Rubylove, Tea for the Tillerman, Hard Headed Woman, and All Kinds of Roses | Reviewer: Sherylynn | 5/18/10

I was 9 years old the very first time I heard your voice, repeatedly playing your album for comfort and clarity. You have that effect on people.
Thank you father Yusuf for returning to us and sharing your magnificent songs again. Question; Do any of your children sing and if so, does he or she wish to pursue a career in the music industry?

response to some comments | Reviewer: marina Shah | 1/9/10

Beautiful music and great man..
I wouldnt have entered into a religious discussion but after reading some of the comments from some Christian brothers and sisters , I just wanted to clarify few points about Islam that many might not know:
1- Islam simply means Submission to God and Peace. It is the religion of the one God, of peace , love and tolerance. I know it sounds the opposite to what comes on the news..but you have to appreciate that you can never judge a good senario from a bad made film, a minority of bad actors.
2- Muslims believe that there has always been one religion calling people to believe in one and only one God. For muslims, JUdaism, Christianity, and all monotheist religions had originally the same message.
3- Muslims believe in all prophets without distinction, and cannot prefer one above the other: from Adam to Noah, to Abraham, to Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Jesus peace be upon al of them, and that the prophet Mohamed peace be upon him was the last messanger of that chain of prophets sent to humans to guide them to worship the one and only.
4- Also muslims believe that the Massih Jesus did not crucified (but rather saved, raised to the heaves, while his ennemy Juda, I think, was made into Jesus body and was crucified by those thinking he was Jesus.
5- Muslims believe that Jesus will come back at the end of time to correct the ill in the world.
6- that Jesus was created without father in same way Eve was created without a mother, and Adam from clay (neither a mother nor a dad). If a God is capable of creating Adam, then this same God should be able to create Jesus.
7- Muslims are recommended to read Torah, bible and gospels and believe in them. It is a pillar of faith in Islam. But they believe in the original forms of these scriptures are sent by God, and not in their exact form nowadays, as there is a belief that they are not authentic and have been changed over centuries by political and religious leaders for their own agendas.But still, there are things that stayed authentic and were not currupted.
8- Quran is the only sacred scripture that is proven to have not been edited since it was revealed to Prophet Mohamed. There is only one and single version of Quran all over the world.
9- There is a chapter in Quran called after Mary the Virgin. Mary is regarded as one of the best and most respected women in Islam and is taken as a model of goodness, patience and chastity by muslims.
10- Muslims believe all humans are brothers and sisters, whatever race, social class, nationality..they believe in universiality and that the most important concept is our humanism

I was intrigued | Reviewer: Janet | 12/10/09

I grew up in the 70's, I remebered Cat Stevens. However; it wasn't until I came across the Father and Son video this week. I don't know, it just grabbed my attention. I have two children 21 years apart, one is 28, the other is 7...I dedicate that song to my seven year old, for I may not see him to reach inspirational....ty

Appreciation! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/09

What an inspiring artist!

Yusuf was way ahead of is time with a lot of his music in the 70s and he was so amazing and now he's back!

I saw someone mentioned "An other cup" which is a great album.He has another album out as well called "Roadsinger" with some signature Yusuf/Cat tunes(even though all of Yusuf's work is unique!)

I love his new music as such as his old one since it shows a more matured and contemplative side of him and also his versatility!

Check out his official site(which is BEAUTIFUL) has some rare photographs and videos...good stuff of that.

Wish you well Yusuf!

Observations | Reviewer: Maria Elena Gamboa | 6/11/09

I loved the music of Cat Stevens: every single song - and what a beautiful man. I remember he composed a song, the melody of which sounded Greek, and he sang in Greek. I assumed he was Greek, and have only found out now that his father was a Greek Cypriot. I wondered how a Christian became a Muslim, and now I know. He spoke of himself has being of "mixed race", having a Swedish mother. Understandable perhaps to use those words for a person born in the forties and fifties, but today the offspring of two people from different European countries would no longer be described as mixed race. At least, I wouldn't describe them as such.

hello | Reviewer: saman | 4/1/09

dear cat setevens my friend i know from long time ago from 1978-79 after iran revolution ,my brother told me a lots of you ,this is the first time ever i cotect a great singer like you khow ever made something so long to my heart which i do since always remember my childshid past when i was a almost 16 years old ,since that many thing happand ,like i am living in canada ottwa from 1990 nov 02 ,i left my coutry then i was refeygee in side the irak camp use be call HELLLE and then after i live in noway when i left IRAQ ,then since 1990 i am in canada ,prety wonder about what happand in my life there is somethings i never asked ,it is very srange ,some time i thing we do not have a choice or very nothings to make our dream come true ,,,,but there is somethings i can tell that i am tallking you my old frind mr ,cat stevens ,,,,,i just got you by chance when i was listening your old 1973-1975 ,oh very yonge and other song you ever made and legendly sing ,,,,,,much love kiss the family ,,,saman from ottawa

you inspire me | Reviewer: mejdi fares | 2/8/09

you are my inspiration........... i love what u did and what you do...i'm Muslim and that's what makes me more glad when i listen to your helped me up many times...thank you....from the bottom of my heart

Wonderful Music | Reviewer: Jon D. Abbey | 1/23/09

Greetings: I must confess your music to me is as heartfelt and poignant as when I first heard it as a child thirty years ago and more. I read that you attended a Catholic school in England as a child. I am a Roman Catholic, and my wife and I went to Rome(the eternal city) this past year and loved it. I had a tremendous spiritually uplifting experience in this wonderfully rich and holy city. This city is the seat of Christendom. I believe the Catholic church is the true church, and can trace it's history to the year 33 in Jerusalem. Our Lord personally founded this Church when he said "Thou art Peter and upon this rock I build my Church. This was not the church of Luther or Calvin or Wesley or Knox or King Henry the eighth. The catholic Church has an unbroken chain of the papacy for almost 2000 years. This unbroken chain started with Peter and continues on with Pope Benedict the sixteenth. My wife and I prayed over the tombs and sarcophagus of saint Peter at St. Peter's basilica, as well as at St. Paul's. While at Paul's tomb I was moved to tears and overwhelmed with a sense of great Joy and Peace, that came from my Savior Christ Jesus. I hope someday you visit this wonderful and holy place, as it ties in with all the biblical lands of the middle east as we read history and of course sacred scripture. I will pray for you. Gratefuuly. Jon D. Abbey

Did you check out the Christian faith? | Reviewer: Holly Smith | 1/2/09

I saw your interview with Travis Smiley last night and I wondered why you haven't checked the Christian faith out. You mentioned that Jesus was a prophet. Christ said many times that He was the son of God. Just my thoughts.

Just saying | Reviewer: Sarah | 12/26/08

I don't care if you muslim, Catholic or whatever, I just love your music. I am 18 and none of my friends know who you are, but I have heard your music since I can remember. I wish you would have a concert. I'm listing to one of your videos now that I got for Christmas.

Still making music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/08

Cat Stevens now Yusuf Islam is still making music and is releasing a new album soon!!! I just thought I'd let whoever comes here know:P He released one in 2006 after nearly 30 years away from music... it's called 'An Other Cup' and it's great:):):) Check it out.

cats the man | Reviewer: Abu | 5/24/08

hi I love cat and his music Is amazing. His albums beyond the acclaimed tea for the tillerman are unglorified but are breathtaking. right now to the cypriot friend who commented. Yes your right we are mortals death is a presequite ordained upon us by the lord and this is why. Any intellect like cat Stevens george Galloway etc can see that our lives are very short 70, 80, years maybe. Do therefore we must consider the future and what it will entail - life after death. Like cat says 'if the answer lies within why not kick out the devils sins take a look now' the answer is in either the bible it the koran as they have both been sent down by god buy the Koran is more accurate as there has been no manipulation or change in its content due to the Koran being narrated down the centuries through the process of memorizing by hear unlike the bible which has been riddled with change just to suit a certain sovereignty nation or king eg king hendry the eighth and the rendering of the binge from Latin to English to suit his plans for divorce etc. Now the lord says in the Koran there are signs on earth for people who see. It is universally agreed upon by scientists atheist or not that the chances of the world forming into a faultless existence exceeds the chances of winning the lottery 10000 billion fold! When I say faultless existence I mean the perfect temperature if the earth in relation to its proximity to the sun, the existence if the moon so nightfall enshrouds us so we can rest. The colleberation of the trees and human working perfectly with each other we assist with the carbon dioxide and they assist with the oxygen amazing praise to god! Also the process of reproduction the natural source of food - meat, eggs etc, precipitation and rainfall bringing life back to the dry earth. The existence if a soul which defies science. It sure exists because the stamp of a deceased body is the fact that the heart remains the lung and internal organs remain but the soul departs. Why then surely the human body only functions because of the soul why heart transplants recharging blood circulation around the body and any other repugnant method will not bring back life from death. Surely we must ask our selves what the soul entails where it will lead and the answers are inthe Koran a scripture only revealed 1500 years ago only 15 gengenerations ago 15 parents ago in the line of can we defy this part of history ie prophet Muhammad when we can extrapolate every piece of information of the anceient Greeks Romans egyptipns etc who existed thousand if years before? Any true intellect searches for the meaning of life like cat Stevens and look deeper and this life is a gateway if not a mirage of hope and lust. One thing cat Stevens learnt he was not in existence because if his greatness. Are we humans so great we live for a prescribed amount of time then retire to our grave. Look beyond our intellect I know its hard but the almighty god has sure sent signs none more so unequivocal then the holy Koran. Peace

Mathew and son | Reviewer: Rick | 5/14/08

I picked up the mathew and son album up at A rummage sale.Alot of the music sounds different than his later work.But it is an excellent album.I give it A number 10.I didnt know that album even existed.

mehmet | Reviewer: mehmet | 3/29/08

Hello!First of all i want to thank you for all these beautiful songs you've made.Sadly I didnt know anything about you until you converted to Islam.I'm glad i could get to hear your baeutiful soulful songs.And I'm looking forward to seeing you in Turkey in the near future.I'm not going to comment on your current religion because it's your own choice.( All of us are wise enough to choose any religion we feel we are close to.I'm also a muslim and im proud.)Thank you so much again for the great songs brother!

Why was he denied entry to US??? | Reviewer: Jim (Guy, That) | 3/26/08

A while back, he was denied entry to the US (because his is now Muslim, I presume). I don't care what faith he is, I grew up with his music, and it touched my very soul. I wish he would consider another album, even if in Arabic, and I wish the US would explain why he was denied entry or someone else can tell me why he couldn't re-enter the US? I CANNOT picture Cat as a radical Muslim or a threat to the USA, but hey, if I'm wrong, please tell me! This reeks of the persecution of Dr. King!