Alabastor box | Reviewer: Abigail Asamoah | 2/16/12

dear Cece i thank God for such a person like you whom people like us look up to as mentors.i love your songs,your voice and you. its my prayer that one day we will get to know each other for you to train me to sing better and win souls for Christ just us you are doing.i am a singer en i sing in the church.i pray you read this personally. thank you.

You are Loved | Reviewer: Success | 1/31/12

This track "You are Loved" has been a source of encouragement to me when am down. Cece, you are indeed sent by GOD, I've learnt to trust ur words in all your track. GOD bless you.

God of Second chance | Reviewer: Timothy | 1/25/12

Dear Cece Winans,
I truely love your closeness to God, i pray,may the good lord give you more strength and keep you alive in Jsues name amen.
please i want you to send me the lyrics of your song track, title: God of Second Chance.
Thank you
God bless

It wasn't easy | Reviewer: Faith OK | 1/12/12

Cece, u re just too much. Wen ever I listen to dis song, (It wasnt easy) it's as if I'm just hearing it for d 1st time. I'm really happy 4 u becos u've made urself available 2 b used by ur maker. God bless u ma. U re beautiful. Keep d light shining.

God bless you | Reviewer: Loveday from nigeria | 1/2/12

Dear Cece, you are my favourite! 'a heart like your's' and 'i promise' are my favourite. wish that one day, i will be able to sing like you. I will be glad to recieve personal correspondence from you. I love you.

Wina's songs | Reviewer: Chukwuka | 12/4/11

Dear luvly sis.songs so inspired,caused passions for God restored, may God strengthen u & ur ministry. Will be joyfull 2 rejoice,sing with u in heaven. We will make it with His grace. God bless u

Mercy Says No | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/11

My son bought me album Throne Room. I just love the song Mercy Says No. I am a breast cancer survivor and anytime i feel down. the song becomes prayer. Darkness tried to steal my heart away. Thank you Jesus, Mercy said no. God Bless you.

All | Reviewer: faith kanyika | 11/30/11

u r just an amazin insipiration 2 ma lyf. i am always touched with ur songs every tym i listen to em. I wish i cud sing for God lyk u do n I pray n believe i will someday. God should continue 2 bless n anoint ur ministry. I love all ur songs, PRAY ON

Mercy said no! | Reviewer: Enoch | 11/3/11

Hi, Cece. I think u got d greatest number of fans here in Nigeria and am proud to be one. 'mercy said no' has always been a major anchor of hope and inspiration to me. Your songs paints d picture of love and intimacy with the father. I hope I could write songs like yours and more someday. Seeing you someday will be a great pleasure. Meanwhile, don't ever let go of this ministry, never!

Comforter | Reviewer: Christian H | 10/2/11

Dearest Cece, Thanks for giving yourself to Him for service, Thanks to the great potter that formed you with this wonderful gift.Your voice is golden and angelic.Each time i listen to 'Comforter', i usually feel Him by my side. May the Lord keep you and cause His grace to abound more in you. Bless U.

Cece songs | Reviewer: Haggai | 10/3/11

Hi cece
I fail 2 understand hw it feels lyk doing wat u do,inspiring myriad souls.God wil definitely reward u.I listen 2 yo songs every morning.I wud love meet u 1 day.You are indeed a blessing 2 many of us.God bless u always.

mercy said no | Reviewer: Mabel | 9/18/11

hi gifted cece your songs have inspired me beyound my comprehension .i thank God for the precious gifts that he gave you,i remember you in my prayers.God bless you amen. Love you! Mabel from Nigeria

amos | Reviewer: amos | 9/9/11

hello cece, your song has been a source of inspiration in my life, you have use this greatest gift from the almighty to win many souls to his kingdom. The glory of God shall not depart fron you. Amos From Nigeria

Wonderful | Reviewer: Cherechi | 8/29/11

Dear cece winans, i knw u dnt knw dis. U're my best artiste. I've learnt 2 trust ur words in ur every album. Its jst dat i dnt knw how 2 express d joy i derive 4rm ur lyrics. I pray dat 4 a day, u'ld nt slumber because he who keeps u neither slumbers nor sleeps, he shall nt allnw d stoner 2 hurt ur feet. Can u pls update me 2rt my mailbox on ur nxt release. My miracle is dis yr, so is urs. Pls pray 4 me.

Greetings | Reviewer: Lara Aremu | 8/26/11

Cece you are a wonderful singer, Your songs always touch my heart, I love listening to “it wasn’t easy” and “Comforter”. Thank you for allowing God to use you. I love you so much. God bless you.

‘Lara from Nigeria