love you full celine | Reviewer: gunjoz dionz | 9/6/09

hello celine I'm gunjoz from indonesia,you will always be my superstar, nothing like you celine, for me you are special, you have beautiful voice, beautiful personality too, your song made me love you so much, your voice very fantastic
Oh my GOD, give me talent like celine....

I lOve U because of whaT U were & whAt U arE | Reviewer: tamara | 9/3/09

I adore u, u r a miracle just with ur simple sweet vice that u speak, becauze just when u speak i hear ur soul singing, ur heart,,! no but just u all.. i can hear the sound of ur heart in every time i want 2 cry, cauze when i hear ur voice in every miracle that u sang my tears will dry & GOING through ur voice i get inspired 2 never give up & convinced that the life is just beautiful as the way u sing it everytime... u ar my distant friend my sweet dream.... celine dion!

you are the best | Reviewer: Yolanda | 9/1/09

Celine i'm from south africa. You are the best. I just love your singing. You have achieved alot over the years and are still the best.
I wish i can became someone as wonderful and perfect as u.

want to meet her in person | Reviewer: akelia | 8/14/09

dear celine i am so in love whith u i can not stop listening to yhour music .there is a nother thing my family as been telling me how much i can sing. i can sing but afriad to show talent. my favrorate album with u is new day has come and and one heart i cant wait to hear from u and i love what u did whith the 12 years old girl on oprah thats what i want u to do for me and tell me if i can reallt sing love u

I love u & u re d best | Reviewer: Ngozi | 8/12/09

I'm Nigerian, Imo state. U re de best, ur song re inspiration 2 de weak love. Ur body status is one in million, u re best both mother, model, star, wife, u hv charm. I wil like 2 chat wit u. Pls can u download me ur latest songs. I love, ur my best Artist, model. U re BEAUTIFUL. My 234-07034831585

Beautiful Being | Reviewer: Deb | 8/18/09

Not only does Celine has a beautiful voice and awesome talent, she is also a very beautiful person. Just saw Celine talking about her book "An Incredible Journey with Celine Dion: 12 Heroes Among Us" on Oprah. They were both watching stories about children who had terrible disabilities and were not expected to live, but against all odds, they survived. She was so moved by this, and the fact that she's devoted herself to a project like this speaks volumes! An amazing humanitarian!

CDfan | Reviewer: regine | 7/20/09

..miss celine you truly rocks!you are amazing i love youre songs as well as youre incredible voice..i love you celine forever fan regine from are my inspirations, you touches my heart and soul.god bless you and more power!

good wishes | Reviewer: earl thompson | 6/29/09

Celine,i must say here that you are the most outstanding woman i have even see in the world of music and i just pray and wishes you long life and wonderful life marriage ..your songs have really touches my life and mark a change in my life,when i listen to your music i feel so passionate and mostly the one that go, with a new day has come,alive,all your songs are too good very good.i am wishing you a success full life.

Kingsley:celine dion she is a legend. | Reviewer: Kingsley | 6/27/09

I am kingsley a catholic as u are,from nigeria in imo state in the estarn land in nigeria'i am so happy to be in this oppuortunity to express my fellings towards celine dion musics'celine dion is a great female great singer ever,i am always happy when i do listen to celine dion songs,which inspires my soul towards love,emotion and passions,'which makes me relaized that u can do anthing without love,'in my i have wish to be in love with a decent one,''who really understand what life means with power of love,like celine dion use to say, which increase my mind more and more to fucus in love,which bears everything,thanks to God who have given us the gift of happiness through celine dion and" i also pray to God to continue be her source of her insipiration and keep her 4 me in jesus name i pray Amen'' pls i am so disperate to hear from any decent person,GOD fearing person to be in love with her to the rest of my life,i am 18 years old, my number is:23407038590000.I will like to hear from u.Bye and God bless.

please I need to know the RELIGION CELINE associates with presentely? | Reviewer: GODSWILL DASH | 6/23/09

...! well wat else can one think of saying ? CELINE DION is just the best old time Artist I can still think of any time, any day!
Going thrugh ur biography, I get inspired to never give up in doing wat is wat doing well! Am a NIGERIAN and I like CELINE, her SONG wish to be in a group! +2348037325418, 234019510976

celine is simply the best... | Reviewer: jefferson | 6/23/09

hello, my dear celine, i do wish you love more success and happiness in life. i've listened to some of incredible sounds and honestly, you touch me tremendously. you are indeed a star.
i leave you with all the best, all the way from grenada...god bless you.

She is the best! | Reviewer: Celinedionp | 6/8/09

Isn't she amazing? Aww, she is the best, simply the best. She sings with her heart, and deeply. She knows how to express her feelings trough the music. Her VOICE IS AMAZING! The best female singer ever! There isn't anybody like her. I am her fan, and i am proud to say it! I REALLY LOVE YOU CELINE!
Please, remember Argentina exist and come here. PLEASE!

Hi, dear Celine Dion! | Reviewer: Trine Aarø | 6/7/09

Oh..I don`t know where to start by this rewiew..I have so much I want to say about how big a diffrence you have made to my life through your amazing singing!!..You truely sound like a angel when you sing and its always with so much passion inside..and you have been blessed with a amazing gift of being able to sing like you do! I have a dream...a big dream some might have tought me through your songs and when I have listen to your interviews on tv that nothing should stand in our way of making our dream come true! I write lyrics..and it would be the biggest dream come true for me if You, Celine..would give me the honor and chance to sing one of my written songs!!.Others may laugh at me..cause..when I have told my familiy and friends about my dream..they just think I`m crazy..I would surley be the most happiest girl ever alive on this planet..I do believe I have good songs(its only the text though..cause I don`t know much about music) and all I want is for others to feel something through my lyricks..
and You would be the most perfect singer to do so..I adore you, Celine!!
I really are the greatest!!! With lots of love from Trine Aarø, Norway..Please..would you write to me..I`ll wait forever!!!

i love celine dion music as well | Reviewer: mr KD HARUN | 6/4/09

i am happy to be connected to this programed at this point, i am from Nigeria but i wish i should med with Celine Dion, she make me happy through her music, so may this even help me to see if i can one day be with her family? i want to be her adopted child pleas: i am 26 of age and i need a help from her for the sake of GOD only and i will be happy for the rest of my life,my regard to her husband and i wish her what she wish for her self as well, may GOD be with her and her family, let the spirits of the LORD touches her so she can remember me in life, who so ever been in the position of my word should help and sent it to Celine Dion thinks allots and bye for now my phone number is +2348060324503

You Make My Heart Sing | Reviewer: Anelicious | 5/27/09

This is the only lady who really knows how to express her feellings through music. some people sing for money and I honestly believe that Celine sings deep down from the heart. In times of happiness and sorrow I count on her music, I love Celine Dion so much not even words can explain. Keep on singing my song bird, trully you are a star, super mom, role model and everything one can wish to posses in life. much love Luscious A...