It's all coming back to me now | Reviewer: Odishiwo henry | 3/28/11

That song made me remember of my old girl friend after a longterm seperation. Listening to this song makes me have assurance that she's coming back to me and fortunately she came back. Celine you're talented from God for a purpose, am one of ur great fan and i pray that God help you. Remember he his coming soon and that's JESUS CHRIST prepare to meet him and give your life to him JESUS loves you and i also love you.

power of the dream | Reviewer: nana nguah | 2/19/11

I am always lost for words anytime i listen to living legend.Its beat my imagination how she comes by these words.
This track The power the power of the dream has taught me there is something in each individual that is unique.We have to believe in ourselves.

Real love | Reviewer: Joshua Joshua | 2/6/11

I feel exited and my heart melted for love when i listen to your song (talk about love). How i wish i'm blessed with such a wonderful voice. Your music is cool and mild to settle a troubled heart and unstabled mind. I pray God Almighty to bless you wherever are.

i love your history | Reviewer: oyewale yomade | 1/27/11

this is a wonderful story of yours,from your first time in life,you ve been a chosen being due to your parents plan ahead of you.what you are today its almighty God due to the parents that he gave,always pray for,mum you are great because am also a musician started 5years ago,that shows that you are my mentor as well.keep it up,you one of the best.

jojo | Reviewer: Joel Otieno | 1/25/11

Hellow Celine,you are the most priceless singer I have ever known in my life,your songs do me a great favour when I feel lonely,hopeless and helpless.I lack the WORDS TO EXPRESS my gratitude to you. Since my childwood I have always desired to sing just the way u do even thogh I'm a boy and meeting you one day in my life,surely you are an angel heaven misses so much.Cellin I wish I could come from Kenya to see u and even call you my mam though funny, but the truth I pray to God to interveen in your family,may He fulfil all your wishes and bless you and your family abudantly.Remember Him too all the days of your life.Dedix;PSALMS 121:1-6. LOVE YOU SO MUCH CELINE

you are my hope | Reviewer: magawajackline | 1/20/11

i always watch your songs over and over has not been fair to me since my child birth.always alot of trouble and hardships since ilive inkenya.
i always believe that someday there will be hope and refuge in everything.
sometimes i wishd that you were my mom
that migt be kind a crazy but it is the truth.
your songs give me hp in life and in everything i do;.i love yu seline and i hp tha t someday you will be my friend.
have a good day

My Idol | Reviewer: FiLOTEO | 1/8/11

Hi Celine, when I was young, probably during the time when My Heart Will Go On was in its hottest time, I can't forget it that I often sang it, I was 6 years old at that time.. Now, I am almost 20... Whenever I reminisce it, I am inspired... Your songs will never fade

Inspirational voice | Reviewer: Deejee | 12/7/10

Hi celine! I luv listening to ur songs wen ever am sad or feel like the hope is gone such as, am alive, a new day has come, power of luv, bicos u luv me, etc. Am a Nigerian & a lover of ur songs, bicos u do sing a meaningful songs. Take care!

stand by your side | Reviewer: Isy judith | 11/22/10

hi celine,I am a girl dat loved music with passion.I love all ur song expencially STAND BY YOUR friends cal me second celine cuz i play & sing your songs.and i pray God should help 2 be singing like u.G

everlasting love | Reviewer: emowa efe | 10/11/10

hi celine,you must be the missing angel from heaven cos i can't think of a human who always gets it!i love u so much but i know someone who loves you more.his name is JESUS.he's always there for you.just invite him he never turns anybody down especially a lady.forever and always.

YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRITION | Reviewer: Martina | 10/8/10

Hi Celine, i really love to hear you sing, such a powerful voice the lord has given you and a wonderful gift to young singers like myself, i pray and wish to train myself to have such power in my voice when i sing 'THE POWER OF A DREAM' God love that song and i also pray the lord continues to lift you higher and higher. Love you dear, bless you.

HOPE TO LIVE> | Reviewer: Carolyne Motera | 9/15/10

Hi Celine,am a humble Kenyan girl Whose dreams of being independent are at a fix.I wish i could be talented like you!Thanks for utilizing your talent to inspire the hopeless and make their hearts cheer.You have molded my heart to a house of hope and i know New Day will come.I love you and God bless you.

goodbye mother | Reviewer: deb | 9/4/10

celine, a few years ago i heard one of your most touching songs. it touched me very deeply then.."Goodbye's the saddest word" I am listening to it again, with a much deeper mother passed away three weeks ago..and tonite i remembered your song and how i loved it, and today it touches me more.

YOU HAVE BEEN INSPIRITUALLY IN OUR LIVES | Reviewer: pat issa | 7/23/10

Celine, you may never get this email, but I want to tell you that you have had a very big effect on our lifes.

I was a single mothter who went though much to get where I am today. My youngest just emailed me and told me that she just graduated from the dental hygienic program. She worked long and hard to get where she is today. I told her that your Christmas CD has been very inspirational to me.

She told me that it is your song that she put into a wall plaque that she gave to me when she graduated from highschool.

Of course, I argued with her that it belonged to anothet singer. But she said that it belonged to you.

Wow. I am soooo happy to find out that it is you who has been behind our family's so many healings.

I pray that you and your husband find that Jesus is the answer to all of your lifes situations. He is awesome !!!!!!!!!



Celine, you are wonderful | Reviewer: Eric mose | 7/20/10

hello Celine,I'm a Kenyan young man inspired by your songs i love them all wonderful they are.congratulation mother continue with the same spirit.They motivate.I have to listen to them everyday every hour.Thanks mummy.