thro ur lyrics i learnt english! | Reviewer: aziz | 2/11/08

really I adore yusuf islam's lyrics cos they were the fruitful motives to love english and learn it thrfo lyrics.I know that there is much to say about ur lyrics,all instructive and best teacher of morality.i still use ur lyrics for english classes and observe that my kids adore ur songs.thanx for ur lyrics! we are motivated to learn English and learn ur morals

man of love | Reviewer: julia | 1/4/08

I listened to him again today as we did everyday in the year 1975 He had so much love to send, so much pure wisdom in his stories he still touches my soul.I now have three grown sons of our own , so Father and Son has new meaning and my husband fell in love with me ,listening to our only 8 track Cat Stevens Tea for the Tillerman all the way to the California Coast and back in our Volkswagon Beatle from Vancover B.C.

SIMPLE BIOLOGY REACTION. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/07

We are all mortals. We die and that's it. Some people can not acccept this. Most of people fear death and oblivion.Cat Stevens was one of them. No surprise for that. Religion (whicever) is a disease caused by the fear of death and ignorance. Cat, unfortunately, faced both at a very young age. I am a Cypriot and I know a bit of his backround.I am thaknkfull for his songs but I am an observer of my own like he used to think he was. He committed a crime to humanity by becoming a religious man (whichever). He kicked off his gift and purporse on earth because he feared death. Thats it. An existentialist psychotherapist could have stopped his falling, but its too late. Time is already eroding his aspirations. Anyway, I thank him fully for "Sad Lisa", "O caritas" and many others.

Deoti | Reviewer: Leonardo Deoti | 11/9/07

I was six years old when I first heard Father & Son!! I felt completely in love. I´m brazilian, and as a devoted musician lover, Cat Stevens is one of the best I´ve know in my life and being honest, I wish he could come back and write more wonderfull songs for us!! But if he found his peacefull wherever he is, I´ve got to confess I´m glad for that. He deserves... I read above and repeat: Where is he living now???

Cat Stevens | Reviewer: Ali | 10/28/07

Cat Stevens is clearly one of the most talented musicians of all time. I think he needs to come out of his shell as Yusuf and start writing and producing new songs.

Where is he living now?
Does anyone know?
Come on Cat.

My big question | Reviewer: Paul Yaddow | 9/24/07

Whatever happened to Cat or now he is called Yusuf...Where is he living now? I heard rumors he is having a hard time coming back to his home town and the States also..

Time and Space | Reviewer: glc | 9/14/07

Oddly enough, I just refound C.S. while visiting a sandbox friend in Pasadena. Into our mid-50's now, we went on a music retrospective based on some soul searching we are both in the middle of. Cat's music and lyrics were and still are magical and timely. They mean as much to us now (if not more) than when we were young girls just starting to spread our wings.

Ogie can't get "Hard Headed Woman" out of her mind and "Wild World" was a song my first true love sang to me, though "Into White" caught me sharply today on my way home to San Clemente (we are always on a journey, to and from places and spaces).

I've yet to listen to Cat's newer music, but will now that he is back in my line of focus. What a beautiful soul he must be to have created so many magnificent living, breathing songs and lyrics.

Additionally, I don't mind that he is a Muslim - I say this as many around me appear to be up in arms over such a thing. I also say, how can we ever have peace when religious prejudice still starts wars.

When will they ever learn...I now wish Cat/Yusef peace, comfort, and Agape (unconditional love) always.

oh friend of god | Reviewer: ertuğrul yusuf türk | 9/15/07

i am 19 and from ankara,turkey.sometimes i feel boring and then i listen your songs and they makes me good.i like cat's songs,yusuf's songs,and new yusuf's songs.all of they are great.and i improve my english with favourite songs are lady darbanville,peace train,a is for allah,and the wind east and west.i love you so much for allah and for his religion.i dream being friend with you in the paradise .please pray for me.i am fan of you.

Juan Manuel | Reviewer: Juan Manuel | 7/20/07

He is great,he is such a great guy.
Their songs are great and the lyrics are really really deep.
When I feel blue I always listen to him.
Their songs are awesome and at the same time they are about normal things in life.
He has done such a great job!, really!.
To my oral exam of English (I'm from Uruguay,so I speak Spanish but I'm learning English) I decided to talk about him so I know all his entire life!
You definitely Rule Cat!(or Yusuf?,whatever!)

I love your music. | Reviewer: Mevlüt Tok | 6/30/07

I came to read your autobiography to find out if you have ever lost a child before. This piece gives me an impression that you had lost a son or a daugher in the past.

I teach English at a Language School in Ankara, Turkey. I use your lyrics as a lecture text in class. And I want my students know the background of that lyric. Do you let me use your songs in the class? We'd like to put up a lyric of yours on the class bulletin board.

Your lyrics are all moral and instructive. Now I see how you converted to Islam.

Cat Stevens - Oh very young

Oh very young
What will you leave us this time
You’re only dancing on this earth for a short while
And though your dreams may toss and turn you now
They will vanish away like your daddy’s best jeans
Denim blue fading up to the sky
And though you want them to last forever
You know they never will
You know they never will
And the patches make the goodbye harder still

Oh very young
What will you leave us this time
There’ll never be a better chance to change your mind
And if you want this world to see a better day
Will you carry the words of love with you
Will you ride the great white bird into heaven
And though you want to last forever
You know you never will
You know you never will
And the goodbye makes the journey harder still

Cat Stevens- A Körpe Yavru

A körpe yavru
Bu kez bize ne bırakacaksın?
Bu dünyada yalnızca kısa bir süre oynayacaksın
Ve şimdi rüyalarının seni sıçratıp çevirmesine karşın
Onlar da uçup gidecekler babanın mavi kot pantolonunun
Gökyüzüne doğru uçup gözden kaybolduğu gibi
Ve sonsuza dek sürmelerini istemene karşın
Biliyorsun asla olmayacak
Biliyorsun asla olmayacak
Ve bununla birlikte yamalar ayrılığı daha da güçleştirir

A körpe yavru
Bu kez bize ne bırakacaksın?
Düşünceni değiştirmek için asla daha iyi bir fırsat olmayacak
Ve bu dünyanın daha iyi bir gün görmesini istiyorsan
Sevgi sözlerini beraberinde taşırsın
Büyük beyaz kuşun sırtında cennete uçarsın
Ve sonsuza dek sürmelerini istemene karşın
Biliyorsun asla olmayacak
Biliyorsun asla olmayacak
Ve bununla birlikte ayrılık yolculuğu daha da güçleştirir

My favorite all time artist | Reviewer: Rebekah | 6/20/07

I give thanks to my brother for introducing me to Cat Stevens. And now every single one of my children can sing at least 2 songs from memory. I am looking forward to any new material released. Like I read above I dont care what he calls himself. He has always had a way to place those feelings to music......

still one of the greatest | Reviewer: peter n | 5/27/07

Just love the man no matter what he calls him self!!His music will stay in my heart forever!!!

cat is NOT in the cradle | Reviewer: dan | 4/25/07

you guys need better fact checkers.

there is no known recording in history of cat stevens singing "cat's in the cradle".

Thank | Reviewer: Modesta | 4/20/07

Your songs always are inspiration when I have problems in my relationships with my two songs, Thank you forever...Thank you.

Dad Me & Cat | Reviewer: R Idris | 3/19/07

I grew up listening to Cat's music because my dad's a big fan, when I grew up. We love the 'Wild World'. Now, that I'm abroad I understand the song differently in terms of a father-daughter relationship song - excellent.