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Performed by Celine Dion

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I am a dumb asian bitch | Reviewer: Jenine | 2/2/09

Well i dont listen to Celine Dion because I listen to crap and I act like a black girl and a slut and think I am like so cool but anyhow, I am spoiled and I think that you didnt use any puntuaton and didnt check ur grmer i mena who cant type!? u would have to be an idiot hahahahhaha wiat what? well I am a 10 yr old slut just thought I would tell the HOLE WRLD that ohh and If you want my number to make out with me sometime just call me at 571-217-5980 or call the "bitches 'r' me" hotline :P I also think u should now that I wear clothes that make me look like a hooker, I make a complete ass of myself in public by being such a retared thinking that being hyper makes me a lady. I can't spell the woard orgne. I am a HUGE back stabber and a complete emo asian that wears long sleeves so people can't tell I cut myself, oh and earlier when I said that I was always hyper, its because I drink beer with my friends at Stone and Liberty (we like to have a good time, at least I do). I need help so please, help me and call my cell give my number to everyone you know and/or email me at thanks love yuh kees keeeees ohh and I am a lesbian ;)

i love you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/07

hey celine dion i lov e you so much i miss you so much

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