To everyone I love... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/07

This is song is to my family I don't know what I would do with out them. And also to my friend Justine that doesn't want to be my friend any more. I reely miss her but my heart will go on.....

<3 wonderful song! | Reviewer: NeverForgetMe | 12/5/07

I seriously love this song! I love Titantic it is one of the most passionate movies ever! I have been screwed by so many guys that this song touches me everytime I hear it. I wanna cry sometimes. I'm sure that many girls can relate.
*forever remembering*

FABLOUS! | Reviewer: Sarah :) | 12/5/07

I love the Titanic and this song is the best ever made! I remember listening to this when my boyfriend of six months broke up with me. I LOVE IT...=]

this is the song which touched my heart!!! | Reviewer: sunitha flavia mendonca | 11/30/07

this is my favourite song forever.I just love it.this song is dedicated to someone special in my life,he's on the way to my life.This song is also dedicated to my sister who's no more, my family, my great nephew.

memories | Reviewer: reva | 11/27/07

wenever i hear ths song,i feel as if m a part of the magical world -the TITANIC SHIP... it has the magic of melting me to tears wenever i c the song.. such true love.. ths song s particularly dedicated to my lover...,my best friend vikram.. and my mum

tears too my little love it | Reviewer: rebecca | 11/23/07

i am a singer but not a public singer this song puts tears too my eyes because it reminds me off my dad each day he was a alive and it makes me feel gratefull of my life im living becuse of all off the poverty in the world and the terrists in the world it makes me really happy and gratefull i wish i could sing like her can i really do i wish i could have tips off her

you will always be apart of me <3 | Reviewer: Alilbitforgotten | 11/21/07

Dearest angel foot, Sarah..

you left me in the most unpleasent way, but you're still apart of my heart..

every night in mi dreams i c you, i feel you, some times i find it hard to believe you're gone.. i miss you like a mother misses it baby that was eaten by a shark, but my heart will go on....

This song makes me feel alive | Reviewer: Farhad | 11/2/07

I'm not a singer and I'v no knowladge abut music composing and stuff... But this is for sure i love ur voice and the way its composed,this songs make me forget my self and does touch deep into my heart... wish you the very best Celine Dion,pluse the movie TITANIC is my favourite ever, i watch at least once a week MUHAHHHH

locki | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/07

eeeeeeeeejjj wallah shaum kajke are nr one seline dion...........sham sham sham kajke majr

WOW | Reviewer: Eilise__X | 10/18/07

This song i love it so much the ture meaning of love its soo good that celine can just sing how she feels so much love and emotion was put in to this...=]

great | Reviewer: beth | 10/9/07

i love this song its soo good i sing it in my sigin lessons n it helps us with our siging caz its so passinate x

wonderful song | Reviewer: shama junior | 9/13/07

The first time i heard this song,i almost cry.this song really touched my heart so dearly.i love the song so much so that the composer really did very well.Celine,may God richly bless,ll continue to pick big big awards.

good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/07

i like this song... well after about half way through. I personally dont like the start... too sad and weak. I start to like it when her voice gets stronger and more passionate. yup.

superb | Reviewer: monika | 8/31/07

this is very nice song nobody dares to beat the this song.when i heard this song then i feel the meaning of love.

LOVE THIS SONG!!! | Reviewer: Rizzo!! | 8/19/07

the first time I ever heard this song I was so blown away by the fact that some one could right a song so beautiful that I cry every time I listen to it and It is the perfect song for the movie titanic her voice is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!