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Performed by Celine Dion

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only u my anju baby. | Reviewer: Nitin sonawane | 12/28/13

Yes babe. Wen wen i listen this song feel miSs u. Im soRRy baby. Hope u will forgive me. And in next birth u will my wife and i can happy stay wit u. In tuis birth ur my F.B love but i hope in nxt birth u will my actual presence love . Im sorry my anju baby. "Angelie cabrera retalla" will always in my prayer. Im sorry. Love u ...

Its hard to pretend your not in love | Reviewer: Maimuanh Umar | 10/3/13

If music be the food of soul, then i will regret not for having known its meaning.Thats why to me,just listening to music fades away my worries,sorrows and brings me to sleep when my mind is lost in thinking.Music is one of the things that puts me to life with meaning and you know.......i mean really.Sure i do love him but i know not how much he reciprocates because my love for him sometimes clouds my sense of know for i am content that love grew in my heart because a few people know what it means to love someone.But if saying 'goodbye' is what he wants,its what i want if its what makes him happy.Its not hard but really,''ITS HARD TO SAY GOODBYE''.

I like this song so much | Reviewer: Helen | 9/18/13

When I hear this song , my emotion has a lot of feeling . Although the love not always like a dream. But to me , I believe that LOVE is important of our life and missing part of us can standing or in front of your eyes . Be happy :)

its hard thats true "chum" | Reviewer: jkay | 8/22/13

20 years back....but you still here in my sad you never know what i feel for you." you mean a word to me"..i change a lot because of you .if god mother grant me a wish. a time machine and i dont meet you. im pretty sure i am happy now,but...

So hard to say GoodBye | Reviewer: suppandi | 8/11/13

Dear Santwona,

I know I love you and I will never stop loving you..its been 4 years 4 years i have thought of u ..loved you with my every breath..but i know u will never accept me..and finally i realize i sud let you go away from me my thoughts..i love you and will never stop loving you..good bye ..

suppandi (the stupid)

but still i luv uu | Reviewer: anita | 8/5/13

I know its true that its nt work out...but money career is not everything we want,i want.I just want from day to morning u,its not for that i am jobless i hv no work all over the day...its for i love u dammmm i lv u.I don't know how'll i survive without u bt i'll try nd never disturb u again..Its really hard to say GOOD BYE...

its hard to say goodbye | Reviewer: miss take | 7/15/13

i met him on fb..slowly he came into my heart, day by day more deep..he didnt care that i've married and he fill my heart with love when i felt empty..yeah i love him..several time he said that he gonna meet me in person no matter how far the distance between the bottom of my heart i'm so happy..its like a cinderella waiting the princes,,but in real i dont have brave for that!! yeah i'm a loser..i didnt fought for my love..he never answered me, i felt him ignored me,..then i decide to blocked i never see him anymore...i miss him so much but what can i do?? if God give me one chance making choice i'll choose him..i love him so eat me up from inside...all i hope now that time would blowing him away from my heart and my mind.

It's Hard To Say Goodbye | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/13

today is my first love birthday.. we meet in Elementary School :D Now, he is 18 and have a beautiful girlfriend :') I know he is very happy, but it still hard to say goodbye..s PS : I MISS YOU

time please help | Reviewer: beanie | 3/27/13

what if i hadn't met you 2 years ago, what if nothing happened to you, what if i didn't give you my hand?maybe we can be the best friends,maybe we can stay together forever, maybe we can be happy for each other...what if what if.....i realise that there is no what if.....what's left is a goodbye without goodbye...its like a bird without eyes...its too hard to pretend that nothing has happened between pretend that we have no connection.....what done is done. i know you love her more than you think, and that im just your type of escape.....what i know is that...i just want you to be happy, but please.....leave me alone.....

Goodbye forever | Reviewer: Andrei | 1/31/13

8 years is quite long for a serious relation... Specially when it is full of love and full of dreams..

I'm lucky to experience of being loved by the one you love. Though from the very begining i know i dont deserve to be loved by him.

'til one day i came to realized that i should face the reality that he must be with his family and not with me. Though its hard, i faced it. We broke each others heart as we said goodbye.

Time hlls all wound ika nga.
Now its been two years and I don't feel any hurt anymore but the memories still leaves on. And every time i glance those memories, it draws a smile in my face.

22/06/1992 | Reviewer: mohamed | 12/28/12

my name is mohamed so my story it's very sad but i lead to share it with u ... so i fall in love with a best girl but i can't go to tell it ... that's 2 years i suffer when i saw her i fell ...... and when i saw her with someone i get boring it hard to see that so plz helping me and give me what i wanna do about that girl ...

It's Hard to Say Goodbye | Reviewer: ladyversailes | 11/27/12

5 years ago..this song was my song..and ev'ry time I heard this memories will be back on that year..
The year which full of teardrops..the year which full of hurt...the year when I had to say good bye to him just because we can not be together...nevertheless....

But if 5 years ago..Love is the winner..we had passed through many trials and challenges, Here we are..married with two children..
thanks celine n paul...your song is very meaning for me..

Hard To say Goodbye | Reviewer: Helmi | 11/20/12

well, it's always hard to say goodbye to someone you love so much, and even i know that that person doesn't love me back, it always a very hard to try to forget that person.
love such a cruel things, i like that person only for 2 times of meeting, but love make me a dull person.
i know that this will never be read by that person, but if you read this statement, i hope you know that i love you more that the world for me.

its really hart to say goodbye..s totoong mahal mo | Reviewer: lyn | 11/11/12

I love my something's happen
na inlove ako sa kaibigan ko.sinubukan kong
Iwasan cause i know n male n mainlove ako.
Sa 2 ayokong lokohin ang bf ko..pero hindi ko din maamin
Sa knya n my mahal nkong iba..sinubukan kong
Iwasan ang kaibigan ko..pero ng bumisita xa sa bhay
Ngulat ako ng sabihin nyang mahal nyako at hand
Xang maghintay..alam ko sa sarili ko n mahal ko xa
Pero dko kyang saktan ang bf ko..kaya khit mahirap..
Kailangan kong mag paalam sa mahal ko..darating din
Ang panahon at makakalimutan ko xa at ganun din xa sakin..

it's hard to say goodbye | Reviewer: miss october28 | 10/23/12

its really hard to say goodbye to the one you love ..when you need to set him free to be with her seems your heart will break into pieces..i could't eat nor sleep well..i cried almost night & day..but i have to say him goodbye for good though its hard..i know this is the best for you..for you to be happy with her & please dont get pity on me..time will heal a broken heart.

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