I NEED TO BE RECOGNIZED | Reviewer: meon sunday akpan | 5/21/08

In every day of my life ialways want to listen to cece winas songs, which i have purchase all the neccssary disc and radio cassette but at time i dont have the copy of the song and i become angry with my self so please send some write-up for me

The Chosen Vessel Of God | Reviewer: Stella | 4/30/08

Cece, I sometimes, wonder if I can also be a chosen vessel like U. I love the way you touch and win souls for Christ. I'm learning a lot from U. Meaning we are following Ur steps.God richly bless U.

Iadmire you a lot and get inspired when ever i listen to your music | Reviewer: Grace ibe | 4/3/08

each time i sit down to listen to your music i get really inspired by it. it has really touched me physically, spiritually, emotionally. Every one who comes around me feels the presence of CECEWINANS love you a great deal.

Divinelove Orji | Reviewer: Divinelove. | 1/8/08

Cece, it was a great pain for not been able to see you when you cane to Nigeria with other actist in november 30th 2007, reason was that i was admted in the hospitel, even when i was among the people that advatices that progrreme.
i love your song because it has toach me and my family throgh one of your album ( MERCY SAID NO) and i know alot of people have been touched also by that album.
i love you, keep doing a good job and our good Lord will continue to inspire you the more.
Happy New Year (2008).

OUR PRIDE | Reviewer: Jackey Gaoseb | 10/9/07

Hi, Cece Winans (OUR PRIDE)

I am Jackey !Gaoseb currently working with the Damara/Nama Service of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC). I am presenting a program called REJOICE where i play gospel music locally and internationally, the aim of the program is to promote our gospel artists througout the world. don't be suprised if i invite you one day to our country-NAMIBIA.

i wish all the best for you, may god bless you.


Jackey !Gaoseb from NAMIBIA.....

hope | Reviewer: joseph wasike | 7/17/07

at times when i feel am so down,ceces music makes me to smile all along.it really encourages me.may the allmighty bless her.

God Bless You | Reviewer: Obed Avoka | 7/17/07

I have Listened to your music and I have never been the same again.

I admire you alot | Reviewer: ibilola | 6/19/07

i have been through a lot and you always have a song to address each issue. i started listening to you in 2003 and since then i want to know about the latest album and want to access them as they always provide a solution for me.

LEARN FROM THE ANOINTED | Reviewer: dammie aluko | 6/6/07

This is one great Lady that has never ceased to make impact,especially on my music ministry.I LOVE HER.

how do you feel if.....? | Reviewer: danyielle(danielle) | 4/21/07

my uncle passed in february and i just can't take my mind off of him at certian times.he was like a father to me and now that he is gone i dont have no one to talk, or to do my projects with.if your uncle who was like a father to you died how would you stop most of the pain.


Review on "Just Come" | Reviewer: Bukky Kale | 9/19/06

I was very down spiritually and so disatisfied with life and what I was getting from everyone around me when I heard this song on my player. I connected to it so much so that the scripture that says come unto me all ye that labour made so much meaning to me more than ever before. There's so much passion and conviction in her voice that made you know she was so sure of what she was singing and if only you will just come then God is sufficient to meet your needs. I have been blessed by this song and i paly it on my system every morning to remind myself that all I need to do is 'Just Come" and its over.
Cece, God bless you so much, I love you.

Healing in worship | Reviewer: Tonia Jernigan | 8/23/04

I believe this season of worship will heal the lame, and broken hearted. I truly believe this is the season when worship will usher in the latter rain on hurting souls. We will see miracles, signs and wonders from the Lord. I am so thankful that the Lord raised up a worship leader who also walk in great faith for this generation. I love Cece Winans because worship is how she lives out side the Church. This kind of living behind the church walls produce a covering of grace, mercy and much beauty. Now I understand what the Lord means when he said we will know each other by their fruits. A person who makes worship a way of life will definaly walk in the fruits of love.I am so thrill that Cece will bring in a wave of new waters as she comes to bring the throne room to BibleWay on Atlas Road,in Columbia S.C. in Oct. I am in prayer now that there will be a awsome move of God on this day.