Love is life | Reviewer: Aboyigida Ejike solomon king | 9/16/11

When i thinl about love, i think of celinedion, i get off my worries. Then i will say that celinedion is a doctor of heart. And my prayer is that may the almight God grant her long life to couch some body that will replace her before she get old. She sweet me, she sweet me, she change rest of my life, my life cant be the same , i cant be the same person in my life again.i love her so much.

celine dion is a bomb | Reviewer: | 8/29/11

hi celine dion sincerely speaking u are of a kind i luv 2 hear u sing i like everything about u i luv music but it pains me cos i dot av anything 2 contribute 2 music world but i strongly believe that the world will know me one day i luv u keep d fire burning may God protect u 4 me

Think thwise | Reviewer: Michael | 8/14/11

Hi celine i michael 4rom nigeria am so much elivated by ur son dat change my mud more expacialy wen am sad ur songs & vioce take's me 2 a higher mantain n also giv's me assurance in lif no mata any sitwation i thank's d almighty God who made a quen lik u 2 d world

NO ONE LIKE YOU | Reviewer: Jummai Musa | 8/12/11

Honestly there is no one like u,i am yet to see or hear songs tat gives me hope like yours. U are an ANGEL..........i listen 2 ur songs and they make me believe in LOVE. You are my MENTOR. I LOVE U...........Hi.

God be with u and ur family, | Reviewer: Faustina sarfo | 8/9/11

u are amazing, i have always wanted to talk to u,but i don't know the means.i really love u,when i was a child i always want to sing like u,up to now i want to do the same thing,i have some of your albums.i want my voice be like u.thanks

Woulda shoulda coulda,one heart,stand by your side and several others. | Reviewer: Eugene | 8/1/11

I'm writing this review with absolute honesty.Celine Dion(MY GOLDEN MOM)is the number one famous person I LOVE the most on the planet because from her amazing tone of her voice to the soul-touching of her lyrics it always convince me that somebody can comfort one's broken heart......Pls i really need her personal contact....Eugene

Magna Beauty | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/11

Indeed! Honour must be given to whom it is due. Celine, accept my inexhaustible appreciation. Ur radiant voice, unmatchable beauty alongside ur wonderful albums are touching. My love n admiration for u is beyond what i can say. Just take it... Congrats on ur delivery, am happy for you. God is always good on his throne, i pray that ur Las Vegas show be a success as it used to. Looking forward to meft you one day. I love Nigeria, I luv you... Mweh

life without you | Reviewer: Edward Mokoena | 7/29/11

oh i really do not know what to say about your music Celine Dion it really keeeps me going whatevr the situation may be. at any time when I hear your music play I say oh that voice again and know life is still there. please keep it up Sister. Iam 24 and I ahve been listening to your music from the age of 8 and still it kills me.




By far one of the greatest voices ever! | Reviewer: Brendaboo | 7/7/11

You have the voice of an angel, so powerful and beautiful. your music is soothing to the soul, full of love, and emotion. You are my inspiration! God, has bestowed you with a gift beauty and an amazing voice, please grant us more of your awesome music. Your family must be so proud of you.

Because you love me. | Reviewer: Chandane Bun | 6/30/11

I don't know why I feel proud about you?? I try to think and ask myself when I can show my ability to the world?? Funny question, right?? I try to observ why the poor people become poorer and poorer and why the rich people become richer and richer?? Because of what??

I want you to need me. | Reviewer: Collins kiptoo | 5/25/11

Hi celine how I will love to met you because all of song sounds so romantic that whenever you hear them they always takes you to another where you feel at easy when you are stressed up. I will be your number one fun.May the almighty God grant you along live-life so that I will continue to hear more and more of your emotional and touching songs.BYE

I'm salome | Reviewer: Salome | 4/21/11

Hi celing u r my mentor i love listening ur music often & often when ever i'm sad ur music make me feel on top world i'm a nigeria i lv 2 see u & also u r friend u r beautiful i love u r voice & ur talent God gave u. I said may d good lord give u wisdom & inspiratiom 2 sing 4 us becos ur music move mountain. Keep up

immortality | Reviewer: yusuf ayoola | 4/7/11

celine u 've been my mentol with the gift GOd had inherited in u right from my childhood. and i luv all ur music nd the way perform i on stage i pray u live long nd do more nd serve the lord with ur talent. luv u

Celine Dion | Reviewer: Brittany | 3/30/11

Celine dion is amazing and is known worldwide... She has talent that is a gift from God!! I am 14 and have seen Celine in concert 4 times!!! Celine you are beautiful and I am a fan that will always be there :)
Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!!

"My heart will always go on"