Teezy | Reviewer: Tiarah | 8/22/14

This song means a lot to me.I luv this song and also l luv u Celine.yes it is true that there is alwayz a new day.A NEW DAY HAS COME TODAY,TOMORROW&FOREVER

cool | Reviewer: ella | 7/5/11

i remember that i used to try to sing this song even b4 i knew the lyrics i was just simply singing it with murmering as i happend go through the real lyrics WOW it even went up to the level that i decided its of the the few quality on earth and it really is, its got this feeling that penetrates through hearts and make u feel hopfull and elated ,,,,,

this song means a lot | Reviewer: Dark Angel | 2/4/10

This song means a lot to me it taught me that no matter what i go threw no matter how bad it is that i can make it and i have to stay strong for myself and my family. it also taught me that i have people here for me that care about me and will always be here for me and i am really greatful for them. it has also taught me that tomorrow is a new day and that love is real and that if and when i find it to go with it and never let it go. and to be honest i have found love and (giggles) i did find the light in the eyes of a beautiful guys that loves me just as much as i love him

Best Voice today | Reviewer: Mike | 1/8/09

This song is one of many that proves her vocal strength and ability .
Celine's Voice is so vibrant yet gentle when it needs to be.
Love the lyrics of this song,
Gives u hope ...after all u've been tru ,tomorrow is, after all, A NEW DAy.!

Hi Everyone | Reviewer: Shumana | 3/26/08

this song is absolutely amazing! it truly touches the heart. The first time i heard it, i had tears in my eyes. life is so hard...and these type of songs help us get through it all. i simply love this song. u guyz should all download it.

hElLo EvErYoNe! [caring celine] love u xoxo | Reviewer: Tara [me myself and I] | 11/27/07

Celine you are one of my fav singer!! I love your voice, its so clear and so strong and I LOVE your songs! I really like this one, the words have meaning to to them, they really inspire me. XO [a new day has come...]

a new day has come | Reviewer: valbona | 8/11/04

I love to sing this song