If I Could | Reviewer: Roseanne Sollecito | 9/8/11

I first heard you sing this song in Vegas it touched me so that I knew that it would be the song I dance withy daughter at her wedding. It was the mother and daughter dance at her wedding and I got my other daughter and granddaughter to dance. It think it says what every parent feels for their child. I thank you.

the song speaking instead of me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/11

Dear Mrs Celine Dion
We all my family loves you so much,there is no day without your heavenly voice,such that my daughter is used to listen to your songs every day,even I dare say you were the graetest person that imperessed our life,due to listening to your beautiful and touchy songs my daughter is learning better to speak. although, our language is persian,also she is learning English too.I'd like to let you know that ,my daughter that has been enchanted by you is an individual with Down Syndrom,but she is capable to distinguish the best songs and singers like you and some other singers such as Chelli,Withney huston,Elton Joan,Jolio Eglesias,....
she is 7 ,we are living in Iran ,but ,we reach to your songs anyway,I've bet my daughter that someday I'll take her to see you,I hope my dream will come true.
ROMINA & her MOM & family
So I have to appriciate you alot ,