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Performed by Celine Dion

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Immor-tality wakens my broken heart | Reviewer: narimane | 12/16/08

I cry whenever I listen to this song cause my baby has chosen another woman for his life although I have been waiting for him since 20 years ago .I missed all men who really loved me and whom I refused.

great song but not better than Because You loved Me | Reviewer: zeineb | 10/26/08

immortality just speaks about that powerful woman who is deeply in love but chose to go on a journey to achieve immortality,eternity through her songs and to make the poeple remember her even after her death.
i think this song speaks much about celine dion herself,and it's really brave to follow the head and foget about love

Immortality | Reviewer: nymph-goddess | 10/15/08

I just hope that the guy who indirectly broke my heart and for whom I cried a lot of nights and still do sometimes has the best in Life wish he has made the right decision and found the real love of his Life

My forever love | Reviewer: Elaheh | 7/16/08

I have lost my first and only true love. He died but not in my heart and I think he talk to me by this song. We never said good bye and wi won't. I love you forever my dear Ehsan. Yours forever Elahe
And thank you Celine for your beautiful soul and voice! I love all your songs :-)

Review about immortality... performed by Celine Dion | Reviewer: jeri-ann vega | 6/24/08

i really love this song since i was high school. i'd never expected that immortality would be our graduation song. first time i heared the song it could make me happy because the words it so fantastic... this could be my favorite song till i die... i love you celine dion... hope see you someday...

immortality | Reviewer: lillibeth | 3/5/08

fantastic perfect for me and my one and only true love..who is so far away from me..and even though we are a million miles away separated by oceans, with all the love we have for each other, and what else we may do...and we might not see each other again, but ...we wont say goodbye...thanks celine dion..god bless you!

Dont have a rule for love to play | Reviewer: Amaranta | 12/13/07

This song is fantastic. Describing all the things people can feel. When u fall in love, what we can do to forget?...
what we can don t to let heart control the head...??
she is a star... and shine for us... in this song.

dedicated for precious liam | Reviewer: t.desira | 11/29/07

This song is wonderful, beyond description,celine, really good job, it's like you have written it for me and my beloved precious angel baby liam. THANKS FOR THIS SONG

it's all coming back to me now | Reviewer: anna rose | 10/26/07

yeah.. ang galing galing.. naaapreciate ko talaga ang song na 2.. grabeh.. kakaiyak.. =( T_T s0bra! sana m0re love songs ang inspiration songs to come.. galing mo Celine.. GO GO GO.. good job ateh! kaya mu yan! grabeh.. kung merong CELINE DION jan! meron din ditong SARAH GERONIMO.. jejeje! grabeh tlga.. galing ng mga singers! ~_~ more power and appreciating songs! hekhek

9 16 06 | Reviewer: George | 10/1/07

This song is so beautiful, i send this out to my babykins Maria Lucia Conenna

from day 1, you've been the one to me to not say goodbye, to go on and on and on

i love you so much babykins
9/16/06 Together Forever
4 Forever & Always

your LoveKins


the one who says i love you the most in your heart

love you | Reviewer: aya | 9/20/07

i love all your song.very wonderfull!
my boyfriend like you too.immortality is very nice and sweet song.

immortality | Reviewer: ydack | 8/2/07

i love this song as much as i love celine as well as her songs. this song is beyond compare. i just love it

all coming back to me | Reviewer: ajwala winston | 7/10/07

The song is so wonderfull i do listen to it every time when my chick Pauline annoys me.keep on music is life

all the love for you | Reviewer: Monosh | 7/4/07

dear celine you are the best now and for ever i love and i love your voice you are the best and your songs are the best i wish i can see you someday

celine dion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/07

celine dion ı love u too muchh and all ur songs.they r as wonderful as ur voice.There is connection between ur voice and songs becasue they are altogether perfect

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