytime that she will produce a song...its so beautiful..and the way she sing..its come from the heart......

a lovely song.. | Reviewer: claire yup | 4/1/08

then you look at me by celine dion is the most beautiful love song for me. i like you ms.celine,im a fan with you. for me the song then you look at me is my inpiration song. and also i love bicentennial man.. i love you celine

Then you look at me | Reviewer: Amiie | 9/8/07

this is a really heart filled song and celine sings it with compassion. she is a truly amazing singer. i just wanna know how she hold that long note at the end lol. Great song, one of my favourites.

beatiful song | Reviewer: enza from italy | 9/8/07

i love celine dion and this song because it speak of a love and of the dreams.
my dream now is came to you ,yes in usa because i love oc and it falls in love me of america,her places, her sea,her people because for me in usa everything is magic, very very beautiful and perfect.excuse me if ihave mistake some word and some construnction but i am italian.i love you!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful | Reviewer: shaheen | 7/5/04

apart from other beautiful songs by celine, 'then u look at me' is my fave....i find loveliness of her voice and genuine messages in this french lady's songs....she doesn't sing for fame...she sings with respect for music.'then u look at me' song soothes me whenever i listen to it....having seen too many fights between my parents and my family shouting at me for no reason really frustrates me ....when my friends r not here with me coz of odd time....this song is my immediate companion...its just so good