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Hi | Reviewer: Jade Hinton | 2/22/08

Hi. I must really be your boggest fan! I think you are the greatest and you are my role model. I am 13 years old and you have inspired me. I am a singer and are currently in a jazz band but it is my ambition in life to be able to sing to a standard so high as your own. I think you are amazing and i LOVE your new album 'taking chances' and i adore every song on it( though my CD must have a million scratches on it due to me dancing like a nut to your wonderful music ) Thanks for reading x
Jade Hinton

CELINE DION CONCERT - ABSA STADIUM DURBAN | Reviewer: Charlene | 2/21/08

I've been to many concerts live, and nothing compared to the performance last night. I went to to The Celine Dion Concert last night (Absa Stadium) and it was amazing. Not only are you blessed with an amazing voice and performance. You inspire people where ver you go. It really was an honour to see you live. All the best for your world tour and may you and your family be humbly blessed. Hope to meet you someday.

Charlene Erasmus

the powerful voices in the whole world | Reviewer: genevie tan | 2/14/08

Hi,celine im genevie tan from zamboanga city phillipine and iwant you to know that iam a die heart fans of yours. and my greatest dream is to see you in person,to touch and especially to hug. thats it more power to your career and God always bless you and your family especially yourlove one in life.

My Dearest Celine | Reviewer: rene | 2/14/08

I totally love your music, I can't wait to see you in action at the Cape Town concert. Its a dream come true for me to be there after following your career for such a long time. You are fantastic and your music is worth listening to. All the best for the future and hope to meet you one day. Love Rene (SOUTH AFRICA)

Thanks for putting smile on our face | Reviewer: Obakeng Sennanye | 2/4/08

Hi Celine

Is been a great pleasure to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful music.Success and other beautiful things of the world haven't changed you.Your warm love and respect for people and your fear for GOD will continue to reward you.I've followed your career for sometime now and I'm glad to tell you that you are the best in the industry, and I can't wait to see you when you perform here in South Africa.

Warm regards

Obakeng Sennanye

hi celine i will like to say a big thanks to you. | Reviewer: mariama massaquoi | 2/9/08

celine dion you are simple the best.i love every thing about know what,i love your music.i wish that i can see you face to face.i am alive, i love a new day has come.these are my best songs among your music.infact i love all of your know what you are the you.

the great laurie | Reviewer: laurie | 1/31/08

well i was kind of thinking that i would do something based on my life because i am a selfis girl and i would like to put my family in it to there names are lindy syrra laurie witch is me my mom and dad mr and mrs cagalawan i have some friends that are really selfish like kaitlyn

APPRECIATION | Reviewer: Bernard | 1/24/08

Celin u really made my lfe so simple nd sweet because any time i either listen or watch ur video clips then it flashes my mind back to how i can also make it simple,, . danke and hope to hear from u soon and GOD grant u long life .But one last thing when are u visiting us in Ghana.

your a wonderful | Reviewer: nomycil oposa | 1/18/08

first and foremost i would like to say hi... hello.. my beautiful idol.. hope ur doin' fine right now... wow ur awosome u had a wonderful voice dat i ever had just hopin' dat someday i can see u in person..coz am really ur a avid fanz.. always take care of urself.. and GODBLEZ U!!!
How i wish u cn write me, in my home town adress. eventhough in ur bussy schedule. you had enough time to write me, here my complete address NOMYCIL G. OPOSA POBLACION SAN RICARDO SOUTHERN LEYTE 6617 PHILIPPINES...THANK YOU SO MUCH MMUAAHHH.....!!!!!U

hi | Reviewer: jessica | 1/4/08

hi, im doind a school project and i need to know some things about you!!! like who inspired you toward music! what was one of your biggest records? what was your first job in music?

you are the best,celine. | Reviewer: Mahanand rao | 12/31/07

Hi celine i am mahanand rao(M.D)from india.Celine you are the best gift of god to us on this earth as a lady singer.Your best song and also of mine I AM YOUR LADY AND YOU ARE MY MAN and my heart will go on.Trust me i wish my daughter to like you(singer ),if i get married .Although i do not want to marry but if i would do, it will simply because of yours songs.I just ca not believe that any lady can sing like you.happy new year 2008 god bless you. ,

to celin dion | Reviewer: karimy | 12/28/07

thanks for everything you do .. i am poud of your work which i find interesting and artistic..i never hesitate to teach your words to my students from time to time when they ask me to do ..likewise i never find what i can compare your work with when i have to do..

Most wonderful Artist | Reviewer: Erlina | 12/29/07

Hi Celine,

My husband and I just finished watching the DVD concert in Las Vegas.It was a fabulous performance. You are truly amazing. Fred my husband is a big fan of yours in fact he collect every album you had made, your song "My heart will go" on is our love team song, even when I was back in Singapore your songs motivates both of us and bring us closer even it was 8 thousand miles love affair your songs brings us close together everyday.. My husband saw you in person at the kodak theater and was very excited about it. I hope one day we will able to meet you in person.


Artist Development - Stars In The Making | Reviewer: Dr Piet Bothma | 12/26/07

Dear Celine

I really atmire you and what you have achieved in live. I now that takes hard work and a lot of commitment. However I know there are a lot of youngsters out there that will never get the opportunity to reach their goals or beeing exposed to the possibility to achieve their atlimate goal in live.

It is in this context that I have started I registered Stars In The Making to support youngsters to achieve their goals and give them the opportunity to be exposed to their dreams and link their natural development their Natural Talent. The education system only support the accademic achievers and do not give recognition for other learning personalities such as Technical, Artistic, etc. These learning personalities does not link to the reproduction of knowledge and information that is availed through the education systems. We at Stars In The Making are set to make a difference in exposing youngsters and provide them with professional coaching and mentorin so that they have the opportunity to achieve and develop their natural talent.

We would like do build this model around a role model such as yourself. I also believe that you as an individual has a lot of value to add to this type of initiative. I would like to provide you with some more detail regarding this venture and see how we can use you in this approach which will make a difference to children and youth all over the world.

Hope to hear from you soon

God bless

Dr Piet Bothma
Stars In The Making

my heart will go on as long as Celine performes!!! | Reviewer: Hannelie Engelbrecht | 12/19/07

Ive bn a loyal Celine Dion fan since i can remember, i wasn't even a teenager yet. i cant wait to see her in Feb 2008 in Cape town. i would pay anything to see her live. no one compares to her!!!!!!!

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