Dear Yusuf
Met your music when I was a little teen of 11 years, and I identify with it immediately. your music and your wonderful letters kept my spirit high on many occasions when life hits, and my first romances were born with your ballads. my country is at the end of the map, your music came up here !!!!!despite the long distance, my kids (24 and 22 years) know and like your music too. thanks for creating such good music. a big hug

nurserosepetal | Reviewer: Rose Rudakevich | 1/18/12

I love your music and always did.
We are the same age and I don't care what religion one is,it is their heart that matters.
You are also very good-looking.
Hope you make alot more music!!

I play and sing your songs still today | Reviewer: Marty Cochran | 1/3/12

I still play and sing your songs today as I did when you were a hit in the 70's. I sat in the local coffee houses and sang my heart out to your songs and the crowd sang along to and all were inspired to say the least in those days. I continue to sing and play your songs and enjoy them now as much as I did then and have passed them all on to my children and grandchildren and everyone loves them as I do.Pls. continue to bless us with your words and tunes and never stop making the feelings real to us. Your friend and admirer, Marty Cochran

Still finding my way | Reviewer: Leslie Adkins | 10/16/11

I can't seem to find the words to tell you how much I appreciate your music and how it can take me to a different time in my life and peace that I can't seem to find right now. Thank you for your creativity and passion.

admire this guy so much... | Reviewer: arlene restua | 6/23/11

hello cat stevens, yusuf islam whatever your name is.i dont care..most important now is i found my favorite singer since i was in grade school,im always hear my favorite songs of urs,FATHER AND SON,MORNING HAS BROKEN,which i loved so much...tnx tht we have net now..after doing households i love to open youtube just to play ur songs..i have more muslim friend on net,,they r all good,wish i could meet u even here in net..when u read this msg pls,pls talk with me,msg me in my mails...tnk u so much being part of music industry..the original CAT STEVENS-YUSUF...

Thank you | Reviewer: KS | 6/8/11

Your music has completely influenced my life. I honestly believe we have the same mindset on everything. My brother died when he was seven and Oh Very Young relates to exactly how I feel about his death. I am only 18 and I may not have been around when you were becoming famous but you have still changed my life with your music. Thank you for being so amazing.

passing it on | Reviewer: Daphne Pleasonton | 6/3/11

I have loved your music since I was a young teenager in the '70's and now my 15 year old loves your music too, especially Tuesday's Dead and Moonshadow. I saw you perform as Yusef Islam and quite liked it. FYI I think that one is close to God if you have a CONSCIENCE, regardless of one's religion OR lack of religion and if people understood that we might be more tolerant of each other. Peace

LOVE YOU | Reviewer: BENJAMIN NORRIS | 6/1/11


Living Music | Reviewer: Demetris Parmakkis | 4/30/11

When l was 18 l discover Cat Stevens ,since then ,now l m 50 in all my life and in my family his songs are part of my life. l speak about his songs and i hear them when l feel emptiness in my life.
I m Greek Cypriot and I m proud about him.
I wish to see him in Cyprus 1 day.

God's child | Reviewer: Michael Mitre | 3/28/11

Cat, I share some of the same things as you, a father who was greek and very passionate about good music. As a young boy I sought out racial militant groups but that created hate and sadness. I then sought out the drug scene and that left me questioning humanity, that was followed by world pholosipies and that left me confused and empty. At the age of twenty I gave my life to Jesus Christ and a year later had my first son. I am 53 and work passionatlly in serving God yet I still relate to your music and the emotions that it still countinues to stir up in my heart. I love you and your gift of music thanks for sharing your emotions and thoughts all these years. M Mitre

Thank you | Reviewer: Leah | 2/10/11

Trying to find an answer for my 6th grade daughter tonight about her troubles with her friends, that she just can't describe, yet she is so distressed she cries & cries, I listen to Sad Lisa over & over. When I think of my aunt's recent death & ponder my own mortality I listen to Into White. I can't thank you enough for making such a meaningful soundtrack of my youth and my middle age. Your music and poetry has been so very important to me, and I thank you.

Jesus was crucified | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/10

If Muslims believe Jesus is the mesiah and read the old testament how can you think that jesus wasn't crucified when isaiha 53 states how our saviour would be crucified. With all due respect that sounds like a major contradiction in the muslim belief

profoundly grasped my life | Reviewer: Michael Dungan | 10/23/10

When I was a teen & suffering I listened to this song father & son. It touched my spirit as well Morning breaks. I was lost and confused but hearing this music begin to bring my life back to Gods love for me as well Jesus Christ. I didn't have all the answers by far for it seemed my parents didn't either. It was a hard childhood. But yet I found my way. Today I share with my children and grandchildren these things your music and what it was like for me and where we are today. It was to be a good listener to my children where my parents were to buzy I found to be that great father too. It is a wild worl to say :) But with Gods love in the center we are able to push out any sufferings and keep that smile like you showed looking to your right into the camera in your recent replay song Father & son. We are old and happy men today :)
Thank you kindly to say,

YOu Make me cry with joy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/10

Hello Cat stevens I have followed you for many years and I know you have a different name. But to me you will always be Cat stevens. I just love the peace train I cry every time I hear it. Tears of joys. My thoughts on the song will always want the world to become as one. How great it would be if we all were following what Jesus and what he really want from all of us. I come from the Church of the First born and when I was a little all I wanted at that time and now is to be on the peace train for life. When I pass away this is song I want to be playing at my funeral. This is my wake up song to I wake and dance with this song I love this song. Thank you for your beautiful song Melinda Bocook

You are a gift to humanity | Reviewer: Jane Eyre | 6/24/10

Yusuf is a huge inspiration to me both musically and spiritually. He has a wisdom beyond what most people can comprehend and that's why so many are mystified by his conversion to Islam. The poetry of his lyrics is genius and his devotion to God is admirable and inspirational. I am a Christian who totally understands his spiritual devotion and I respect it. I am soooo excited that I am going to see him in concert next week in Auckland, New Zealand. It is a chance in a lifetime to be in the presence of a musical legend and spiritual master.