I love you | Reviewer: GRACE | 5/18/09

Hi cece i'm one of your mentee and i love what you are doing for GOD.I love this song its wonderful,it gives me an understanding of who God is,and how great are the works of his hands.I pray that God will continue to empower you to do greater works AMEN.

AWESOME AWESOME AWSOME | Reviewer: portia | 1/5/08

CeCe i'm portia i went to your concert last year with Union Chapel Church and i have to tell u this song is really amazing i think it will make people think that it's not their alarm clock that woke them up but it was go who created the whole universe. Now back to your concert it was so touching when u called eveyone down for altar call the words u were speakin were so up lifting i was tryin to hold the tears back but i couldn't and Oh!! MY Gosh when i got up there where u were i promise up i wanted to jump on that stage and give you a big hug, and i couldn't believe that Whitney Houston gave me a hug i didn't notice ger at first but when i went back to my seat i was still cryin but in my head i was thinkin wait did she just hug me and then when we can back that night for the actual concert i wanted to get ur autograph but u saud no autographs nor picture would be takin i was so disappointed but out of all the things you said really brought an annoiting to my life and i'm sakin you to pray my strength in the Lord and pray that i could become more strong in the word............. God Bless

jelous down | Reviewer: gracious | 10/29/07

gues wat i saw ths song on tv 4 the first time and tht very same day i got a dvd of cece u rock the world

u r an awesome artist keep it up excellent
no offence but african-americans know hw to sing
i love the dance moves ur son created they r so awesome
u got 2 knw that God loves u
luv u

I am | Reviewer: Rachel | 7/24/07

Cece, this song touched me the fist time I heard it years ago and still touches me today. Sometimes life gets to the point where it all seems so overwhelming and that's when I need reminding that God is the great I am. Nothing is too hard for him. All I need to do is believe and trust Him at His word.

Thank you for being obedient to what God's Word.

I Am | Reviewer: Henrietta | 6/6/07

I love Cece. She's one of the best gospel's artiste ever

thank | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/07

I really appraciate the hard work you are doing for God and i know the The God who's name is I AM will reward you deligently

awesome!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/06

im someone who really isnt into the whole gospel music because of the choirs and what not but i think this has got to be the best gospel song i have heard and theres not choir!!! CeCe Winans is an exceptional artist!!!And her nephew is HOTT!!! LOL