reindeer | Reviewer: ny/nyc | 6/22/10

If used to any reindeer with red nose I have seen and felt,for laugh it was,now it's reindeer for other reindeer,it's for happy just for me,so blond and beauty skin,blue eyes,one too.

it was my life | Reviewer: nyc/ny | 6/12/10

hi bozo..,today is saturday in june I have watched you in the castle of married,there you both like prince and princess in the glory,today is your dear day where it's everybody will be too,today is precious moment which you and me reached for close the book of life time ago,time we were younger,time we were creates moment by moment never be fade away,as passion of young blood was invincible and we are thought it never be the and,time we were hoe a field with angry storm and sun rises below,time searching and asking who lam inside....and era where it was create us figured out for next life is better.I knew all is change....I still remember when I was boy,that we have gathered for together,I was such sweets ball dances come to you for comforts you only cause this is you are begining just to sad shout of life so cruel.yesterday we go to school for war because they us friends have carried for and your shoes with me have passed through the meadow,it has stamped on the moon then your shoes have slept into fairies and make dance more than are happy in sad it was,ouch...together.
Been walk the time who get stop it,from many hurts and trouble life we grew up make a man passed sick my neck hard.we were saying goodbye for a moment and I go wander to the other country,so there I have life in the train way without any goal,yeah..from north to south and east to west but emm...I feel enjoy to driver for travel.then we find one more time to be and that you have promised to able with me until I get my real way,so fortune always be with me and fortwith I find my way,all gone light and I will find with my roads head. you left me but it's feel so good,thank you so much of your whole time,thanks for joined hurt it was,believe...trusted me in any chances your parent will I am not alone still ones stay my friend for companion,my dear ones for eternal friendship,it's my reindeer boy had my smile and my tears,it's my women waited me, next I am three[me,she and he] in bohemian.goodbye bozo...bye...