Awww | Reviewer: DarkHorse | 12/7/10

this makes me tremble with emotions...i stay awake at night thinking about the in love and i just cant listen to this song without thinking of my one true trembling now just thinking about it !!! I just cant...goodbye....

I'll always love you C. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/10

The pain of my loss is more painful than anything I have ever experienced in my time here. I know you are out there somewhere and you will always have all that my heart can give. Love is all that matters in this life and without having met you I would have never found anything this powerful and true. I miss you more than words can explain but I know someday, my heart will go on.

denotes d most sweet love | Reviewer: priya raghav | 3/26/10

this song's d most avast experience of m love till now.hearing it makes my love more close 2 all circumstances and instill d spirit to fight with every condition turning in our love story.i love my him a lot and this song will always inspire me 2 love him all the more in d coming days.............

memories | Reviewer: sonwabile plaatjies | 3/10/10

This song reminds me my beautiful dark loveydovey,when she says to me that i am her everlasting and i am the only guy she plan to go on with through her entire life.iam 18years of age and she is 15years old. iam gona go on with her till eternity, i really love her more than anyone,she is amongst them all even here in the university no can overtake her. my heart will go on loving her.

i love this song | Reviewer: Dark Angel | 2/4/10

I grew up listening to this song and i love it so much i wish i could play it on repeat all the time. there was this guy that i'm dating and we are engaged and when he can't talk to me i go insane. however when i listen to this song i fall in love with him even more but if we ever break up this song lets me know that my heat will go on and that is all i can hope for if that does happpen.

A guy i love | Reviewer: My heart goes on | 7/21/09

This song makes me want to cry and smile at the same time, there's this guy i go with and i haven't talked to him in almost a month, and can't stop thinking about, and i started thinking he might just be avoiding me, but when i listen to this song, it makes me smile, and think that he might just be too busy or something, but no matter what my heart can and will go on

beautiful song | Reviewer: cherub | 6/10/09

This is the most beautiful song is the kind of song that reminds one of all the loved ones that have passed on or are no longer in our life.not to remember them in a way that leaves you sad or longing for them but in a way that makes you realise that even if they are no longer in our life they are forever in our hearsts.their memories brings joy in to the heart.

marwa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/08

I want to say that I love this song so much Ilisten it evry day and I am listing it now .really it's my favorite's the best song I listen.It makes me feel that I am living in other world.when I listen it I be sooo happy.
and I love titanic tooooooo much.Then Ilove celin dion so much.She is my perfect singer

titanic | Reviewer: olamide | 8/5/08

the song is very emotional i cried when i watched the titanic the song was made for titnic so romatic .
it is the number 1 song in the world everyone should love the song.

BOJANA | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/08

No matter what happens my heart have to go through all the things that happen in my life..and although sometimes I don`t know have to fight with all that pain,that is here DEEP In my heart MY HEART HAS TO GO ON..ALWAYS..Celine thak you,thank you because your song makes me happy..EVEN FOR A MOMENT

i miss you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/08

this reminds me of a guy i used to date
the first time he left he told me where he was going and how long he would be gone but he came home months later than he said he would but i never forgot about him then when he came bak we were back together again but then one day he just left for no reason and didnt tell me and i still remembered him and then i saw him a couple of years later when i was working and he explained where he had gone and why and we caught up on things but i have never seen him...
i still miss him


I like the song because every time when Im with my lovely girlfriend Happy I feel so happy as her name stands.She always makes me happy.And my feelings towards this song are so strong.On top of that music is my favorite thing I like music than anything.

love this song | Reviewer: delvina | 1/21/08

I'm now listening to this song, and it makes me feel like I'm flying into another world. this song gives me strength that although many things have happened and will happen in the future my heart will go on. there aren't enough words to describe what I and many people feel while lisening to this song. no one and no song can compare with this one, ever.

Thank you | Reviewer: Mikayla | 12/28/07

thank you for writing and making such a beautiful song. It moves me and other people in so many good ways. When I sing this song I feel in powered!

i jus luv dis song,celine n course TITANIC... | Reviewer: saif | 12/27/07

this is one of ma favr8 songs.weneva i hear this song,i jus feel sooo... it touches me 4m deep inside ! celine,thnx very much 4 givin us such a wonderful song,i wish u every success in life n wanna say "my heart will go on" mwah