Mercy said no, comforter. | Reviewer: Nelly | 8/9/11

Dear sis, tanx 4 d great impact u're making in younger souls lyk mine. I pray 4 more of God's grace upon your life and also pray that God should help us run with the same spirit which u have 4 worship. I Love u and pray 4 u always. GRACE.

All | Reviewer: wisdom | 6/28/11

Dear cece i'm wisdom 4rm Nigeria.God has used u 2 transform lives here beyond ur imagination..Its so wonderful 2 know dat u r using d gift God's given u 2 His glory..I believe He'll be pleased.I pray 4 more grace upon ur life,family n ministry...

we thirst for you | Reviewer: Vivian | 21/06/2011 | Reviewer: vivian | 6/21/11

Hi Cece,I'm from Nigeria, how are you and your family!i want to say thank you for lifting my spirit up with your songs, especially we thirst for you, mercy say no, everlasting love,it wasn't easy and lot more, how i wish i could see you, may the Lord continue to strengthen you.don't forget that heaven is our goal strive hard so that we will make it. God bless you.

hello,God gifted friend | Reviewer: chelsea | 6/21/11

hi beatiful lady,i thank God so much for your life and how far He Himself has brought you this far.i thank God so much that you are using this beatiful gift to win souls and to praise the name of the living God.God bless you and keep you till someday we meet and want to urge you continue this good work you are doing.

It wasn't easy, Heart like yours, Mercy say no. | Reviewer: Jumoke Ade | 6/20/11

Hello Cece, Your songs has been a source inspiration to me. I don't know you personally but always thank God on your behalf, wish to meet and interrogate you someday. May God continue to uphold u. From Jumoke Nigeria

Womens Conference 2011 FTCC | Reviewer: Lady Sam | 5/27/11

God Bless you CeCe (and the family)it was great to see you again,Thank you for the powerful message during our "2011 Womens Conference"on last nite @ FTCC in St.Pauls,NC. Your message was powerful and life changing!!! Wish everyone could have heard u speak (5/26/2011)God has gracefully blessed you not only with talent but a sure word (deep down in your soul) for this troubled-end time. Stay faithful in your obedience to GOD and true to the GOD in you. See u the next time you come to visit us in tha' deep-down country (ha-ha-ha) Know that we love you very much here at "Faith Tabenacle Christian Center". Be Blessed Always...

It was'nt easy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/11

Hi cece,am sonia 4rm nigeria, i know dat ur musics re nt done out of de flesh but de spirit, bcos since de first day i eva listen 2 ur music i was touched wit tears coming 4rm my eyes u re my best gosple artist nt flartering u sincerly 4rm my hrt. But pls dnt 4get 2 give all de glory 2 God.tanxs nd always kip de fire burning.

I am in paticular | Reviewer: Anna Charles | 4/24/11

I am Anna Charles from Nigeria,I really like your songs and I've made you my mentor even though I've never seen you I love, may God continue to bless your voice and use you mightly and continue to lift you higher,higher and higher.GOD bless you.

a heart like yours | Reviewer: joyce | 4/20/11

hi dear cece,
my name is joyo from Kenya happy that you visited. Girl you r a blessing to me in all ways!all your songs are wow esp this one. iv been a fun of you since teenage and to tell you the truth you realy inspire me so you r such a beauty! God took all His time on you are you thankful! anyway mungu akubariki thats swahili for God bless you!

Song title,comforter. | Reviewer: Reviewer: winning 4rm titled,comforter. | 3/31/11

Revewer,winning 4rm title,comforter.Hi cece,i luv u.God bless ur music.may God strenthen u and make u strong.may his grace sustain u until we all gather at his feet.luv u baby.winning 4rm nigeria.

to cece winans | Reviewer: cynthia moody | 3/4/11

its so beautiful to see you love God inspite of your finances, realizing if it was not for the Lord making it possible it would and could not be. Its so easy to lose focus when money is envolved thats why i love an respect your music so much because it is God sent.......Continue to stay prayful because the devil is bissy.

mercy say no and all ur songs. | Reviewer: Eddy Brown | 2/27/11

i realy love your music.i always feel the spirit around me any time i listen to ur music.u realy make me to fall inlove wid Jesus anytime i hear ur music.may God continue touch and speak to our heart wid ur music.God bless u Cece for ur faith in christ.

i LOVE you and your music | Reviewer: mati | 1/24/11

hie i live in Zimbabwe but if i where given the chance to meet you i would take it with all i have .my fave song is more than what i wanted its the best not forgetting pray,we thirst for you,i promise,mercy said no and the list goes on and on. if you could read this and consider coming to zim you would have made me the happiest person ever thank you cece.

I got inspired by you | Reviewer: Antonia Antony | 12/1/10

I neva tought i could be so close to God thru worship but after listening to "a heart like yours" & "mercy said no" i got inspired by you to worship God even at my leisure time.Keep doing the work of the lord and you shall remain blessed.I LOVE YOU

Hello sister in CHRIST! | Reviewer: Victor Moore Hackman | 11/15/10

Hi Cece, how are you and your family? I always feel blessed and anointed each time i listen to your music. Listening to your songs like everlasting love, we thirst for you, heavenly father, more than what i wanted, i love the way you loved me and lots more now and i can feel the presence of GOD. I wanna thank you for the songs and God bless you more, more and morer! Hugs,VICTOR MOORE HACKMAN, CAPE COAST,GHANA.:-D