Susana | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/08

im from spain and i love this song,because it is sung by one of the best singers in the world,of course,but after "TITANIC-My Heart Will Go On" is my favourite,it makes me remember to my love history with my boyfriend,and that two songs make me cry... ( i dont know if my english is the correct but i Love your language and i want to be an english teacher,hehe:P VIVA CELINE DION,DESDE MADRID,MUCHOS BESOS!!!

Truly The Power Of Love | Reviewer: dave | 6/27/08

Anytime i listen to this song,it reminds of my sweetest ex girlfriend.the lyrics in this song is so powerful that,i don't even know how to describe it.this girl's voice is just similar like celine dion's.when she touches me, it feels as if i'm in cloud 9.celine,you are really wonderful.God bless you and your entire family.

the power of love!!! | Reviewer: Alla | 11/19/07

Hi,Celine...I just wanted to say, that this is one of my favorite songs I like the music of the song ,the words and most of all the your voice that sings it.. I wish you all the best in life that can bring you and God Bless!:)

Power of love | Reviewer: lucy | 11/13/07

Hi! celine D, I loved this song very much,this song remind me when I lie down in the 2nd day of my marriage,and my beloved husband and me, sink in a depth kiss leading by this song, and we both feel "the power of love" even until this time, I feel the power of my love stiil on him" and because I can sing this song as a beautiful as you are, I'm the 2nd celine D! hahaha,people proud of me, n think that I'm celine Dion............

the powe of love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/07

hey people this song is one of the best songs i ever heard in my life i lo ve this lady she just have a way with words i love her haaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

celine dion lover | Reviewer: mei | 6/11/07

i'm mei, one of celine dion lover, because she makes me living in another world, & the power of love let me remember my ex bf, who i loved lot, but i lost him, as my love to him will never stop even his marriage with an other, & his too hard hurt. so whenever i listen to the power of love, i can't stop my tears.
i love celine dion, my best best best & miraculous singer.

power if love | Reviewer: Livvie | 4/6/07

I'm sorry to inform you Ginette, but the lyrics that you believe to be in the song The Power of Love are actually from the song I'm Alive from the A New Day Has Come cd.

Powe of Love by Céline Dion | Reviewer: Ginette St-Jean | 6/4/06

I would like to suggest the following words that I believe Céline Dion say when she sings the song "The Power of Love". See words in caps below:

You’ve set my heart
On fire
Filled me with love
Made me a woman on
(and not "on clouds above")