Thank you Jesus! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/12

I really thank God for this song MERCY SAID NO. It made me to understand that , is was because of his MERCY that am alive today. With my entire family. Thank you Jesus. Cece winans may God's anointen continue to rest on you n ur family.

Wao!! The mercy of God pleads 4 my sin. | Reviewer: Christabel | 8/7/12

What an inspirational gospel is this? Could u believe that whenever I start singing this music I see myself with two wings flaying to heaven. Inshort, cece you are too much.

MERCY SAID NO | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/12

Mercy said no,Cece...i thank u 4 dat song it has inspired my family and I...dat we are hs temples,we are hs children..and that he will let mercy say no,and keep us from the forces of evil..thank u once again god bless

my past does nt count as to wht d future holds 4 me, it's d blood of d everlastin covenat dat count. Thank you Jesus 4 your blood. mama cece keep up d good work 4 d Lord, i love you my. you re my mentor

Mercy!!! | Reviewer: Ayeh Ben | 7/23/12

All I now know is that Mercy said no in all the Devil and his agents had planned for me and my family. Thank you God for your mercy that said no. Love Mama Cece and hope you will come to my country Nigeri one day.

I'm saved, cause mercy said no | Reviewer: Obazee Queen | 7/13/12

I thank God for CeCe, for makin God her top priority n usin her voice for him. The song is tlkin all abt me cos in all i hv done, Mercy said no. Thnk God am saved nw. God wil reward u Cece!

Mercy truely say no in my life | Reviewer: Okoye Praise Ugonna | 7/9/12

Mercy say no in my life nd my family d day sme bad ppl(enimy) tried 2 tak away smile 4rm us bt at d mentn of MERCY SAY NO dey al fal dwn nd went bk 2 their pit of hel.Til 2day Mercy Say No is naw 1 of d muzic i wrote dnw in my song bk.TANKS 2 GOD who sent His daughta Cece Winan 2 giv us dis inspirational nd touchin nd revivin song nd lyrics 2 His ppl.AM BLESS

The efficacy of mercy said no | Reviewer: David sunak | 6/22/12

This song is not new but the power it carries is always strong and awfully new as the moon to me and i must confess, I and other Nigerians are blessed by this great inspiration. Thank you mama Cece....

The obstruction to redemption flow. | Reviewer: Akai, Dorcas. | 6/20/12

This song is one song every child of God must appreciate n thank the holyspirit for the inspiration given to cece winas.In our ignorance n weakness,we tend to adhere to those things that makes God unhappy with us but when we realize our mistakes and our weakness,trying 2 return 2 that mercy n grace,the devil tries 2 stop us,demanding for justice!but God in his infinite mercy said no!she/he is my child,i'm not going to let he/she go,sin will never take control because i so much love my children n so he built a bridge at the cross between humanity and him.Even when our heart rages and the sacrifice seem so hard to see bt mercy still said no!!!Thank u JESUS for the mercy.

Gave me hope | Reviewer: larry king nelson mawutordzi | 5/19/12

when ever l'm down to grass & l listen to ur song '' Life & death stood face to face & darkness try to steal my heart away...thank U Jesus mercy said no'' lndeed l receive instant recovery. l can,t stop listenin to this song--Mama Cece God bless u sooo much!!!

Mercy is really sayin no. | Reviewer: Bee | 4/29/12

2day God put de lyrics of dis song in ma mouth 2 tel me dat His mercies stil endure 4 us,even wen we sin, provided we dont luk @ de "size" of de sin & come 2 Him again. He's willin 2 tak us back. If u're readin dis, i'd lyk u 2 kno dat sin wil alwaz demand justice. . .(..4 de wages of sin is death...), bt thank God 4 His Mercies. . . .as sin demanded justice 4 my soul, Mercy said no, im nt gonna let u go, im nt gonna let u slip away, u dont ve 2 b afraid, mercy said no. . . His mercies is stil pleadin 4 us. All we ve 2 do is 2 go back 2 Him nd He'll accept us again gladly. Bless u!!!

there is a new song in my heart! | Reviewer: Peggie | 4/19/12

Recently had a stroke due to a tumor in my heart...recovering after open heart surgery, one morning....God woke me up with this song in my heart! With tears of joy streaming down my cheeks I just want to thank you for the words that are helping me through recovery <3

Thank you cece winans for makin me to know dat when i am down mercy is always sayin no.If ure readin dis plz know dat i would like to sing this song durin our concert.Praise the lord 4 u.Keep holdin the fort till the end when Jesus wil come.Peace

I've really meditated deep about this part of the song and am now confident of myself. Cece God has used you to reachout to the weak in faith like me. God's grace will continue to be with you. You are my role model, God bless your ministry.

when i was in the darkness,i never knew there was mercy,until GODS mercy said no to my life,nd i av been singing this song without knowing the lyrics untill today i decided to search for the lyrics.cece winans,i thank GOD for his grace upon ur life.ride on