My sweetest mom | Reviewer: Akinrefe olubukola | 11/13/13

Mom is been 5 month now since u left us in the saddest world u are such a luving caring mother i am so grateful to God that gave us a special woman to call a mother ur memory still linger in us YOU ARE UNFORGETABLE EJIRE MI. Celine keep up the gud work 10ks 4 given me a song dat makes me think of my mom.

I LOVE U MOM NO MATTER WHAT | Reviewer: patience | 10/12/13

I love u mom..ur da reason I am here,an u gave life 2 m because u loved me,,,u never let ur family down cause Jehovah is with through it all,,,face a world!!an ur the only heart where the child belongs

Goodbye the saddest word | Reviewer: Yonela Makendlana | 10/1/13

This song reminds me of my mom who just bite the dust this year and when ever i am listening to it i feel like crying because it brings all the memories which can never be reversible but only commemorated and indeed the is no love like a mother's love and for the record i thank God for all the years i've been with my mom she was my every thing till this year she left,till then i meet her again

My mother was the best Mum,May God Bless her soul. | Reviewer: Olalekan Adebisi | 9/28/13

28th Sept 1999 was like yesterday, the song reminds of the caring attitude and prayer of my mother to me, this song is touching, infact Goodbye is truly the Saddest word. I celebrate her legacy, she gave me sound home training,to be good,care for others and love others with truth and open mind. I thank God for this song of lovely Celine Dion, fortunately for she is my favourite singer.I am highly inspired with this song, And I hope that one day, I'll have the grace to watch Celine Dion live singing on the stage, probably 5th Dec'13 in Paris by the Grace of God. Olalekan from Nigeria.

M.N. Nofotyo my lovely granny | Reviewer: Asiphe nofotyo | 9/21/13

I thank lord for giving you as my granny i have no idea where i would be right now if you were not here.i dont blame god for taking my mother b'cos u ar mother a mother to me!a special thank to celin dion 4 writtng this song ,everytime i listen it reminds me how blssed i am 2 hv my granny next to me evrytime .thank you very much

For my granny the mother i have right nw | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/13

My granny im nothing without you i thank god for gvng me a wonderful gift lyk you in my life.u realy take ma weaknec nd make me strong everytime i fall thank you so much!celin u ar wonderful ur song makes me tear evrytime i listen thank you mamma thank you all the best

Goodbye | Reviewer: MWANDUMBIA | 9/10/13

This song will leave for centuries. How i wish i could see Celine Dion , truely MUSIC IS YOUR CAREER, it's your talent a gift from God. I thank God for giving you that quality voice. The song comforts me so much in many things in my life. And thats my reason for thanking you.

thank u so mc ma mum | Reviewer: florence kankundiye | 7/12/13

Thank u so mc ma mum for ur love even if u r not there I love u so mc bse u r love is always in ma heart!! God bless Celine Dion becouse she unique woman with good song like this song which makes me to always remember ma swity mum!!

mum thanks 4 de luv u have shown me i cherish it | Reviewer: lil mario | 4/29/13

mum u are a real difenation of a mother u really know and has done the job that God sent u 4 taking of me as your daughter.i thank God 4 this precious gift called are the reason why i exist.celine thanks 4 the wonderfull song all the best in you talent and may the good Lord bless today and 4ever more

To my Sweet mom whom I love and cherish | Reviewer: Victoria Blamo | 4/10/13

Mamma, I love and will always do. you gave life to me, you turn a young one into a woman, All you had to offer was a promise of lifetime of love and the love you give me will always live. I love you Mom; and Celine for these soul reviving lyrics I say hats off!

MY DEAREST MOTHER | Reviewer: Omolayo Oluwatosin | 4/4/13

Thank God for creating love and its best enjoyed with someone who appreciate it like mother. am short of words now but never to say goodbye to my lovely jewel [mother] because she understand me most and never leave me to suffer. thanks celine.

goodbye the saddes word | Reviewer: lihle mqukuse | 3/9/13

i realy luv dis song i wanna thank ma mom 4 lovin me the way she does and yes there is no other love lyk a mothers love for her child i have seen it with my own eyes she has been the shining star in my life she is my source of strengh and happiness i love u fezeka mqukuse

U gav life 2me | Reviewer: Ghost mood(lil.Jay) | 3/2/13

Mum i verily thank God 4gvin me u as a mum.u turn baby 2a man.turn d young 2a man.u ar d one 4me.d luv she gv me waz d greatest of all.she tak my weaknes nd mak me strong.i must be dy 4u mama.10k alot Celin.4wrkin out dz grt wrk.Dee&Jay.

I have never known greater love than that of the mother. | Reviewer: Geoffrey Severian | 11/16/12

Really this song captures and conquers my feelings, i love to listen and i feel lyk to listen to it all the time..nampenda Celine Dion kuliko mwanamuziki yeyote yule..HAKUNA UPENDO KAMA WA MAMA KWA MTOTO WAKE..THERE IS NO OTHER LOVE LIKE THAT OF THE MOTHER FOR HER CHILD.

Mama You gave love to me | Reviewer: Kabo Siyadubiwa | 11/8/12

Mum i rily appriciat the love u have showed and u stil show may god bless you for what you are doing is the i don't think it will be easy for me to say goodbye oneday not ever see you again. love you mum*crying*