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Performed by Cat Stevens

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Its definitely "The Good Book" | Reviewer: Mike | 4/6/14

It has always sounded very clearly like "THE good book" for the last 35 years, and it still does. So who is changing the lyrics all over the internet and why?
It seems an attempt to deChristianise the song....maybe by Cat himself. Maybe he never intended an overtly "Christian" message, but a more general spiritual message? Maybe after converting to IsLam, he wanted to erase any possible Christian message from his songs: its also happened to another song "Sitting" where 'Only for the God I see' is changed all over the internet to 'Only for the light I see',
My guess is that when he spent a year in hospital and close to death with TB, he was thrust onto the spiritual path, as many of us were, through illness and tragedy.

In those days the world was not so anti-Christian as it is now, and I remember thinking at the time the Cat seemed to saying we should be open to all religious wisdom, including (even) Christianity.
We should remember those times, when the Hippies and the song writters emphasised "LOVE, PEACE AND HAPPINESS" People were anti-institution; anti 'the man', but were pro Buddha Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jesus etc
I'd love to know what people think about this change to lyrics and why.


thanQ Linda.... pick up A good book now is the meaning that I get. He is talking about this Shift/Event that we are currently waiting for :)

"Then I found my head one day when I wasn't even trying
And here I have to say, 'cause there is no use in lying, lying"

he knows that we have been lied to about religion for 1000's of years...... :)

It's The | Reviewer: Richard | 7/1/13

He definitely sings pick up THE god book now.
I know he then went on to become a Muslim but the bible has often been referred to as THE good book. Was that a reference in his search for meaning and religion?
I believe so but only he could confirm it.

Some of the best lyrics I've ever heard, but... | Reviewer: Linda | 10/30/07

Are the lyrics really "pick up A good book now"
or "pick up THE good book now"

What do you think?


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