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majestic sound | Reviewer: farshad samadi | 1/21/09

cangratualation have alot of advocate in the word,because in my opinion you are modest and honest with your fans.I always listen ur songs due to i feel relaxation.i "d like have a mail from u.meanwhile your voice is wonderful.
i called u MAJESTIC SOUND.

SOS | Reviewer: kodjovi sokémawu (Martinien) SEWA | 1/12/09

Héllo dear céline; that for wish you all the best in this life.I want sing like you ;the best of me I do but I can't arrive without some help. Pease could you or some people help me .Good wish of a new year to all people will read this page.

just a fan | Reviewer: ishrat | 1/10/09

I have a very unique question, for some reason I think I saw your interview on TV where you informed the interviewer that you have prosthetic
leg. Am I mixing you with some one else? please
let me know.
I am sorry for such a stupid question but I want to know. Thanks

U are the best singer in the world! | Reviewer: Angelina | 11/6/08

you are the best example of a woman
powerful, respectful, happy with your family , achieved every best thing in life. i love your songs and your attitude to other people and life
thank you for giving us the opportunity to listen to your positive songs and cheerin up our moods
love u always

Celine Dion | Reviewer: Santosh Dhakal | 10/25/08

My heart goes on......when I was a child unable to speak English and Understand English, as I was born and raised in Nepal. I love this song. I used to listen more then 20 times this song in a day. When I had finals I used to listen this songs that keep me awake to prepare. For continious 10 years I listen this song and still listining. I am looking forward for any her concert in Chicago........I will go to her concert even it cost 1000$ for the ticket.........

PROUD TO BE YOUR FANS.. | Reviewer: santey_90 | 9/8/08

Hai, wow..i really excited. i love your voice, your style and especially, your songs. but, i feel really sad, because i come from poor family, so it's hard to buy ur album. so, i can never have chance to see ur concert for sure. huhu.. i only can hear your songs from radio and televisions. but, once i heard it, i fall in love with music.u r my spirits in music. i'm with u forever.. bye.. -18 years old girl..

My inspiration | Reviewer: Jenna Williams | 9/5/08

Yes Celine that is what you are to me. At the tenter age of 22 inspiration is what I need. You are truly amazing.

You songs and your voice lift my spirits. Thankyou for being a perfect role model.
Lots of love
Jenna Williams

Boston | Reviewer: Paullette Chagnon | 8/14/08

I never got the chance to see Celine in Las Vegas and thought that I would never have the opportunity to see her live performance. I was so excited about her tour and that she coming close to my home in New Hampshite when she performed last night in Boston for the first time in ten years. When she started to sing, I felt goose bumps and I really did not believe I was actually hearing Celine sing live, right in front of me. It was the greatest performance I have ever seen. My husband also enjoyed every moment and he and I have concluded that Celine's concert is the greatest one we have ever had the pleasure to attend.

i am crazy about u | Reviewer: Eyob Adinew | 7/3/08

Celine you are the most amzing person that our world came up with.I realy respect you from the bottom of my heart.Besides, your romantic life is fdantastic. Let God the all generous protect you and your family.Eyob from Ethiopia.

Love u Celine | Reviewer: Richan - Indonesia | 4/3/08

Celine Dion,
i love u so much.
i love everything about u.
u are my inspiration, and ur song and voice make me feel happy and enjoy this life to be the best.

u always in my heart,
i hope that one day, i will meet with u,
and sing the to love u more songs.

i will support you always.

thanks : Richan

The world hear you,Celine | Reviewer: Saratcha,Papah Duangkham | 3/29/08

First ,I give thank to my God Jesus that I have herad a powerful song from you.May it come true as the bible says 'hear became faith" I always keep you in my intercessor prayer for you that the Lord JC will continue give you more wisdom and creative your beautiful songs to the world.

musical icon of all times | Reviewer: Nakwanta Mohd Garba | 3/17/08

U are simply a genus as far as music is concern, so thanx for touching the lives of people,irrespective of their race,societal position,gender,religion,and educational background may u continue to release more songs that will continue to unify the world,congrats.

hi | Reviewer: Rosemary | 3/7/08

i really really love your biggest fan i think.i love your every song but am really touched by immortality and i love you.
all the best in life dear.why don't you visit Africa.i listen to you everyday.

Hi | Reviewer: Jade Hinton | 2/22/08

Hi. I must really be your boggest fan! I think you are the greatest and you are my role model. I am 13 years old and you have inspired me. I am a singer and are currently in a jazz band but it is my ambition in life to be able to sing to a standard so high as your own. I think you are amazing and i LOVE your new album 'taking chances' and i adore every song on it( though my CD must have a million scratches on it due to me dancing like a nut to your wonderful music ) Thanks for reading x
Jade Hinton

CELINE DION CONCERT - ABSA STADIUM DURBAN | Reviewer: Charlene | 2/21/08

I've been to many concerts live, and nothing compared to the performance last night. I went to to The Celine Dion Concert last night (Absa Stadium) and it was amazing. Not only are you blessed with an amazing voice and performance. You inspire people where ver you go. It really was an honour to see you live. All the best for your world tour and may you and your family be humbly blessed. Hope to meet you someday.

Charlene Erasmus

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