I love you so much! | Reviewer: zaina | 8/26/14

I just want to I really love you so much. Honestly. I like all your song actually your beautiful voice. Ohh god! Make me addicted when I play your song to many ttimes.. Haha. If I have a change I really want to meet you in real live!! Thats my dream sis. Aminn

goodbye's the saddest word | Reviewer: catherine teberio | 8/4/14

you know Celine,i've a die hard fan since i was just a little kid.I have loved you until this very moment of time,not a day passed by that i dont think about you,you always come up to my mind,every single night i cant be asleep without your soulfull voice,,i enjoy your music so much,you have an amazing family,i can tell....I want to see so bad,,im so addicted to you,
my favourite of you is tHis song.As i was writing this,your beautiful,angelic voice is what i hear..It reminds me how much i love my mom..And thanks to you for recording this fantastic song,i love all ur song..Nd i hope someday we meet.
I love you,ad i will always until my last breathE.Take care always,,i wish to god that u have a healthy body and your amazing family too.

right in front of you | Reviewer: stephanie Nzete | 6/28/14

my Celine.....u've gat d most voice hav eva heard in my life, i admire u alot nd ah really wish i can hav ah swt voice as yours. Im so much in love wt ya voice nd lyrics, they're so meaningful, touches my heart nd soul nd inspires my love. Ure a darling celine, keep it up. Love u soooo much.

Power of love | Reviewer: Peter omotayo | 4/16/14

Hi my sis. I do enjoy ur tracks most especially power of love. Pls, keep it up i lov u, ilov ur music, ur voice every tin concern u . Pls, try make ur tour to Nigeria . I promises u security garateen . I lov gud night

Think Twice | Reviewer: Sthembiso | 4/13/14

This is the song that I played repeatedly the first time I heard it in 1995 since then I loved you music I even buy you Frech albums thow I dont understand French laguege just for that special voice & I must say that most of your songs have good meaning.

Power of love | Reviewer: Manga Ovye | 2/7/14

Hi, I really enjoy your tone, voice, and your words. I think you're the best singer I ever see, your music is always creating a feelings of happiness in my soul. Thanks so much I LOVE you.....

love | Reviewer: rosemary | 1/15/14

u'v been d best singer i'v ever knw. I realy wish u'l live nd sing 4ever. All ur sonds ar writen deep from d hrt nd dats y each time i listen to dem it touches my hrt alot. I love you so much dion

immortality | Reviewer: Richard jacob | 12/2/13

thank u very much Celine... Great sonq by a qreat sinqer. Am proud 2say m a biqqest fan of you. Immortality reminds of how much my dreams matters with many a friend to hold on in mind..... I love this sonq nd i also love 'if walls could talk'.... Evry nyt in my dreams, i wish you'd kome 2my country nigeria.. Listeninq 2ur sonqs nd sinqinq alonq has helped me bkm a better sinqer.... Oh yes, a better 'Richard'.. Ur voice is sweetened love 2my soul.

Petit papa noel | Reviewer: Shaune | 11/29/13

Hi celine im a big fan of u,i got all your cd's frm french up 2 yr lates,love me back 2 life,bt i did download a song of you,that u did in 1981 an i love it,i lik french alt an i lear it very fast 2,u amazing,u the best u are my star,the QUEEN of music,u are nothing but the best of thee best,we al love u,mwah

love ur music | Reviewer: vanessa martin | 11/6/13

mrs dion i have grew up listening to ur music my favorite one or my two are Because you loved me when i play that it reminds me of my bestfriend and our friendship.The other one is im your angel that is the most beautiful song i,ve ever heard to me you have the most beautiful voice i would love to meet you someday and to meet oprah. Two other songs i like of yours are the power of love and if you ask me too.

Goodbye is d saddest word. | Reviewer: Abdullah | 8/29/13

Dear miss Celine Dion, my name is
Abdullah and i really adore and love
you as one of you,re avid fan all over
the world.. i wish that i can have a
picture with you... I love ur song dat said Goodbye is d saddest word. I wish u wil cm 2 my country one day 2 gv us a beutiful song@Nigeria.

Pit of hell | Reviewer: Raymond | 6/4/13

Celine Not only that you are in the bottom of the pit of hell (vegas). But also with your "charm" and using GOD's voice to sing (GIFT). You are attracting the true fan of GOD to fall in the pit of hell with you. Vegas=EVIL! Je t'aime beaucoup.

Power of love | Reviewer: abbey spartacus | 5/26/13

hi big sister,i love u so much,if am watchin ur clip lik dis,i do always pray 4 u cos ur song do makes me appi,plis try 2 make ur tour to nigeria,so dat my dream wil bcom reality,cos u peck me in my dream,love u n rene

lets talk about love | Reviewer: aniobi philip, aka aniobison | 5/8/13

hello u ar d diva we knw let almighty God give u mor strenght to do bcus i lv gud thng as my father ambrose taught me, so am congratulating. Even wen i'was in camerron which i'was 10yr by den, 1 day i, had a song, they re'singing am alive by den so i nw ask my mother who owns dat sung which am hearing, she replied to say celine dion, bt all i'knw is teach ur son hw to do as u did, i lv canada ur side gudbye

vegas? | Reviewer: Raymond | 4/30/13

I also believe that you have la voix du bon DIEU. But do you believe that le bon DIEU want you to use his voice to sing in vegas (sin city)? Do you think that you are doing honor to GOD by using his voice to sing in vegas ? Where do you think GOD would use his voice to sing ? La voix du bon DIEU was for you to praise and honor la voix du bon DIEUX around the world! La voix du bon DIEU got you out of being poor! But la voix du bon DIEU can also get you out of being rich. This statement was writing by someone qui t'aime beaucoup.