Celine Dion is a lifetime DIVA | Reviewer: Zeus Hebat | 4/30/13

Dear Celine, I'm proud that I can listen to your voice. Its like magic that can heal anything. My favey is the "power of love" and "to love you more". You can grow old, but your masterpiece still remain.

Celine dion my role model | Reviewer: Glory | 3/12/13

Celine dion truely my life is in a better place bcos i know you i surrender everything 2 you, i reach 2 you i hope you can feel me too. I wish i day i will see you, it was dark nw there's light, there was fate now there joy, there was weakness i found my joy all in the voice of a woman. I'm now following your footstep. Just know you have rised someone here in nigeria i love my baby love together together forever

feel the emotion | Reviewer: horlaryhinkastimah | 1/6/12

wow wow wow wow celine dion u're the perfect artist i'v ever seen,u're my role model and my everything cuz whenever i listen to this song "THE POWER OF LOVE" i feel as if i'm no more on earth. This song got everything a man can expect,so inspirational. Anytime i feel so so so sad i just put on this song i hear the voice,the beat and the lyrics of ur song is so amazing. Celine u're loved by all,we love u celine dion here in NIGERIA

My heart stimulate when I hear this voice | Reviewer: Note Murai | 9/8/11

Fist time to listen this song I knew that this it ll be gud song b'coz in ma self i knw that no singers can make me in a nice filing wen i got tired at night if i need to sleep..COZ IM YOUR LADY AND U A MY MAN"beatful song..namkubali celine tena sanaaaaa

Best Song Ever!! | Reviewer: Samantha Fadhel | 2/7/11

This was my parent's wedding song and it is my song with my boyfriend. I love this song. It is such a beautiful song and whenever I am feeling like hell, I just play the song and smile. Celine Dion will always be my role model for singing! :)

No words can explain | Reviewer: ama | 8/8/10

I've tried to think about the song, listen to it thousand times and the more I do is the more I realise that it's perfect the way it is........ and special because it's sang by you. I love you celine

my feeling about the power of love | Reviewer: tran viet | 7/9/10

Hi ! really i don't like music alot , but i have been seen the Titanic film, in there is a favorise song "My heart will go on " . and i have also known you are a great singer in the light music. your voice and song have maked me feeling like the song , The power of lovvve . Once times thanks alot !

Cellie i love u. | Reviewer: Funmi | 11/13/09

Av fallen in love wit all music most xpecially d goodbye d saddest word and d power of love.celie u re just d best among d millions of singers.i wish i could sing and av just exactly ur same voice.i love u mamma and i cherish u so much.

Renewing our vows to "The Power of Love" | Reviewer: Lori | 9/14/09

On December 9, 2006, my husband and I renewed our marital vows in a simple ceremony with only a few family and friends. As we lit the unity candle, we played "The Power of Love", which was perfect. 'Cause I'm your lady, and you are my man couldn't have described our love any better than you did for us! Thanks

15 yrs ago I married my SoulMate and WE danced to our song at our Wedding, THE POWER OF LOVE !! | Reviewer: julie m dwyer | 6/10/09

The POWER OF LOVE, my Wedding song. But it's not just that, It is the song that describes The LOVE of MY LIFE....We danced to it at our wedding 15yrs ago and still have THE POWER of LOVE today !! Thanks for Beautifully singing The story of my SoulMate & LOVE OF MY LIFE= MY HUSBAND, RON DWYER........Always, THE POWER OF LOVE, JULIE DWYER

celi's is spritual song | Reviewer: Teklewoine | 4/26/09

Celindion, i wish i can hear your voice talking with me. But i do not think it will ever be possible cause......

Celindion i started to listen your music before 19 yrs. ago, when i was 11. Mind you i have been living in Ethiopia, where english song was Miracle to get.But when you relesed the UNISOn album one of my freind's family who were living in France brought the album and i had the chance to hear you. At that time i can understand Niether English nor French Simply Attracted by your voice. CelinDinon after that itme on wards i became proponent of your song with the might of my soul. Oh..... celi you know what i am still that much to songs cause my inclination has been to church mattters. But your song is like a spritual song that makes me to be rehablitated form my deep sarow i usally confornt with. Celi if i am going to write all the feeling i have for you, a week may not be enough for me! Any ways i love you! I am now working for Untied Nations In the Remote area of my country. When i made move from my Home to this place i brought all your song i have with me. you are here with me every day. I am above 1000km away form my home and Your song will be remain my spritual song for ever. I hope you will come to Ethiopia one day like RIHANA did. Mercy boucoup! J'aime vous bocoup!

Best singer ever | Reviewer: april | 3/19/09

Celine you are the greatest female vocalist i ever heard. Everyday i listen to your music and fall more and more in love with your songs and voice. I also, lo ve singing and i have been singing ever since i was four. At school i sing in choir and i love to express the stories of each song i sing. I think i'm good but the truth is i one day hope to match the range that you have. By the way this is a beautiful song but my favorite is my heart will go on from the movie titanic. I don't think it's your best vocal but i love it anyway. you could sing a annoying little kids song and it would still sound great. luv u!

hi! celine i write this | Reviewer: ikbel | 3/13/09

hi! celine i write this words for you because i really love you verry much i'm tunisian girl and i wish that one day you'll came to tunisia ,with a big love,you are my lovely star accually no word can explaing my feeling and congratulation for the new baby

"POWER OF LOVE~MY WEDDING SONG"~CHARITY BALL | Reviewer: sherrys29@gmail.com | 10/16/08

Dearest Celine,
You are the greatest female vocalist in the World!!! I love you soooo much and want you to be my choice of music/singers at my Wedding coming up in February on the 15th? Are you busy that day? lol, well if not you are invited as a special guest, and it is a HUGE wedding of Fairy Tale, Cinderella theme, and all the Disney princesses, and characters will be there. We are having all gifts be donated to charity's of choice, no gift will be accepted for the bride and groom... money wise. We are supporting the causes for AIDS, CANCER, CHILDHOOD DISEASES, ANIMAL SHELTERS/AID, MAKE A WISH, AND MANY OTHERS AS WELL, AT OUR BALLROOM RECEPTION. WALTZES,ROMANTIC SONGS,POP,HIP-HOP,JAZZ,CLASSICAL MUSIC ALL WILL BE A PART OF OUR SPECIAL DAY AND EVENING ENDING WITH FIREWORKS DISPLAY!!! WE INVITE YOU TO EITHER COME AS OUR SPECIAL GUEST, OR JUST BE INVOLVED SOME WAY. PLEASE CALL OR WRITE MY EMAIL FOR RSVP. THANK YOU MY LOVELY ANGEL CELINE, YOUR SONG "POWER OF LOVE", "BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME", "WIND BENEATH MY WINGS" ARE ONLY A FEW I AM HAVING PLAYED AT OUR WEDDING!!! YOU SING LIKE AN ANGEL AND ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD LADY!!! LOVE YOU, SHERRY A. MESSINGER (AKA "CINDERELLA PRINCESS BRIDE") OF 2009~~~my cell# is (503)327-1887 and my email address is sherrys29@gmail.com. Hope to hear back from you, Sherry

Celine, you are the best!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/08

Power of Love song, is sung best by you, of course! Would you sing it at my wedding reception? If you want to do it to support the cure of cancer, AIDS, and children's cancer research? Along with many other charity donations at our Cinderella Charity Ball, in February of 2009??? We love you, please contact me or have someone who works for you, call me at (503)327-1887 or email me at sherrys29@gmail.com. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR FANTASTIC LOVE SONGS AND BALLADS, MAKING BRIDES FALL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN, AND GROOMS!!! YOU ARE SO DEEPLY GIFTED, IT MAKES ME CRY, HEARING YOUR LOVELY SONGS. SHERRY MESSINGER, YOUR #1 FAN. XOXOXOXOXOXO