mercy really said no to my life | Reviewer: ogbonna glory | 2/22/12

when i was in the darkness,i never knew there was mercy,until GODS mercy said no to my life,nd i av been singing this song without knowing the lyrics untill today i decided to search for the lyrics.cece winans,i thank GOD for his grace upon ur life.ride on

"Heaven looks at me through Blood of Jesus" | Reviewer: Nkachukwu Francis_ Nnewi | 2/19/12

CeCe honestly it is great, i appreciate you for allowing God to use you do such a great work. May God bless you and please keep on following Him because He still has more works to do with you!

Wow mercy sayin no Beatrice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/12

Hmm wel can u imagin givn up ur favorite car 2 som1 u dont noe n person expects u 2 be responsibl 4 maintenance n fueln.dats wat hapens when mercy says no.GOD bles u cece 4 availn urself for His work

Thank you jesus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/12

Thank you jesus. Its soul lifting.each time the devil comes likea flood, mercy defends. Cece, god bless you. I'vebeing enjoying the song without realy knowing itword forwork. Now its better.

Spirit quest | Reviewer: Josiah king omeiza | 1/23/12

This's d quest of my spirit, have been singing without actually getting the wordings but now i found it a soul connecting back to the cross. Thank you Jesus for your mercy said no.

Inspiring | Reviewer: Seun | 1/13/12

Always listenin to d song without realy payin attention to d lyrics...just decided to read d lyrics today and,,,it is highly inspiring...the MERCY of God dats wat's been keepin me...when sin was about to take my soul away,thank u jesus>MERCY SAID NO...GOD bless u cece

TRULY THE SPIRIT OF GOD INSPIRE! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/12

What a soul lifting song! Truly it is not flesh n blood that has revealed this song to you CECE but the Holy Spirit of God. I feel lifted each time i listen to this song n am never tired of playing it. MAY GOD EMPOWER YOU.

God's mercy endures forever | Reviewer: precious Akparobi Odita | 1/5/12

i never really understood or listened to the lyrics of this mucis until today. I now pondered over the love of God for me and his unending mercy. Mercy say No, what a phrase, nothing describes redeemption more. Am so grateful to God for the opportunity of being His daughter. Thank u Lord. Thanks Cece for this beautiful song.

mercy prevails over judgement. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/11

Dis is amazing. Truly mercy said no. I do think i can neva b happy but all thanks 2 God. I like 2 hear dis song every time and each time i listen 2 it, am always happy and my burdens are lifted. Thanks 2 cece.

a soul lifting song | Reviewer: uche | 12/20/11

each time i listen to dis song,it lifts my soul. its a song dat brings me to mi knees in tears.i imagin satan inflitin pain on us but JESUS from His throne of mercys no even wen we are the reason 4 d pain.THANK YOU JESUS MERCY SAID NO. GOD bless u cece iknow it is GOD dat inspired dis song in u He will greatly use 4 His work.

Im living | Reviewer: Peace Iyakino | 12/18/11

Mercy said no darkness will never take control. Any time I hear this song my spirit is refresh and my heart fill with joy. Weldone daughter of the Most High. God bless you. Ride on.

The only merciful God | Reviewer: Chi Obiano | 12/17/11

The Lord is full of mercy. One character of God dt is amazing is mercy n compassion. And He is the only God that's got that. Other gods, when one break their silly rules, they would gleefully exact a punishment. Jesus' not like that. In d old testament, God would breathe out terrible punishments for the Israelites, yet in the same chapter, He would be talking of mercy, forgiveness n restoration. You get to see that He doesnt take joy in punishment n pain. God has a kind heart by nature. We love Him.