Beautiful Song That inspires. | Reviewer: Bekz | 5/16/14

While sorting out an old box of CD's I found at the back of my closet, I descovered a Celine Dion CD with the song on it. I hadn't heard that song in well over 10 years. After listening to it once again, I can't help but feel inspired by the beautiful song. I just want to keep singing along and maybe even do a cover. I love the song and it has a beautiful message in it, which is rare to find in songs these days.

The song:the power of the dream | Reviewer: Ivan Holtzinger | 5/5/13

It rang all the bells in my head.It is so popular that when I was in the second grade,the choir sang that song almost every morning.
This song can't get caught out of my head it was so good.

the power of the dream | Reviewer: moxen alisson | 10/9/12

we appreciated this song in my English class. we understand the meaning and the message of it and discuss with the students. we conclude that the song tells about unity of nations, peace, love and the best hope for future. We believe someone well be sent by God to help people of the world to realize the hope. it will come soon

power of the dream | Reviewer: Emmanuel Kennedy | 1/5/12

The song amongst others taje me to the next world whenever I listened to them...thanks to Celine Dion for this wonderful piece....Am stil borthered about who's gana be her substitute when she retires.

Very inspirational | Reviewer: Thuita Maina | 3/12/11

'The Power of a Dream!’ by the truly inspirational Celine Dion because I find it to be highly enlightening and a great resource. Celine sings about many of the things that I feel must be considered in dreaming; in fact, a great deal of what Celine has sang lends itself really well to how to dream my very own ambitions.

I have added this song in my blog page:

About The Song | Reviewer: solyncia powell | 4/21/09

This is a nice song and the way that she sings it is really strong and passionate. I give her props for that because the first lady who sang this song was good too but I like Celine Dion's version WAY better. :-)

Viva prince Celine | Reviewer: Tirza M Claudia | 9/23/07

Celine Dion singing from her soul. The words are also powerful.A great philosophy behind all the sentences. Yes..each dream shold be powerful to bring a better life. Viva Celine !!

about this song | Reviewer: dar3b | 9/1/07

i saw it for fist time when i was a student in 1996, after that i've never seen it again.
this song is one of my favorite song

this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/07

this song is one of my favorite songs! Celion Dion has such power in her voice with it! the words are really good also

the power of the dream song | Reviewer: mirna sntamaria | 5/14/07

i want to know if you have the lyrics of this song but in a differnt way?

This cool! | Reviewer: Denisza PM | 3/30/07

Ok, Boys and Girls is same is Allah ( Islam) creations..>>! and we will pray to Allah... For give you a Complete!