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Performed by Celine Dion

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simply touched! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/14

dis song of hers is one ofnd best. Big splashes of tears fell since I began missin my mom... I live alone, studying... Beautiful lyrics, with just d right composition, a soothing yet thanking one...!!
Luv it...

her all songs make me cry.i luv cilene dion may god bls u | Reviewer: eleckses coetzee | 1/1/14

my bf is allways thr 4m true de dadtime ad de i prms him dat i allso be thr 4 people thy are jls of othr people thy allways love hppyendings.i wish thy would lsn de words tht cms frm cilene dion.2014 is hr without madiba we all love u may he be r.i.p

this is what i wish to be | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/13

when i hear this song..i cry alot ..b cox my girlfriend only beleived that i'm a good person in this world..since i feel that from her i stop using drugs..b cox she only understand that i dont wont be a bad person but some one need to help me so she helped me alot..and we were after been together and together and we married...i loved so much to my wife.becox this beutifull song will be more than enough for an answer...i miss this song alot..i loved this song..

love Celine a lot | Reviewer: Victoria Blamoo | 1/19/13

this song is soul touching; my lover sent me an mp3 and uploaded some musics he told me to listen to this one; u can imagine this was the first time i heard this music; I loved it from that moment n it made to love him more and more; I love u PMC; and Celine, u are wonderful, hope i knew how to sing like u.

loved it! | Reviewer: Emily | 1/9/13

I loved that song from the first time I heard it.It was so wonderful and beautiful.I love my momma and daddy so much,and I can never thank them enogh for all they've done for me.

tnk u always | Reviewer: mj.ashaibani | 11/24/12

this song has the best words., the first time i heard it i i found my self crying cause it realy touched my heart , and its excacly the things that i wished to tell to my soul mate couse he was beside me aaaalll the time. i will be foreever thank.. love u hony "howi howi ^-^"
and love u celine ur the best

You stood by me | Reviewer: Matalena mafutaga | 11/12/12

First time i listening dis s0ng i was cry cause the words are so mean so when i am older i will be a singer girl cause im 13 years old n0w god bless you celine im from the island of SAM0A g0od bye

Because You Loved Me | Reviewer: Wanda | 5/12/12

This Song is very special to me. This Mother Day i will read these lyrics when i give a presentation at church on Mother's Day
My mother has a new home in heaven, but while she was here all 49 years of my life she gave me everything a mother could give. You where there mom when i came home from school, when i went to sleep at night, when i married and when the first marriage ended, you helped me raise my daughter,you loved my new husband as son, you were their for birth of my children you always had my back, YOU LOVED ME, I Love you Mom. God bless you Celine.

a very big fun | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/10

in life i have lived 2 love music esp Celine's . and this one makes me melt , i feel the world belongs 2 me . i m really so glad that God gave life 2 Celine. may be i would have grown up without loving music but it is all coz of her that i love music.biggest Celine fan in the whole of my sch probably in the whole of Ug.justine

(giggles) | Reviewer: Dark Angel` | 2/4/10

i was with this guy for several years. and i loved him more than life itself, well we broke up and we havent talked in years. well a couple of weeks ago i got this text from him and i was sooo lost with feelings when we talked. this song describes him perfectly and yes it is all coming back to me now =(^_^)=

this song is my strength | Reviewer: sandra | 12/17/09

everytime i hear this song it make me cry........ i love this song im in relationship now cause this song i have this in my phone when someone call me i sing this song at my church and i sing it everywhere i go, i like all celine dion song

It was our song | Reviewer: Enas | 7/31/09

yesssss it was our song, since day with each other we both choose it to be our song, before knowing i was like it sooo much but after knowing him i feel its taste, it touches every drop in my blood, when hearing it now i feel my heart sings with celine.
since our break up or since he left me.........
i hadn`t the strength to hear its words......

Because you Loved me | Reviewer: James + Brenda | 7/14/09

Mmh! Am a gospel music lover and I have been listening to the song for long time and I was searching for the lryics and am Imprest with this. this is true reason of Love and apreciation. If you are Loved show that apreciation to the one how is loveing you I Now am who i am because of the love of Jesus Christ I Like it. Meanz(James W. Mhone)

i luv luv | Reviewer: sasmita | 4/28/09

dis song is jst so reminds me of d luv of ma partner..i luv him a lot..n so does he.m d lucky 1.m lucky 2 hav him in ma lyf..tanxx 2 God.i simply luv him.he is d world 2 me.n tanxx..2 Celina 4 whom i can dedicate dis song 2 ma luv..

what a song | Reviewer: Dr abdu | 2/2/09

this song tells every thing that my girlfriend did to me with out any lie.when i was a student every thing became bitter on me then she came in to my life and changed every thing......she really stood by me.i love this song becouse it tells every thing that my GF did to me exactly the way i need. thank you

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