WHEN SIN DEMANDED JUSTICE FOR MY SOUL, liz rich, elizabethrich 51@yahoo.com | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/11

As a transgressor,traitor, covenant breaker and betrayer of trust,condenmed and deem to die,light of hope seemed far away 'when sin demanded justice for my soul'. Mercy said NO and sin lost control.Praise God am free thro the blood of Jesus. Ceci is a blessing

Darkness try 2 steal ma hart buh mercy said no | Reviewer: Jenny George | 9/30/11

at d point of listenin 2 d song, mercy said no.i felt gulity in every area of ma life dat îs wrong and i kneel 4 mercy 4rm God and his mercy's were up me dat moment.i felt changed instantly.tank u Jesus.tanx 2 u winans may u be bless.

sponteneuos emition of HolY Ghost | Reviewer: virgin paul | 9/20/11

i visited my friend, so when his phone ranged and i heard the tone singing MERCY SAID NO.* immediatly i felt a SPONTENEOUS EMITTION OF HOLY-GHOST penetrated through my heart down to my entire body. So i realise that HEAVEN LOOKS AT ME THROUGH HIS BLOOD, even when evil tried to stop the redemption's flow and when sin demanded justice for my soul MERCY SAID NO..THANK YOU JESUS, THANKS CECE.

God so love the would | Reviewer: Marianne Tejan-Sanoh | 8/6/11

i was seriously ill,that i could not walk,life and death stud face to face,so one sunday i was seating in my varander watching people going to church and this song just came to my mind,i sarted singing and my whole pain was gone. Glory to God for his marcy.

A wonderful reminder | Reviewer: Rene | 7/30/11

Several years ago, my beloved sister took ill and was suddenly on a death bed. 'Life and death stood face-to-face and darkness tried to steal my heart away'. I could just see God and the devil stand across from each other and Mercy said NO. My sister was my heart and I'm so grateful Mercy said NO. My sister lived and so i'll be forever grateful to my Master. So thank you Cece, you captured it so well.

AM INSPIRE FOR CHANGE | Reviewer: Jeremiah | 7/22/11

"sin will never ever take control" THIS LINE INSPIRES ME SO VERY MUCH

I belv mercy said No! | Reviewer: Precious jenicè kabwe | 5/25/11

Mercy said No z a very gud song tht lights my soul bright,en ts eva lasting 2 me..GOD has rilly said No 2 evil en every weapon of th devil 2 cum against his children.thank u cece 4 such an insiprational song,u rilly are a blesn 2 every1..THANK U JESUS!

Mercy is made real | Reviewer: Olusanya michael | 4/19/11

I've listen to this song over and over again. It has made the mercy of God so real to me. It made me to see beyond my sins as if they don't exist. I sing it any time i'm on the pulpit ministering. God bless u winas.

Mercy Said No | Reviewer: Esther | 4/1/11

Mercy Said No by Cece Winans is a song that makes me remember the love God has for me by sending His son to save me at the cross. The song is so inspiring that when ever i play it in my phone or at home if feel the mercies of God all around me. Thanks to God for the inspiration of this song to great Cece Winans and may God bless her and take her to the next level.
Love you all.

Mercy said no | Reviewer: Anastasia | 3/26/11

i change my attitude the very day i listen to this song, it has God's spirit attached to it. i have to this song everyday before i go to my office, am lost of words, can i ever tell what God has done in my life,He has done great things so please help me give thanks and praises to Him

mercy never let's go | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/11

this song is something that touch my soul.someone use to call me mercy say no and when i ask her why he played this song for me.and there's something about it that keeps drawing me to it,thank you cece,god bless you for being a blessing to others.

Indeed He has always led. | Reviewer: Sylvia A. Acquah | 3/3/11

Mercy said no when sin demanded justice for my soul. I thought i wldn't make it in life even to this level cuz i didn't knw how to pray or even go to church. But through it all he forgave and set me free. Thank u Jesus for everythg n for Cece's song as an inspiration in my life.

God bless Cece Winans | Reviewer: Susana | 3/1/11

Mercy said no is a song dat helped me pray lyk av neva prayed before. Till now wenever i pray n sing de song,it strengthens my spirit to pray even more without gettin tied. Thank You Jesus for letting ur Mercy say no for me. Amen.

Thank you lord | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/11

Mercy said no, even wen sin demanded justice on our sinful self, d mercy of God neva let us go, he made a sacrifice so had 2 see. Who can compare 2 dis merciful, gracious, 1daful, excellent, loving, sweet, marvelous, dear father. I say THANK YOU LORD 4 UR MERCY.

mercy said no | Reviewer: shakeelah | 1/5/11

Whenever I listen to the song I get those goose bumps, I'm so greatful God has saved my soul. And when it comes to the chorus I feel my heart moves and feel a refresh in my spirit, whenever it play I feel the presence of Our Abba Father.