Move, and let me praise Him | Reviewer: Williams Oluwakemi | 2/13/13

Hmmm! This song is powerful. When i mean powerful is not abt d saying alone but is all abt d message it gives. Listening 2 d song gave me so many insight on d word 'HALLELUYAH' itself, and Halleluyah happens 2b d Langauge God understands most, i sings Halleluyah, i'll get mountains moved in all area and aspect of my life and walls of Jericho in me fells. Move, and let me praise Him....

i can't help but praise him | Reviewer: ifedayo omisakin | 1/30/11

when i listened to dis song,i initially thought i was not on earth, because it moved me up from the physical to a spirit realm.praising God will surely take you out of your present state. so, I CAN'T HELP BUT PRAISE HIM ALONE.

Hallelejah Praise | Reviewer: Lyris Rivera | 8/24/07

This song is AWESOME! It's just the song you need to listen to when going through trails and tribulations or you just want to praise God! Great song to start your day!! Give him the praise He so rightfully deserves... Give God
Hallelejah Praise!

i love this song | Reviewer: amanda | 6/17/07

this song lifts u up wen ure down shows u how to praise god im gonna sing it @ church to bless other people

i'm blessed | Reviewer: BERYL WILLIAMS | 6/7/05

this song blesses my heart.every time i hear it or sing it, it answers so many questions in my life.
i know this is a prayer to alot other people as it is to me.bless you all and cece, thanks for this is actually playing right now on my stereo as i am writing are a ble3ssing to many God bless!!!