Reviews for I Hate You Then I Love You Lyrics

Performed by Celine Dion

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True | Reviewer: Jiji | 1/23/14

This feeling of love and hatered at the same time is very painful and confusing. It makes you feel like you don't know yourself, or like you are divided into two persons. It hurts your partner because he can't understand you. It can make you loose the one you care for, and ruin everything you two had built together.

agree with marylou | Reviewer: Natalie | 7/9/10

I completely agree with marylou. Well said marylou.
I have a best friend, and it's like we constantly fight but we make up fast. At times, I feel we hate each other, but then we can never let go of each other because we love each other so much. This song is so perfect. I love my best friend, and will always love her forever and ever and ever, eternally <3

the thin line between love and hate | Reviewer: chiquita | 9/2/09

this song speaks to the heart. somethimes it seems like we hate some one, but deep in our haert it is the love we feel for that special someone. love and hate go together. but in the end it must be enternallove that has to survive.

Unconditional Love...happens ONCE in a lifetime | Reviewer: Veronica | 4/6/09

In that amazing day in your life, something you've only dreamt about, and know when two souls meet....and you will then know, and feel...SOMETHING AS TRUELY AMAZING AS love...I have finally found that , and it has seem like forever...I love you so much Simon..babes.I never, never, never
Want to be in love with anyone but you ...

abstract happiness | Reviewer: nathalia | 4/4/08

love for me is what i call abstract happiness, as long as you are happy in whatever you do in your present relationship, that's love.. but when that happiness subsides, so does love. i love you Bhaby Mhark, this is song is for you and Happy 9thsary >.< --Nathalia

helo | Reviewer: sisi | 9/9/07

hi iam really like this song and i dont found and site to listen it plz if any body know tell me ok thnx alot

wow | Reviewer: marylou | 7/26/07

it really makes me wish i were in love, because real love isnt perfect, just like you fight with your best friend and you have to work on that so should you have to work on a relationship....

how wanderfull song | Reviewer: caydaruus | 5/18/07

real i am in love
i can feel this song deebly in my heart

love and hate | Reviewer: MALESELA | 3/20/07

the song as an opratic song touches my heart an make me week at the buzums

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