MOTHER OF GENTLE VOICE | Reviewer: Kayla Ngobeni | 12/26/11

listening ur music hve really give me chance to think about when i fall in love everytime with u,ur voice is always in my md i wnt to thank god 4 giving u a good voice that will make everyone 2 become happy,i luv u celine,i start 2 listen ur music when i was 1O yrs nw i'm 2Oyrs.GOD bless u nd ur family i'm at south Africa.bye

Hpy to send u mail | Reviewer: Harin nuwa | 12/17/11

Mumsy,i cut you respect for ur music has been the only source of gaining my confidence each time am about losting hope for love.pls we need more of harin from nigeria and pls this my number08068056981.i will be much hpy to hear from u.

Value of Love through your songs | Reviewer: Omonuwa Sakaniyawu Okimiji | 12/16/11

Listening to your music have really given a chance to think of love even though some many says its not real, but am happy that at least some body like you could talk about Love. THAT MEANS THAT LOVE IS REAL.


Mummy Dion, you are so precious and talented Inspirational Musician, any time i hear your voice, infact it's so mellifluous, dellicious, melodious and fantastic. You're a "MASTER OF THE ROLL" may the Lord continue to part you in Jesus Name (AMEN). Am [JOO, from NIGERIA] and my phone number is: +2348099759641. I will like to hear Hello from you and have your E-Mail Address. Bye.

cellion dion is greatest musician in the world | Reviewer: darffour | 12/6/11

i have followed all your songs it was really love and impression and fill the happynes in it . it has let me know that love is really good.may GOD bless you ;thanks /plz call me 0274798850

how i feel for you | Reviewer: olanrewaju | 11/21/11

ma cellin dion i dont know how i feel for you cos your music inspired me into sining,gosh i love u with all my heart i can even sercrifes my life to you,cos i love you ma,am just 19yrs old frm nigeria and still upcoming artiste in rnb genre

My heart will go on | Reviewer: Catherine o Fajobi | 11/18/11

I'm 59yrs old. To say I love u, yr family and music will be an understatement . May the grace of God bless and strengthen yr lovely voice. I wish yr darl husband good health to take care of you all .+2348034443062

my love to Celine Dion | Reviewer: IWUCHUKWU REMIGIUS SUNDAY | 11/8/11

am a nigerian. well to do celine dion your music use to make me feel happy whenever am in a bad mood. I cannot explain or define what love is all about but immediately i started listening to ur music i can be able to define or explain what love is all about.i love you celine and everything about you. live endless my contact no.07032452026.

Dance With my Father | Reviewer: rachel garrote | 11/8/11

must be crazy now, i love you since the very first day i heard your music, i cant wait to see your lovely face....... am a young girl 18 year old.and i lived in Philippines i hope you will read it and give me a call... Here is my number 09398431384

You are amezing singer in our world. | Reviewer: Dawit | 11/1/11

Celin dion! i don't have word to explan how much i love you. you are bast for me so every moring i hare your music, because, i love you more than i can say. But if you want took to me+251923292044 l wish you all the bast, peaceful life & long life

I must be crazy now, bcos I luv Celine Dion | Reviewer: Anyanwu Ndidiamaka | 10/21/11

Mommy Celine, plz make my day on my wedding day by cumin wit a gud luv song presentation. Ur songs r food 2my worried soul n strength 2my weak body. Can I get a chance of calling u, or seeing u one-on-one. 2348188681923 dat's are my digits number. Plz, do call. I'l really appreciate ur call. Thankx

Queen dion dat's wat i use 2 call u. | Reviewer: PRINCE EJIOFOR | 10/19/11

Indeed,there is no queen witout a i say thanks be 2 the man who made u a queen,& i ques is ur a nigerian and i luv ur family,ur voice,and ur MUSIC.bcoz it's food 2 every soul of d sage one,how i wish i can hear ur voice just 2 say hi coz i belif dat a new day has com as u sang.pls call me on+2347068234360,tnx & God bless u.

i cant do without you | Reviewer: ibrahim saka | 10/17/11

celine who would eva belive that in this world of crazy musicians who sing meaningless music a rare gem like you still exist.sincerely,u were once and will always be the hope of music as far as i am concerned.i am a nigerian and i know virtually all your sing,i couldnt have wished to know anythin better.belive me you are the world's one speak with you has been the greatest dream of my life.if you care please call me+on08102610461

just to show how much i love celine | Reviewer: faiz ibrahim muhammad | 10/10/11

I must be crazy now, i love you since the very first day i heard your music, i cant wait to see your lovely face....... am a young boy of 19 years old, and i lived in nigeria... i hope you will read it and give me a call... Here is my number +2347060806484

celine dion lives forever | Reviewer: francis nzeribe | 9/30/11

i have followed all your songs right from when i first know you and the impact of songs,your song has really brought love once again to them that are heart broken and it has show the symbol of love to those that never believe in love.i love you celine dion and i wish i will have your e mail address