There is no other love, like mother's love to her child | Reviewer: berna | 9/6/09

oh my God!! Cant stop crying now... I love this song so much.. missing my mother so much... how I wish she is here right now...
I maybe not a mother of myself but this song always reminds me of my mother and how she did raised us all, eight children and still she did managed to raised us in a good way and I am really proud of her...
Yes, one day, we'll say goodbye to each other and I will hate day...
thank you so much Mamang... stay strong for all of us...

To My Mother who we love and miss dearly | Reviewer: Karlene Ward | 7/23/09

To My mom we miss you so very much ..I think of you ever day .. I look at my kids and see you ...You have raised me to be a good mom ..I just hope I can be as good as you were....I wish you cound come back just for a little bit without you suffering so we could spend quailty time together .. But i know that can't happen so I will see you in my dreams.....I love you & miss you ..


I love this song very much. I have such a wonderful mother. Each time i listen to this song, it reminds me of her unconditional love for me; it reminds me everytime that some day i will have to lose her. As such, every minute of my life, i acknowledge that GREAT LOVE by loving her back, doing all i can to make her happy while i have her around. I know someday she will say that word and i would cry just as Celine says, loving her back unconditionally while she lives will sure ease the pain, when she finally says GOODBYE. Thank you Celine for this wonderful song. Each day, it's either i'm playing the CD or singing it to myself, for i know just every lyric of it.

this song touched my heart | Reviewer: YB | 6/9/09

As I had to have my sweetest doggy put to sleep (kidney failure) this song was playing, as I had her in my arms. The only creature that ever really loved me. Whenever I hear it I feel her around me. I miss her every day. She had the unconditional love Celine sings about. Celine you know how to express real feelings and to touch someonce heart. Thanks....

There is no other Love like a mother's love for her child | Reviewer: Irene | 5/12/09

When I listen to this music, my eyes is full of tears because when i take lok at my self how i grow up!I never have a mother who can show me love like my only mum. No matter how you get raise by any parent, they wouldn't show me the love has they had for their own children. when I listen to the song i wished like I had a mother with me the love.I cry in every day when I listen to the song may god bless Celine Dion for this song it i true very very beautiful to me

This song is for my Angel | Reviewer: Endy | 5/12/09

I never believe I can cry so many times a day everyday after 4 years my Angel left us,Celine I cant explain why I play this song repeatedly and cry repeatedly also,maybe trying to wish my lovely Mother never died,I have been half dead since that fateful day especially as I never had the oppotunity of doing anything back for her after all the endless sacrifices she made for us her children.Mama can you please just come back for a while,even if its for 6 months and see what success you son has become now.

Daisy Gomez | Reviewer: Daisy Gomez | 5/9/09

There's no such word that can describe the pain
I felt when my Mother passed away...the pain of
hearing the news and you can't do anything but cry 'coz you're thousand miles away from home...
Thank's Celine for this song...I love listening
to it...

Beautiful Emotional Song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/09

This is the most beautiful emotional song I ever had in my life. This is one of the best lyrics I've ever seen. So beautiful... All credit goes to Celin Dion who sung this song so beautifully that it really makes me feel.

reat song | Reviewer: hiba | 3/17/09

am from palestine, i loved this song ,when i hear it i cant stop my tears, i lost my mum but she didnt die, she left me when i was one year old and she never asked about me.i dont love her and idont heat her but i wish icould hear something about her.

Goodbye's The saddest word | Reviewer: Kauthar Londt | 3/2/09

Hi all just to say the words alone is heartbreaking but actually loosing your mom that ment the word to you and the wording exactly the way she was is unbearable. I lost my mom 19FEB 09 two days after her 54th birthday and eversince I have been luistening to the song and cannot get enough of it. To all out there cherish you mom every single minute of the day although you dont see her pick up the phone and call her. Luisten to the words cause without her you would not have been hear. From a friend, daughter and loved one (love her no matter what)

This song is the best of Celine | Reviewer: Namir | 9/27/08

The first time I heard this song was when my nephew placed in video for my sister (His mom) when she passed away last June.
Everytime I hear it, I stop doing anything else but thinking of her, and how she left her three sons behind.

a beautiful song ever | Reviewer: christine | 7/29/08

i played this at my sisters furnel and i love this song when ever i hear it i cry my eyes out my sister was only 21 of age i really miss her this is her song she is all was in my heart love you sis....

I love this song | Reviewer: LInda | 2/23/08

I've lost my mum and when im listening this song make me cry.It is beautifull song and Celine Dion is great singer. The lyrics are great too.Im listening this song every sunday and i love to hear it to many times.

beautifull song | Reviewer: Mk | 1/7/08

this song is such a nice n close to the reality, it always turn me sad. n bring tears into ma eyes. it reminds me of my Mother. She was the only one i was very close to. i luv her n miss her so mch. i dedicate this to my mother. Celine you are rele GREAT SINGER!!!!

one beautiful song | Reviewer: Joan | 11/14/07

i actuially had them play this song at my mom's viewing, i just lost her 8 months ago, i loved this song so much but now hearing it makes me a litle sadder, i asked my daughter to play this for me some day when the time comes. Celine puts so much power behind her songs i love everyone of them.
She is the best....