greatest song ever!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/07

i love that song and the movie was the best movie ever!!! i wish they had titanic2!

Best song ever ^^ | Reviewer: Chaitz | 2/23/07

Being an Indian I don't listen to many English songs, but I had to review this one. It's one of my favourite songs. Apart from Celine Deol's voice which eventually grows stronger and warmer, I also LOVE the flute that plays in the interludes. I would really like to meet that artist one day. :D

One of the best songs in the world. x3


The Best 4 eva | Reviewer: Titanic | 11/8/06

Its the best song eva! Titanic is the best movie eva so they go together.
I love Leo Dicaprio he is sooooooooooooo HOT! luv it 4 life! I'm so sick of all that new techno crap and rap and they cant dance. Old skools the best and always will be!

Chords for the song | Reviewer: semme | 8/30/06

I figured out the chords you couldnt find. if you start the melody on f, the chords follow as it's written: Dm, C, Bflat Major. Try and find out, it will work!

take care,


my song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/06

This song is the one my boyfriend sang for me on valentines day and i love the song itself.

Great Song! | Reviewer: Ned 1 | 12/15/05

My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion is perhaps my favourite song of all time, owing not just to its sentimental lyrics but to the great Irish-type flute in the background. It really suited the film Tianic (also one of my favourite films) and I still request to hear this song on the radio frequently. I love it! Guid Yin, Celine!

My heart will go on | Reviewer: Mal | 6/28/05

the only thing I hate is not finding the piano music for this song on the internet. That really sucks.

It is so sweet and makes you think a lot | Reviewer: Laney | 6/24/05

it is really sad and happy this song it makes you realise the ones u love and trust will always be in your heart no matter what and they will always be with you wen i heard the song in the film i cried watching jack die cause rose lost the person she loved and trusted so much it is horrible losing someone you trust and love. its hard to get over

Comments on this song | Reviewer: Fan of Titanic | 6/18/05

I think this is a beautiful song. One of the most heart-warming songs ever written. I love it