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Performed by Celine Dion

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i will miss & l0ve u p0ps... | Reviewer: melanie | 3/20/10

my father died March 13,2010. when they have a mass for him they want me to sing a song then i pick "TANGING YAMAN" it was a tagalog song but one of my cousin told me that dance with my father is a great song for the burial of my pops when i was listening to that song my tear drop to my laptop i can't help my self.

love for my father | Reviewer: ARIAN | 3/13/10

first time i hear this song the first person that appear on my mind was my father, i remember the days when iwas a chid we always dance together and laugh together... i realy love my father!!! hope that someday on my wedding day were gonna dance again.

I dedicate this song to my daddy..I Miss Him sooo...much! | Reviewer: hazel | 2/10/10

My dad died last May 2008..I really miss Him so much!But I know my daddy is very proud of me for all the achievements that I have now in my life! Whenever I hear this song...I cry..I remember my dads smiles,laughters and embraces!And if only i could turn back times..I will Hug Him,Kiss Him and tell Him How Much I LOVE Him and Im proud that He's my DADDY! Till We Meet Again..Dad!

ur always be in my heart papa... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/10

i love this song, when i first heard this the only person who came to my mind was my beloved father..he died 9 years ago but until now i'd cry everytime i think of him..i nevr said i love him and how thankful i am for being my father..eventhough his gone i know that he hears me whenever i pray..
we really miss u papa..

missing my dad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/09

this song has touched my heart sooooo dad past away last year, and from the time he was gone, i always cry everytime i hear this dad and me were never close to each other,he was a deciplinarian, he would always want me to do the best, he would watch every step i take, every decision i make, everywhere i go he would times i didnt understand him, but now i realize that all he does was for my sake, he wanted nothing but the all the best in the world for me. i love you and i mssing you soooo much dad.

Touches through to my soul | Reviewer: muziquero | 11/27/09

this is my favorite song because i can relate to father's gone 2 years now because of cancer and i always miss him abd i miss him everytime i hear this song.. i know he's just there and watching over me, my angel... miss him so much

miss my dad! | Reviewer: aiza sulapas | 11/20/09

almost 6 years when my father gone but he's stiil here in my heart where i keep him for so long.. i want to be with him, to sing, laugh and dance with him... i like this song.. it makes me remind the past.. i love you pa..

i love you tatay!! | Reviewer: jhazz | 11/3/09

sometimes i know that i am a bad girl but, it is not
mean that i didn't love my tatay because he is the one who understand me accept for my mother,, i never ever say " i love you both" but deep in my heart i still love them forever,,,this song is very very touching!!! i love this song!! and of course i love celine dion!!

love this song | Reviewer: cLaudhee | 9/5/09

this song is very touching...,i almost crying everytime i heard this song.., my father stiLL alive, he is a sailor, eventhough he's sailing all the time, but the man in this song are very described what my father behave. i love him so much. he really loves me and my sister. i cant imagine how it could be if he 'left' me, mom, n my sister...we always loves u daddy (^.^)

i miss you daddy | Reviewer: mae | 7/26/09

my dad died at los angeles in june 25,2009 ever since he died we cried and cried and this music is an inpiration to our family ever since our died because of cardiac arrest i know you don't know how it feels that your dad is gone to soon i just want to dance with my father again....................................

For tatay! | Reviewer: regem mejogue | 7/2/09

It is a very sentimental song for me because even though there are times that my nanay and tatay are arguing, but still they show us love after that moment. They did'nt teach us to hate each other, specially my father. even though sometimes "pasaway si tatay", but still he's love love to us.
we love you tay!!


sweet | Reviewer: Wilhermina | 5/16/09

I always play this song within our house that it really gives me memory of my father for he is such a good father and I really missed him all the time since I came and lived in a different country and he is doing a good job in the Island and for this singer she is the best and my favourite one especially seen her background life wow!!! I really admire your life...

the song made me cry... | Reviewer: aileen pareja de leon | 5/8/09

my papa died 4 years ago... but up to this very moment, i am still praying that that 4 years ago isn't true... i miss my father so much that he didn't seen me nor walk me in the aisle when i got married... and that how i wish that my papa will see how beautiful and smart his grandchildren... but, i am still thankful that my papa never suffer pain when he died...

i love you papa... we love you and miss you dearly...

....papa... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/09

i like this song...not because of missing my deceased father...he's still alive...but the caring and loving father that i've known when i was a child - has gone...he turned into a stranger...i miss the days when he held me close,read me books and telling me, im her girl...papa,you've been a father to us once-why not twice or make it forever...

Beautiful yet sad | Reviewer: Becky | 4/7/09

This song is beautiful and sad at the same time. She is sing my realationship with my parents. I've come so close to loosing him before today and it brings a tear to my eye to hear this, but to know how luckly i am.

Love you Dad.

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