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Performed by Celine Dion

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miz u tatay | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/09

I absoulutely love this song;whenever I hear it, makes me cry...I cnt imagine life without my tatay and my nanay here at my side..This song reminds me of my tatay coz i wish i could dance with Him on my debut(18th bday) bt sad to say he left us..,He's not dead,just a matter of somewhere I never know and i wiz he will be bak samday to have dance w/me.Hop my Tatay remember me alwayz as i do..I only I could turn bak d hands of tym i wana dance my My Father..This song was so awesome..Mizu tatay..loveyualot..

Wonderful song | Reviewer: Adrian | 3/16/09

When my father pasted away 14 years ago my world stoped and I knew that my life never would be the same as before...
On Sept 17, 2008 my nephew pasted away cause of hearth attack and this song reminds how much I miss him and when I close my eyes, I imagine that my nephew and my dad are together and taking care of our family...
In both occasions I don't have the chance to say good bye, and Immortality gave me the chance to do it and now, this song gave me the chance to tell them how much I need them and how much I miss them...
Papá and Jossué, I love you for all eternity... and I can not wait to dance with you again...

Hugs from the hearth...

simply beautiful | Reviewer: Virginie | 1/19/09

My father died a year ago because of that cruel disease that is cancer. Everytime i hear that song, it makes me cry for minutes. As I love to sing, I would like to sing it for him to hear me sing for the first time, but everytime I try, I can't help crying... Sorry for my english, it's not my mother tongue.

this song always makes me cry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/08

whenever i hear this song i remember my grandfather i was just turning 6 when he passed away i wasn't totally aware that he's dead until my mom told me on the day of my birthday that lolo wasn't going back that's just when i have realized that he was gone i remembered when we went through some old pictures of my cousine's 7 th birthday he promised that he will dance with me i was really upset that through my whole birthday i was only locked up inside my room and went through all the things that reminded me of him --i love you lolo--

I LOVE YOU TAY | Reviewer: mary grace mian | 12/5/08

What a touching song! It really reminds me of my father. Everytime i play the song i cry. my father passed away last month and i really missed him. tay wherever you are, i miss you so much. I LOVE YOU TAY.

my fave | Reviewer: jashie | 11/20/08

I always loved to listen to this song. . it makes me think of my thoughtful dad and we've been best buddies ever. . next week I'll be turning 18 and i wanted to dance with my loving pap. . I love you pap!!!

This is one of the great songs that celine had ever sing | Reviewer: Ianne | 11/7/08

Everytime I play this song on my MP4, I'm always having a goosebumps because of being amaze for this song! The lyrics is great plus the fact the Cedine Dion is really a fantastic singer! I love it :)

this song makes me miss my father so much | Reviewer: palupi | 11/7/08

my father passed away in 1994. and I was 8 years old at that time. and you know, some days before he left me, I had danced with him for the first and the last time. I'll always miss that time. Love you Bapak...

dance with my father again | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/08

i absoulutely love this song! whenever i hear it it makes me want to cry! my dad is still here, but this song makes me realise that life is too short, and it makes me regret all the times that we spend/ spent arguing! i hope we still manage to have a last dance.. this song touches my heart and the lyrics are soul searching!

this songs talks sense, and i realised that i have to make the most of what i have as im fortunate enough to have both my parents around!

i cant imagine life without either my dad or my mum!

how can i show them/ prove to them what they mean to me, and that i never mean to hurt them??

im so close with my dad..
i never want to lose him.. he always takes my side and i love you daddy..

dance with my father | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/08

this song makes me want to cry sooooo badly... it makes you realise how short life really is.. my dad is still around.. but this song makes me regret all of the arguments and things that we've had over the years.. i cant imagine my life without you dad.. or mum.. and i wish i could show you how much you really mean to me.

i love you and i hope that we have plenty of chances to dance daddy.

the song moved me | Reviewer: irish | 9/16/08

the song is so wonderful
celine and luther sung it with so much feelings. know what? the charge of my ipod is emptied in just listening in this particular awesome song. i'll never get tired listening on it.

Dance with my father | Reviewer: Chii | 5/30/08

I wish i could have a dance with my father, but i can't. Because he has left me.. He's not dead, he's just gone somewhere that i never knew...
I wish he will be back someday to have a dance with me.
Dad i miss u.
Please come back..

just love it!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: angie | 4/16/08

i have danced with my father just once and that was on my 18th birthday..we had an argument before i left in the province and since then i never had the chance to talk to him. my father died last 2005 and if only i could turn back the hands of time...miss you brings memory back everytime i hear this song

reminds me of a man i don't have A chance to see | Reviewer: melowhours | 4/9/08

a year ago in a t.v program i hear this song dance with my father again.....every time i hear this song it keeps on reminding me of a grandfather i never had a chance to know him because he dead....before i was mother use to tell me story about him...deep in my heart there's a see and to be known by a man who have this special space in the heart of my....mother and her one can erase...maybe i explain it to long why dance with my father again is so special in my heart...but that is the main reason why i love this song...the song let me...see him in my heart...a chance to know him by the heart.....

Dance with my father | Reviewer: Janet Cooke | 12/27/07

What a touching song! I can't imagine anyone but Celine singing this song, but I am sure Luther's version was amazing. My dad passed away in 2003 and I only really remember dancing with him once, but I will never forget that time and I would love to do it again. I miss you dad! I love you dad. xo

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